He tells her that his relationship with Riko is on hold at the moment and he thinks of her more as a sister. An unbothered legend. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this. But upon Natsumi's arrival, an incident causes a clash between her and Minori. Yuki—better known as "Tap" for his dancing expertise—pursued Arisa, who was clearly not interested in going out with him. In the divided world of the future, two girls want to do the forbidden: the human wants to play the violin, and the vampire wants to see a wider world. I just finished all of the episodes and I just came here to say that Hayato is a spineless asshole. There's nothing like fall on the Terrace. Arman and Arisa go out on a Christmas dinner date. See Hours. She declared she loved drinking, brought a gift of wine for the whole crew, then proceeded to drink by herself at the dining table. Arman is getting close to Arisa and they plan to go to the gym together. Excuse me, but what about the scene when she's modeling in a bikini??? Tired of waiting for him to ask her out, model and student Minori made hairdresser Uchi a delicious supper with a spicy message. He's just a 29 year old pervert who's trying to hide the fact he's banging a girl 11 years younger than him who looks 20 years younger than him. Arman takes Martha aside and says he wants to get to know her better. He went already the first day after Riko, knowing that she is easier to play. Minori and Uchi discuss their communication problem. But Mizuki also has feelings for Arman. One non-campus guest now allowed per Wiscard holder. Forget Peter Kavinsky—Shion Okamoto is where it's at. Aspiring architect Yuto Handa moves in after Misaki. Minori is still working as a model — and she even … Sexual intercourse with and objectification of children “idols” by adults do not cause as much of an uproar in some societies vs others. Meanwhile, Momoka faces a life-changing contest. A new member joins the group, Arisa from Kagoshima. Uchi confronts Makoto about his actions, but Makoto doesn't seem to be remorseful. Let me start by saying that I am very aware of the cultural differences here, that in Japan that gap might not be seen as predatory. Hayato seemed a little predatory, to me. Perhaps that’s because he was interested in inscrutable, curt Ami, who divulged only the barest of opinions on anything, including whom she liked. The most "reality TV" moment of the Tokyo season was undeniably the house meeting where four housemates confronted Riko, the 18-year-old model, and Hayato, the 29-year-old(!) Secondly, the whole discussion "Oh, you might be young, but you're actually very mature of your age" is textbook grooming. Riko and Hayato's date to see the fireworks ends uneventfully. Excitement buzzes as Terrace House welcomes two new members. Hayato gets some relationship advice from his boss at the restaurant. That being said, Hayato is a fucking creep and his behavior around Riko is something I have read about extensively during past research on the power dynamic and the issue with way older men pursuing young girls. 1308 W. Dayton StreetMadison, WI 53715(608) 890-3000, 800 Langdon St.Madison, WI 53706(608) 265-3000. At the barbecue party the following night, Hikaru also announces his intention to leave. While having dinner, they plan for Yuki's upcoming birthday party. After Christmas break, Minori and Arman are the only members who are present to welcome new members Hikaru and Natsumi. Minori is annoyed by Nacchan's light teasing of Minori and Uchi's relationship. The house members confront Hayato and Riko about the lies they told about their relationship. When he suggested they go on a day trip together, her disinclination was so strong that she informed him she'd rather go to Costco with the other housemates instead. I have myself understood relationships with a big age gap in certain contexts when both parties are obviously attracted to each other and the gap itself was not as big. But he has his eyes on someone else. The group then goes out with Uchi and Minori for the last time before they leave. TH has one super-ingenious twist—more on that later—but if … Nacchan and Han-san find out that they both love fishing, so they plan to do that together. Minori, Makoto, and Yuki go to a fish restaurant where Makoto reveals that Uchi is planning to take Yuriko to the aquarium, just like Yuki's plan. The way he acted around ballerinababe too, "I hate to interrupt but people tell me I am exactly like that (her type)" ALSO when he got upset because riko said she can only hold hands and kiss after dating, like why was he acting like it was the end of the world, if you're that upset just ask her out. But even still, they're reaction isn't strong enough in my opinion. As the most longstanding member in the Tokyo house, the popular aspiring firefighter went through a long string of infatuations only to come up empty-handed. She's pretty much a child! However, he comes home one night having failed the test. Especially this fall. Tatsuya is furious with his housemates for eating his beef without his permission. Arisa and Arman head to Mt. Arman was all 'I'd wake up and she'd be there at 3am!!!!'. The boys get excited over the arrival of the new girl member. Get in the know with ELLE.com: We're celebrating the Netflix favorite all this week. Tatsuya finally asks Minori to officially be his girlfriend. In the process, they officially become a couple. Based on his advice and her conversation with Riko, Nacchan apologizes to Misaki. She thinks that this is not very manly. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. I loooove this show, and have felt that there's something really refreshingly wholesome about it until this incident. Bye Bye Terrace House in the City And also everyone knowing he's a sly motherfucker haha, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the terracehouse community. And I feel Riko is not to blame, even just a little. I don’t think a kid like her really had a fair chance with the kind of adult role models she had around her. Since Minori feels that her relationship with Uchi is going nowhere, she decides to send him a message via omurice. Random and, honestly, goals. But given he hadn't had any previous relationships, he could only chalk it up as a (super public) learning experience. Natsumi? Both Minori and Uchi work at the GirlsAward fashion show, Minori as a model and Uchi as a hair stylist. Arman applies for a job as an English teacher, then goes to practice kickboxing at Target gym. Arman says goodbye to his colleagues at Kamakura Loco Mart and they thank him for being a hard worker. Hikaru and Arman discuss their situation to avoid treading on each other's toes. The way he would invade her space and be so pushy with her, made my skin crawl. We also discussed the power imbalance since they are in such different stages of life. Get involved and plan the next big thing. Elvis trades in his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret government spy program to help battle the dark forces that threaten the country. He also goes on a date with Mizuki to the beach. Open daily for students, faculty & staff with valid Wiscard. Hikaru is interested in the new housemate Misaki. He says that he doesn't see her as a woman, but this statement proves consequential. Such skill! Arman wins his first amateur kickboxing match in Japan. Press J to jump to the feed. Both Uchi and Arisa come back from their Christmas holiday and make the group complete again. You can say sex by the way. Minori has lunch with her sister, Kurumi. Netflix / Fuji TV, instagram.com. Riko asks Hayato if he thinks she's immature, but he reassures her. She expressed various, very valid concerns that were dismissed because she's obviously "very mature." The group spends time together for the last time, cleaning the house, packing their belongings, swimming in the pool, and having a barbecue party. Tatsuya and Minori go on a second date. Both Yuki and Mizuki then decide to leave Terrace House. Especially this fall. They decide on Tsukiji for their second date. The next morning, she asks if he remembers. She wears the white dress that he gave her for her birthday. Riko's mom then surprises everybody by visiting the house. Martha goes on a date with Arman to the beach. Good looking and tall, he's just Riko's type. Having sex/dating as an idol is a big no-no, so keeping her and Hayato a secret was a must. Makoto tells Yuriko that he used to have feelings for Minori, but not any more. 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