(See Vanity Fair’s February issue, which features lush watercolor paintings of “Downton Abbey”’s Michelle Dockery, creatively titled “Portrait of a Lady.”) Rappers still distinguish between ladies in the street and freaks in the bed. With its slippery meaning—associations range from grandma’s lavender-scented powder to the raunchiest of rap lyrics—it encapsulates the fundamental mutability of modern feminism. A new, self-published advice book called Dare to Be a Lady “explores what it means to be a lady in a world where high moral standards are not often upheld and women often behave like men.” In response to a get-out-the-vote video by Lena Dunham and other hip, young liberals, the fusty conservative group Concerned Women for America called its counter-campaign “Lady Smarts.”. I would love to but it’s just not in my genes. Daten über Ihr Gerät und Ihre Internetverbindung, darunter Ihre IP-Adresse, Such- und Browsingaktivität bei Ihrer Nutzung der Websites und Apps von Verizon Media. I aggregate the work of women journalists on a site I named LadyJournos. And yet I had never, ever seen a woman getting a shoeshine here, like this. “The beautiful place, Ecuador,” he said. In the case of the latter – to your point about positioning – this is exactly what was being marketed, reversing the genders. George brushed on the boot polish. I’ve never experienced the gyno-moment you did, although I have never ascended the shoe-shine throne in anything but pants. Jim. I saw this was listed on your website as a “Most Popular” and I can see why. It justifies the expense for me . unless your coming too Vegas!!! i’ve always wanted seven league boots, too! “Here you go, Lady,” George said, gesturing up the stairs. A few weeks ago, I had some time to kill at Boston’s Logan Airport before a flight to Denver, and eventually to Santa Barbara. I had a shoe shine guy once try to get me to have my sneakers shined. Find her writing, pie charts, and GIFs at www.annfriedman.com. Instead, I looked down at my boots, which weren’t of the seven-league variety but plain brown leather and—he was right—quite scuffed. . You need shoe shine!”. .” Now I’ll know better. you’re just so new englandy! It was also a minor extravagance. Or at least I like to pretend it does. And to Tim’s point- it does help your shoes last longer. I spent the rest of the time finding the correct little-used muscles in my thighs and calves to counter his surprisingly strong side-swipes. That said, I do have a weak spot for individuals like him, eeking out a living (in his case) literally on the fringe. The next time I’ll take the boots OFF and hand them to George or whoever.. and wait with my stocking feet planted firmly on the ground. “[T]he more demeaning the job, the more the person holding it (if female, of course) is likely to be described as a lady,” wrote the feminist linguist Robin Lakoff in a 1973 academic paper. Gradon — George was in United. I dunno, Jim. Maybe I’ll look for George the next time I fly out – is he in the Delta terminal? album: "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid" (1977) Knock 'Em Dead Kid. Great story! Anonymous. I loved this story! But to your point, I haven’t noticed up until your blog posting, that there are never any women! I really hope this blog turns into a book. Today was a quiet Tuesday in the terminal, and nothing there (a sundries shop, a TBCY staffed by a yawning clerk) seemed to hold much in the way of a half-hour’s distraction. They really appreciate the love I put into fixing up there purses as well!! Beccy — LOVED that comment.. ! Growing up in NYC, shoeshine guys were very much a part of growing up. T. Trooper Lyrics. hey ann: love the post—-and the blog, especially your ‘about’ page. The boots, BTW, are Blundstones, which are easy to kick on an off.. hence my choice for airport-wear… As for flip-flops in Boston in winter… yeah, I WISH girl….

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