However, there are many kinds of epoxy resins out there and you have to make the best choice in choosing the best one if you ever embark on some woodwork projects. This way the air bubbles don't need to rise as far and the affect of the heat gun can penetrate each shallower pour of resin more easily. Orders can only be collected from our premises in Dublin. The surface will need to be thoroughly cleaned, degreased and be free of loose debris and dirt to achieve the best bond. Copyright text 2020 by Energy-Tech. This is the same technique that is used to stop photos and magazine prints from doing the same thing. GlassCast 3 has been developed to be as easy to use and reliable as possible. Can this be used to repair chips in recycled glass worktops? This would be the minimum amount of time to leave the resin before sanding but if you leave it 48hrs then this will ensure it's more properly cured. Yes, GlassCast® can be used to create a resin edge on a table like this but it's worth considering that if you simply allow the resin to run down at the edges then it will only be a thin and relatively inconsistent coating on the edges. We would not recommend this resin for casting over projects such as a penny floor. Even so, GlassCast resins are only recommended for indoor applications. What's more important is the ambient temperature where the resin is curing. Be aware that GlassCast (and all polished smooth surfaces) can be very slippy, especially in socks or when wet which could be quite hazardous on a flight of stairs. Even in a warm environment, you should leave the floor for at least several days before use. See full details –  Video’s,  /   Tutorial (Penny Floor – Neon Table)   /  FAQ’S. This one is an easy 4.6 out of 5. All mine were in a leather case each filter separated by leather lined with felt. GlassCast 3 has been developed to be as easy to use and reliable as possible. It is the ideal product for clear casting resin for wood projects and is the perfect live edge river table epoxy resin. The biggest concern is heat when being used as a kitchen splash back. How would you suggest removing airbubbles on a large flat surface once the resin is poured? If you are making a river table and want a thin layer of resin right over the top of the wood as well, then using GlassCast 3 in this way over the top of the GlassCast 50 will give a smoother finish on the surface. Great products supplied via great service. GlassCast 3 Clear Coating Resin – Penny Floors/ Table, Counter & Bartops/ Clear Coating. What you'll find when working at lower temperatures is the that the resin and hardener will both feel thicker than they normally would; this can mean that more air gets mixed in when you mix the resin and hardener together and so it becomes more important to mix carefully to avoid aerating the resin when mixing and also maybe a bit more thorough with the heat-gun or hair dryer when removing bubbles from the poured resin. I would like to add a second coat. Bottle tops are best bonded into place, as being lighter, they are more prone to floating and moving around. Mixed batches can be transferred into a larger container and then mixed again, allowing you to pour from one single container but we would not suggest attempting to weigh and mix batches larger than about 5kg in one go. As such, it is used as jewelry resin, pour paintings, coasters, tumblers and a range of woodworks. I do not want to cover the whole piece of wood. It takes 36-72 hours before the cast/resin hardens. This is because they do not naturally stick to epoxy resin and as such no release agent is needed. Yes, as long as the surface has been given a good key with sandpaper and a thorough clean then there should be no problem applying GlassCast over a varnished surface. Shelf Life is 12 months from date manufacture. Using hardeners from other resin systems will cause serious curing issues or it may not cure at all. However, if required for any reason (such as a repair) it will sand and polish very well using abrasive papers and polishing compound. This means that you need to be accurate with your mix, and in essence for every 200g of resin, you need to mix in 100g of hardener – this does need to be weighed and not worked out by volume. Or just an approximate amount per m2 please? The finer the paper, the smoother and less matte the finish will become; you can choose how far you go according to how satin/glossy the customer wants. Not quite sure what the all the fuss is about, concerning traveling with glass filters. Even with the post-cure we would recommend being careful about placing down hot cups and items, ideally allowing them to cool first or use a saucer just to be on the safe side. You can use this product both for coating and casting purposes. How can I calculate how much resin I need using measurement in inches? Can GlassCast Hardener be purchased separately if some has been spilt? I took the plunge and changed resin company. Can GlassCast be applied over Water based painted MDF? We aim to provide fast delivery (next working day in the UK) fantastic customer service and amazing technical support. It's no secret that there now lots of different brands of clear epoxy resin on the market, but there is only one GlassCast. If the resin has fully cured the surface on the previous layer must be keyed to ensure a strong mechanical bond. If you want to be really exact (for example if you want to mix the resin and the hardener by volume and not by weight (which we don't recommend because it's unnecessarily complicated) then the relative density of the resin and the hardener, and the mixed product, can be found on the technical datasheet. The exclusive offers are REAL. GlassCast is designed to withstand permanent exposure to temperatures of up to 45deg C, so as long as the floor does not get hotter than that it will be fine. It can be poured as a thick coating over existing surfaces or into moulds made from silicone rubber and of course it can be poured into knot-holes, cavities and gaps between wood for furniture pieces like epoxy river tables. 10 Stop ND Filters – Glass vs Resin. A lot of 'Tupperware' and storage boxes are PP or HDPE.

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