The Topstone boasts 30mm of travel at the saddle, 25% of which comes from the axle says Ebert. They were also easy to fine tune and were an absolute breeze to set up during the initial build. Toutes les informations sur le Cannondale Sensor sont a retrouver ICI. Contrairement aux apparences, le système "fléchissant", baptisé  KingPin est en fait assez différent de ce qui existe dans le monde du VTT. If you’re on a stricter budget, Cannondale also offers a Shimano Sora-equipped version called the Topstone Sora which costs $1,250 but sees a notable downgrade in both the drivetrain and brakes. Ce sont donc 24 vitesses pilotées sans fil qui meuvent l'engin. There also seems to be a higher threshold of activation on the Kingpin relative to the Checkpoint, in the sense that the former feels like it leaves all the little stuff for the tires to handle; the frame movement doesn’t kick in until you run over something a little more significant. Tool access to the mounting bolts is truly horrendous, making adjustments very frustrating. Fork mounts are drilled completely through the fork for more mounting options. To be sure, the Checkpoint ALR 4 is no slouch, but we think Cannondale’s Topstone is the better gravel bike overall. Cannondale claims the frame will handle up to a 42mm tire at the 700c wheel size. From my experience, they provide reliable traction while cornering on loose gravel, their supple casing does a great job of smoothing out bumps, and they roll well enough for some mixed pavement use. Even more annoying was the persistent rattle inside the down tube from the rear brake hose, despite the fact that there’s a separate, full-length carbon guide molded inside the down tube. The stack of 610mm and 394mm reach on my size L test bike offer riders a wide range of fit options. The biggest detractor from the Topstone’s on-road performance is its knobby WTB tires. Dès les premiers tours de roue, il est clair que l'on retrouve un certain ADN, celui qui nous avait, n'ayons pas peur des mots, éblouis sur le SuperX ! However, not everyone is going to be willing to put up with some of its idiosyncrasies in order to get there. The Topstone comes with a no-frills aluminum wheelset – WTB rims and Formula hubs with front and rear thru-axles. The newer, adjustable version of IsoSpeed largely addresses all of that, but at least for now, the Checkpoint is still outfitted with the standard non-adjustable design. The Cannondale Topstone 105 is a solid, high-value, no-frills gravel bike. It also takes advantage of the inherent ride quality advantages of dropped seatstays, so in some ways, it’s almost as if Cannondale took the best parts of IsoSpeed and merely improved on it. In addition to the responsive steering geometry, the chainstays are short at just 415mm, and the bottom bracket is relatively tall with just 59-69mm of drop, depending on size. The Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes feel great, even in wet conditions. Mais en y regardant de plus près, on voit bien entendu ses pneus volumineux, et surtout que ses haubans, réellement très bas, sont en fait connectés au tube de selle par un pivot. Topstone Carbon Force etap AXS, 5499€ (Modèle testé), Topstone Carbon Women's Ultegra RX 2, 2999€. Additionally, the Diverge Comp E5 features a unique front suspension design that delivers about 20 millimeters of travel, which is just enough to take the edge off big hits. Dropper Post — A dropper post is going to give you a lot more control on technical descents. Gravel bikes—also known as adventure or all-road bikes—are built to handle terrain ranging from forest service roads to pavement, dirt, and even mellow singletrack. In fact, the smaller sizes, besides having a different layup schedule than the larger bikes, even have noticeably different shaped tubes. Outre le pivot lui-même, on peut aussi remarquer la base affinée du tube de selle, et l'arrière tronqué du toptube qui viennent participer au mouvement. The flared bars allow for a narrow, aero position up top, but more leverage and stability down below. The stiff carbon fork keeps the rotor from rubbing on the pads in hard corners. En réalité, ce ne sont pas les bases ou les haubans qui "s'écrasent", mais plutôt le tube de selle qui vient s'arquer en son milieu. The Topstone Carbon is well-equipped in the clearance department, too. Building on the popularity of the Topstone that Cannondale introduced last summer, this new Topstone Carbon turns it up to 11 with a lightweight carbon frame and a groundbreaking leaf-spring suspension system that offers 30mm of travel at the saddle. With its well-executed cable routing, subdued colorway and graphics, and clean-looking lines, I’m happy to report that it lived up to my high expectations. On s'habitue assez rapidement, et on finit même rapidement par ne plus décoller les fesses de la selle ! Cannondale even included mounts on the frame near the stem, which are ideal for a top-tube bag and items you want easily accessible during rides, like snacks. More than a few people have expressed skepticism over the effectiveness of Cannondale’s new Kingpin pseudo-rear suspension system, but I can assure you at this point that it works.

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