can choose from our 'Guitar for a Week' courses, or have a course of Over in the South End, Barbara Lynch’s Gruppo wants to help impart a little of their culinary magic, with demos in everything from Ghanian comfort food to “ski lodge classics.”. ArtEpicure Cooking School, Brickbottom Artists Building, 1 Fitchburg St., Somerville, 617-996-5334,; Stir, 102 Waltham St., Boston, 617-423-7847, Diablo Glass School, 123 Terrace St., Boston, 617-442-7444, Bookbinding at North Bennet Street / Courtesy photo via North Bennet Street School, LEARN A LOST ARTFundamentals of Bookbinding at North Bennet Street School. He also regularly contributes articles to the leading furniture making magazines. He also taught antique furniture restoration at West Dean College, Chichester. Wheelthrowing photo by Anna-Maria Oléhn on Flickr/Creative Commons, WORK WITH CLAYPottery and Wheelthrowing at Brookline Arts Center. Oboe Reed Making or Adjustment. Our love for teaching allows us to share the art of guitar making with hobbyists and professionals, alike. DOVETAILS………still relevant after all these years? General Assembly is here to make new professional paths—from digital marketing to graphic design—more accessible. TOOL PORN! These courses are suitable for those wishing to train for a career as a designer maker, the serious hobbyist or perhaps someone looking for an income in retirement. All Rights Reserved. holidays too. Ultimately, having encouraged each student to fulfill their potential and finally seeing them succeed in their ambition is his greatest reward. No matter what your goal is for 2016—to write the great American novel, create an artistic masterpiece, whip up a mouthwatering meal, or improve your mechanical skills to become more zombie-apocalypse-proof—there’s a class out there for you. John was awarded the City & Guilds of London Institute Silver Medal of Excellence,  the highest possible award, as First Prize for Advanced Studies in Furniture for Furniture Making and Antique Restoration. Adult Courses (10746) Business, Professional and Vocational (1092) ... (The Cambridge Guide to OET Nursing) Zip File, 10mb. The Cambridge Center for Adult Education, 42 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-547-6789, We Goethe-Institut Boston photo by Non Event/Susanna Bolle on Flickr/Creative Commons, DEUTSCH LERNENTake a German Class at Goethe-Institut Boston. But Diablo Glass School is happy to share their secrets with anyone who shows up. 3-D-printed object photo by fdecomite on Flickr/Creative Commons, CREATE A 3-D MASTERPIECETool Training: 3D Printer 101 at Artisan’s Asylum. In ancient times, the methods for shaping glass were kept a closely guarded secret by the artisans who could command this astounding technology. The colleges’ position as the leading classical and acoustic guitar-making centre is recognised throughout Europe and therefore the course attracts many overseas students. Was your NaNoWriMo a no-go? Boston Center for Adult Education, 122 Arlington St., Boston, 617-267-4430, group evening class courses. 9 Park’s cocktail classes. Cambridge Guitar Courses teach classical and acoustic guitar playing to students in Cambridge UK. In their tricked-out kitchen, learn the art of Thai cuisine, or take a private lesson. teach children from the age of about eight years. Stonybrook Fine Arts, 24 Porter St., Jamaica Plain, 617-522-3331, Here are a few to consider. We prepare you to engage new audiences, teach anyone, anywhere – and make a difference with your music. © 2019 - refine my craft so that I can continue to affect audiences in, The small class sizes and individual attention from world-class faculty is a perfect fit for me. If you want to learn something new this winter, you’re in the right place. Building any electronic device is potentially hazardous, and almost all of the Amp Maker kits are mains powered. For GET THE EDGE. Strum your heart out in their beginner guitar lessons. The programme consists of three years and by the end students will have built a minimum of three guitars of contrasting designs. Longy’s commitment to racial equity is ensuring access, amplification, and power-shifting. The first step on this journey to sartorial utopia involves getting familiar with your sewing machine. Course overview | Adam offers three types of course with Cambridge Woodwind Makers: Oboe Reed Making, Oboe Reed Adjustment and a combination of the two; all are offered separately for modern, baroque and cor-anglais reeds.. Making | Participants will learn the steps and skills needed to make their own oboe, English horn (Cor Anglais), or baroque oboe reeds. You At the end of this four-hour course on metal inert gas (MIG) welding, you’ll have your very own metal sculpture to take home. You don’t even need to go outside, when massive open online courses like edX give you the opportunity to take free classes from Boston’s most prestigious Ivy League schools. Laptop photo by Quentin Meulepas on Flickr/Creative Commons, LEARN TO CODEProgramming for Non-Programmers Bootcamp at General Assembly. No Faustian bargains here, just world-class instruction. You may be a complete To make your job easier, we have a kit ready for you to start working on: Learn the “WHY” behind the steps, and start doing your highest quality, most fulfilling, and … GET THE EDGE. Strum your heart out in their beginner guitar lessons. Guitar Making Courses. Individuals, Groups, Schools and Colleges in and around the He hosts two different YouTube channels: JustinSandercoe (boasting over a million subscribers) is the main lessons channel focusing on theory and technique. To get better at thinking outside the box, learn how to make one first. university city of Cambridge since 2004. Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar. New School of Music, 25 Lowell St., Cambridge, 617-492-8105, If you can use a glue gun, you can learn to weld. 9 Park / Courtesy photo via No. One of our favorite cycling shops doesn’t just sell bikes; they want to teach you how to fix your trusty steed, too. Magnet poetry photo by Kari on Flickr/Creative Commons, SPEAK TO THE MUSEPoetry Workshop at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. guitar courses to one-to-one guitar lessons, online tuition with Skype, or try our John offers full time 16 WEEK and 22 WEEK furniture & cabinet making and antique restoration courses. Comedy face-off photo by improvboston on Flickr/Creative Commons, MAKE ‘EM LAUGHStand-Up Comedy Classes at ImprovBoston. CRB checked. But if you prefer to embark on your journey of self-discovery not from the comfort of your couch but in the flesh-and-blood presence of an instructor, your options are still vast. Broadway Bicycle School, 351 Broadway, Cambridge, 617-868-3392,

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