A good example exists in the photo of a small kitchen above. That is why for this subheading, we will give you two very contrast options of wall paint that you can pick to pair with the combination. Healing Aloe (Benjamin Moore), Sea Salt, or Tradewind look nice with dark oak, and will lighten up the space. The golden tones of honey oak seem to have lost favor with the 21st century. We offer our valued customers an array of styles to choose from and big savings so they can make the right decision within their budget. However, you should know that simply painting white on a honey oak kitchen cabinet will not hide the wooden texture. Ultimately, this allowed us to cheaply modernize and update our home. Just make sure that the backsplash color complements the wall paint color. Depending on the cabinet style as well as the oak wood species, the combination can result in a different look. My bathroom and bedroom have oak as well. It’s incredibly versatile: easy to pair with a variety of floor types and hardware. Posted on Last updated: October 5, 2020 By: Author Lauren. Together they create a sleek look. Rainwashed is better with honey oak cabinets, though, because it has a little more blue in it than Sea Salt does, and accents the orange in the oak in a beautiful way. The dark blue color compliments the orange undertones of your cabinets particularly well.Note: This color works well with natural light. Hi, I have oak cabinets and my counter top has greys, tans and creams in it. The sure thing that we want to say here is that the wall tone’s choice does not depend only on the type of wooden material used for the cabinets. If you want to get away from the yellow vibes, you could go with Alabaster. The dark blue wall paint does not make the kitchen looks boring. I'd like to also paint an accent wall in my dining room bordering the oak cabinets and appreciate any suggestions. Similar to the beige, this color will keep your kitchen warm and cozy. My floors looks like tile and are tan and grey. Unfortunately, there is no information about the specific product used to color the wall here. This works well with the overall design and when combined with a great wall color, it looks super flattering and modern. The most important thing is that it will make the room seems too yellow. Since it is a neutral, it goes with most decor. Many people do not like the tone of this furniture. because they pull more orange into the kitchen when you have honey oak cabinets. Kitchen Paint Colors with Honey Oak Cabinets. As you can see, the kitchen is filled with light brown tones that come not only from cabinets but also from the ceiling, floor, island, and chairs. It can be a great way to keep a cozy feel whilst integrating modern features and interior design. White Duck is very pretty, and could work nicely. The first combination that we will talk about here is between honey oak cabinets and some wall paint choices that you can pair with them. How to make oak kitchen cabinets look modern? The second wall paint that we thing will look fabulous to pair with honey oak cabinets is pastel yellow. 42" Wide Double Doors with center style, Two Drawers, 48" Wide Two Double Doors with center style, Two Drawers, 30" Wide Double Doors, Two Drawer Fronts, 48" Wide Two Double Doors, Two Drawer Fronts, 36" On Angle Wide Single Door, One Drawer Front r, Base Corner Sink Front without Cabinet or Floor, (27"W x 34.5"H x 24"D) Recommended Install 36" - 39"), (33"W x 34.5"H x 24"D) Recommended Install 39" - 42"), (42"W x 34.5"H x 24"D) Recommended Install 42" - 45"). It has an LRV of 59. Whether you have budget constraints or simply no interest in tackling cabinets or an entire house of trim right at this moment in time, your honey oak … Greige paint colors are super in style right now. Honey Oak cabinets can be given new life with a simple splash of color. In Stock at Store Today. Happy painting! Curtains Too Short? Good luck! Sherwin William’s Accessible Beige is a beige paint color that has slight gray undertones. You can use the information that we will share here as a guide to design your kitchen interior at home. A light grey paint has a more subtle appearance that, for some people, can seem relaxing. 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These cabinets come ready-to-assemble (RTA) so the process of putting them together is very straightforward. Here, you must consider the cabinets more than the stainless-steel appliances because the appliances are more neutral. There have been beautiful houses on the market that just won’t sell because new buyers don’t want to deal with an oak kitchen.

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