Firstly, the individual can complain to the company’s management. Articles 27 to 34 of the UAE's labour law lay down special provisions for women employees in the private sector. A rule giving automatically the preference to a gender group without any consideration of qualifications is likely to be recognized as discrimination and, therefore, sanctioned (ATF 131 II 361 §5.4., March 14th 2005). If handled incorrectly, it can result in employment tribunal claims, unhappy…. | Terms Gender equality isn’t just an ethical imperative, it’s a business priority. Discrimination is of many kinds but amongst all is the desire to have a male child. Companies often report that they’re highly committed to gender diversity, but this commitment has not yet translated into meaningful progress. The Act alleviates the burden of proof from the plaintiff, since a simple likelihood of discrimination is sufficient to induce a presumption of discrimination. The law is in line with the government's objective to ensure the protection of women's rights and support their role in the process of national development. The first reports were due in April 2018. The Act also contains a specific protection against a “retaliation notice/eviction” which mainly concerns the case of a termination following a discrimination complaint emanating from the employee. Ensure that you have an anti-harassment policy in place to stop it from occurring in your business entirely. Despite decades of progressive efforts, there’s still a great deal of inequality in workplaces across the country. Research from Catalyst has shown that the more gender-equal companies are, the better it is for both male and female employees. Obviously, regarding the parties, when the employer is a man, the employee has to be a woman and vice versa. Send an email to or call directly +41 22 786 88 66. Instead, there is a progression of laws illustrating parts of equality, and standard or personal law which can stay substantial notwithstanding while disregarding these arrangements. As well as promoting a fair working environment, it also ensures overall business productivity is as high as possible. Indeed, the conciliatory authority panel and the Labor Court one have to be constituted of at least 1 gender representative (ie. They have a critical role to play in gender equality efforts, and achieving equality provides benefits to them as well. Elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, particularly in relation to family and caring responsibilities. Evaluate your job specifications to see if you have barriers in place that stop women from reaching roles that are more senior. In this case, the employee can ask for a monetary allowance but also for the annulment of the decision, which is the only case where such a notice can be annulled with regards to the private sector (art. In business, gender equality is the equal treatment and access of your female and male employees to opportunities and company resources. Patriot offer advice and steps on how to implement a pay audit. Registered office 800 The Boulevard Capability Green, Luton, Beds LU1 3BA 11 and 12 LTPH). To help foster gender equality, you could: Facts about gender inequality in the workplace are clear. The Labour Law provides that the female worker shall be granted the same wage as the man if she were performing the same work. It’s one of the leading topics in the modern business world, so it’s essential your business understand all current laws and your commitments to staff members. Southfield , Michigan Read the Gender Balance Guide (PDF 120 KB). In the struggle for gender equality in the workplace, there are several laws in particular that have aided women in the battle.. Whilst the gender pay gap is narrowing for young workers, it’s widening among working mothers. Article 32 of the UAE labour law already provides that the female worker shall be granted a wage equal to that as the man is earning if she were performing the same work. | SAFERjobs Why is gender equality important in the workplace? 10 Leg). In September 2017, the Gender Balance Council launched the Gender Balance Guide: Actions for UAE Organisations prepared by the, Implement commitment and oversight for gender balance, Integrate gender into policies and programmes, Implement gender balance in leadership positions. While this relates to women’s inequality in the workplace, don’t forget that you must also respect your male employees. Gender equality laws in the UK also include the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Equal pay Act 1970.

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