Taking the unit from the box there was no unpleasent rattle or noises from inside. The range of travel on pitch is about 5-6 inches but it lacks the detent and is a smooth flow so you have a good half inch more useful travel versus the Logitech yoke. You would then proceed to attach the yoke. Don't read anymore, just buy this and plug it in. No, instead I keep on flying manually to see how the control yoke works and behaves and of course, trimming the aircraft. I think this is much more realistic but having used the CH for the last year I’m having to relearn how much yoke movement is needed — again I think it is more realistic in that sense. As higher speeds you can use the rudder to control the yaw and thus keeping yourself on the centerline of the runway. When it came to the pitch axis, while there thankfully wasn’t any stickiness to it, it needed a bit more effort to pull out than I initially thought as compared to the roll. It feels really nice to finally have complete control over your bank without having to be restricted by tight and unrealistic radiuses. Back to the Honeycomb Flight Controls unit; all together a great Flight Simulator hardware investment and therefore my favorite X-Plane hardware. Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Plot a smooth ride from takeoff to landing Honeycomb delivers a well-built yoke and switch panel combo that handles smoothly and feels great to … There’s nothing written, nor on the box nor in the user manual about Linux compatibility. This method holds the unit firmly to the desk with no movement at all when pulling back on the yoke. Personally, I would have preferred to see the START selection spring-loaded – just as it in real aircraft. So I re-assigned PITCH A UP/DOWN to PITCH TRIM UP/DOWN. Overall, the highest praise I can give the Alpha is that it doesn’t feel like a toy – every button has a realistic meatiness to it. the default Boeing 737, the BUS2 switch still doesn’t do anything so it isn’t assigned to anything. However, the user is free to assign any X-Plane command to any relevent button or switch like a regular joystick. Nothing special you would say, but I was surprised about the overall weight. There is no need to set-up a null zone on the yoke as the slightest touch will send the action to the sim. I did had the Saitek Pro Flight Control unit and a separate throttle device. Begin to tighten until the screws are embedded within the mounting plate to complete installation.”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Neither do they have any relationship or affiliation with the company. And although I mentioned this before, the grip of the control yoke is awesome. The Alpha Flight Controls include a mounting bracket compatible with Saitek and Honeycomb products. That not good, no, that’s excellent! Now, I have the Honeycomb yoke and the joystick both connected. Real or not, I find it good else when the PITCH pull/push of the control yoke is too low, you can easily oversteer the pitch of the aircraft which won’t happen in this case in my humble opinion. The product used for this article was provided to GameCrate by the manufacturer or publisher for the purposes of conducting a review. Easy to setup and was plug and play. The history of Honeycomb Aeronautical releasing the Alpha Flight Control has certainly been interesting. It should be assigned in my humble opinion to just PITCH TRIM UP/DOWN. When the screws knobs are back in the yoke unit, slide the yoke unit a bit to you and lift it up. Lower end (around the €150 mark) and the high end (anything from €500 to €1000+). Since I’m not able to contact Honeycomb, I’ve no idea where to put those and honestly, I don’t see why they are included. The yoke is a great improvement over the already pretty good CH. The Alpha Controls Yoke and Switch panel is a well contructed unit and worth the €249 price tag. That Honeycomb has chosen for a separate Ethernet cable that connects all the switches, buttons and selector to the base unit is a great and at the same time a simple idea/solution.

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