We also intend to consider further what support may be needed for young people who are uncertain about their gender identity. disclose the applicant’s transgender status. their intention to remain in that gender for the rest of GRC. The Scottish Government is not seeking any changes to the (generally) reserved Equality Act 2010 but if any clarity is needed we would discuss with the UK Government. It is important that the updated legislation recognises non-binary identities, and that it gives all trans people the right to self-determination, through a much simpler and more streamlined administrative process. A transgender person has a gender identity that isn't the same as the sex the person was recorded at birth. Find The current process, under the GRA, means trans people have to go through a series of intrusive medical assessments and long, demeaning and bureaucratic interviews with psychiatrists in order to ‘prove’ their gender identity. [98]. And we have published a news release. We support a reformed Gender Recognition Act that requires no medical diagnosis or presentation of evidence for trans people to get their identity legally recognised. We need your consent to share news, campaigns, events and ways in which you can further support this important work. This consultation, which closed on 1 March 2018, sought views on whether and how the Gender Recognition Act 2004 should be amended in relation to the law in Scotland. Will need to state in the statutory declaration that they have already been living as a man or woman for at least 3 months. 2.A person seeking recognition in their acquired gender would Registrar General would be required to issue a new birth These options come into force on 24 March 2016. gender from the date of the issue of the certificate. Decisions on any changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 in relation to how it operates in England and Wales are a matter for the UK Government. Consequences of issue of gender recognition certificate etc. The Scottish Government’s proposals would be an important step towards greater equality for trans people in Scotland - by demedicalising the process, gender recognition will become a much less stressful process for many trans people, who will no longer need to gather evidence and medical report. The Scottish Government is reviewing the law in this area. marriage certificate on request. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 is the legal framework by which a transgender person can have their preferred gender legally recognised. This recognition process is lengthy – and can take many years. Information on reforming the law on gender recognition. We will publish the bill by the end of 2019 and will carry out a full public consultation on that draft bill. 2.04. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) is the law that governs how trans people can get their gender identity legally recognised – and so have the correct gender marked on their birth certificate. continue to be used in the proposed self-declaration system. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. the sheriff court. out more about cookies, Questions and Answers about the consultation (. This entry enables the Registrar General to issue a new birth There were over 15,500 responses to the consultation. GRC. consent is no longer required under the proposed self-declaration GRC This page links to the responses to the consultation from … to be disclosed on the updated birth certificate to a successful 17.It appears to the Scottish Government that, if spousal the administrative body processing the application would advise the For marriages solemnised in Scotland, the People could not just decide, on a whim, that they wish to obtain a full Gender Recognition Certificate. It will consider references to “sex” and to “gender” in data and what more can and should be done to disaggregate data by male or female. Introduction and how to respond to this consultation, Part 3. The Scottish Government held a public consultation as part of its review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004. Register to receive email news alerts, daily digest, weekly roundup or Topic newsletters. Applications are considered by the Gender Recognition Panel, which is a UK-wide tribunal. prescribed particulars in an entry in the Gender Recognition Since its introduction there have been approximately 4,500 gender recognition certificates (GRC) issued. The Cabinet Secretary has also published a blog. The guidance on the rights of women and trans people will be developed for use by the Scottish Government and other public bodies in relation to service provision and policy-making. within the Scottish Parliament’s legislative competence. Trans people continue to suffer poorer outcomes relative to the wider population, and this needs to change. Edinburgh by, that the application for recognition has been secured by fraud. What are you doing to ensure both women’s rights and trans rights are upheld? quashed on the basis that it has been secured by fraud. Making a false statutory declaration is a criminal offence. The draft bill will be published by the end of 2019 and be accompanied by a comprehensive draft equality impact assessment. 15. should continue under a new system. We’re also calling for the age of legal recognition to be lowered to recognise the rights of trans young people. appropriately authorised to administer oaths in Scotland. No, but we will set up a working group to consider what more could be done to further the inclusion of non-binary people in society. aged 16 and over. 19.The table in Annex I summarises the provisions of the 2004 Act and the Scottish Government’s view on whether the legal position in Scotland should continue under the proposed self-declaration system of legal gender recognition. where the witness to a statutory declaration is not National Records of Scotland has published information about how the Act operates in Scotland in relation to the registration of births. A transgender person has a gender identity that isn't the same as the sex the person was recorded at birth.

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