Too Civilized for Coffee? Exploitation only works when people don’t know they’re being exploited to begin with. If you follow the newsletter, you know we spend a lot of time talking about ad copy. Lack of creativity, bad implementation or just awful idea, there’s tens of reasons why these ads and commercials have appeared. Your email address will not be published. Salem Oregon Shopper Ads: Mike’s Stupid Cb Shop The company sells nice smelling deodorant, and any cool imagery with an attractive actor is good enough to convey that. What makes a commercial “good”, and what makes it “bad”? No one to meet? or buy you dinner at the Plaza del Fuego. So the next time you reach in your mailbox and pull out the insurance renewal, walk straight to the phone and call Parkins and Maddock. If hit at 30mph there’s an 80 per cent chance she’ll live. Most of them either produced a lot of buzz and went viral or were banned. because competitive pricing is a Parkins and Maddock specialty, (“Competitive?” Doesn’t that mean “about the same price as everyone else?”). The women try their best to ignore the pigs’ pick-up lines, until one buys a condom. Stupid ad of guy making repainting which leads to stupid website and stupid gallery. Paradise Lakes Resort G-string contest ad Good advertising and bad advertising aren’t much different than each other. The discovery of a series of suspicious objects (stupid guerilla campaign) in crowded public places have set off a wave of bomb scares across Boston, snarling traffic and subways across the city. Truly this is a level of consumer interaction most brands can only dream about. Microsoft has removed the head of the black man for the Polish version and photoshopped in a white guy’s head instead. And sometimes, desperately fighting for customer recognition and attention in the age of ads everywhere—on your computer, on your TV screen, in the mail, and even on the street—can have otherwise qualified advertisers turning to senseless and hurtful marketing techniques. To promote its “Fillet-o-Fish” sandwich in the U.K, fast good giant McDonald’s launched a bizarrely contemplative commercial about a boy who approaches his mother to ask about his deceased father. Sometimes the best way to learn is to see how NOT to do something. The worst examples on this list are also the most calculated, tone-deaf, and lazy ones. While there’s tons of post for people looking for inspiration, I decided to do completely opposite. I’ve reprinted them below. This video has a mixture of Germans, mad scientists and speed bumps to make perfect stupid ad. Creativity, like humor, can be a difficult quality to convey. Zooppa croudsourced ads Multiple stupid ads revealing the severe physical and psychological impacts associated with Meth use. Burger King’s ad is plain old exploitation. Winner of Phallic Logo Awards is a very serious institution but its logo is more than bad and stupid. Users found the tactic exploitative and annoying; Google responded by deliberately breaking the gimmick. Coca-Cola: The Great Escape After all, it cost them millions of dollars to produce. DirectTV is good all year”. Twix ad campaign “When you need a moment to chew it over” suggest that men are either too stupid to think of the proper things to say, or they are manipulative jerks who need twix-time to plan their next lie. Tom Ford fragrance ad Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies and they are known for their fast, fair, friendly service. Montana Meth Project All it takes is a three-minute phone call, and there’s no one you have to meet. So when you need auto, home, health, life, or any other type of insurance, find out how much Parkins and Maddock can save you by calling them, (Is that softball game tonight or tomorrow night? A British commercial for a chocolate bar featuring The A Team star Mr. T has been pulled over concerns it could cause offence to homosexuals. On the other hand, research shows that consumers don’t hate advertising per se — they just want it to be better. Definitely must see! Chuck Testa”. If the Parkins and Maddock price isn’t at lest ten percent lower, you’re off to the Plaza del Fuego. A teaser ad of fake pills were spread in Toronto to make parents realize that forcefully making students do something is wrong. Find out for yourself why hundreds of families. The good: Only five ads contained a strong offer. To make a creative advertisement requires a willingness to step away from quants, templates, and well-trod ground to find something truly unique. Haha, these are some pretty funny ads. Its creativity we have to fear the most in sales and marketing as this just goes to prove. What is advertised? And that brings us to…. Lotto ad Hopefully thinking about successful advertisements and unsuccessful ones can shed light on mistakes to avoid and methods that tend to work. Panasonic Viera’s He Didn’t See That Coming One of the 34 Advert Graveyard banned ads (check out everything!). Learn how your comment data is processed. Don’t use 9/11 as an advertising tool. Bad and stupid anti-smoking ad from New Zealand group ASH Don’t use 9/11 as an advertising tool. How about some scandalous Commercials and ads? Ryan submitted this Lifecover insurance company ad which was rejected from a number of local Canadian newspapers. Humor is a quality so strange and elusive that those who can make a career out of it become rich and famous. A little bit of effort to create something that’s not only promotional and informative but genuinely fun to watch and re-watch can pay dividends years down the road.

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