Posted in Magic Story on June 21, 2017 . Life outside of the safety of the Hekma would no longer be an impossibility. Pretty much the Gatewatch - Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa being defeated by Nicol Bolas. Adorned Pouncer . So, Djeru’s not a planeswalker. What if killing the Soul of Amonkhet lifts the Curse of the Wandering? The second sun has settled between the horns on the horizon, and the Gates to the Afterlife open to reveal the promised paradise on the other side. (And, for the record, I take [casthaven]Gideon’s Defeat[/casthaven] not being a story spotlight as further proof that Gideon survives the block.) Pretty much the Gatewatch - Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa being defeated by Nicol Bolas. No story spoilers presented here - but - for those who have purchased 'The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Amonkhet', you already know the final outcome. However, after Nicol Bolas's arrival, Bontu revealed that she had helped the dragon planeswalker conquer Amonkhet long ago, due to her ambition. Story: Hour of Devastation is the second and smaller set of the Amonkhet block. And there are two cards that we’ve seen so far that seem most useful for trying to answer that question: The combination of the flavor text and the art on the promo version of [casthaven]Ramunap Excavator[/casthaven] feels like a bit of a [casthaven]Zendikar Resurgent[/casthaven] or [casthaven]Splendid Reclamation[/casthaven] moment: the darkness has passed, and the surviving people of the plane are trying to rebuild. Share Tweet Share. Nissa’s Encouragement (and the other special cards in Nissa’s deck) also point to an attempt to rebuild Amonkhet after the Hour of Devastation. From a marketing standpoint, it makes more sense to try a character out, see how the audience reacts, and then decide about whether or not to bring the character in at their next appearance. For today's post on MTG Realm, we want to summarize the Hour of Devastation story posts to date and certainly are waiting with great anticipation for the last story next week. Angel of the God … An army is nice, but we’ve seen that pre-Mending Bolas could annihilate an entire army with a flick of his claw; enhancing his own power by harvesting something from the plane of Amonkhet seems more in his wheelhouse. Oketra and Hazoret had to save the Gatewatch at the start of the story. But I threw myself onto team Djeru so long ago that I have become tremendously invested in him, and I can’t help being excited to see him show up at last. Faced with the murder of their beloved gods, the mortals of Amonkhet struggle to survive the destruction of their world. Mind damaged by the elder dragon's telepathic might, he planeswalks blindly to Ixalan, leading to Explorers of Ixalan. Bontu reveals her true ambitions, even as the city of Naktamun crumbles. First off, I’m going to say I’m surprised he’s mono-white—given [casthaven]Cruel Reality[/casthaven], I (and many others, I suspect) expected him to be at least partially black—I was thinking Abzan or possibly Mardu. Their impending deaths are now confirmed. Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, refuses to sit by while her city falls. It could be a matter of Bolas, in his hubris, deciding that they aren’t worth killing, but I’m going to find that pretty unsatisfying if that’s the case. Beck Holden is a Ph.D. student in theater who lives in the greater Boston area. Amonkhet introduced three new mechanics: Exert: A keyword appearing on … He arrives back on Amonkhet, defeats the five gods either by himself or by proxy (the other three gods), and his army of Eternals are released. It would make two straight blocks in which Wizards has introduced an exciting new woman-of-color planeswalker who allies with the Gatewatch during the block and makes sense as someone who would buy into the Gatewatch’s purpose, only to end up relegated to the multiverse’s supporting cast. (By which I mean, please have taken a chance on her about six months ago when this set was finalized!). If I had to guess how the story ends for him, I’d go with him taking over as the new ruler of the plane’s survivors, although a heroic sacrifice is certainly possible. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Hour of Glory was to be the moment where the gods proved their worth to the God-Pharaoh. The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. So, this is a risky one, but I’m calling my shot here: look out for the Oath of Samut in next week’s spoilers! I suspect his purification is breaking free from his religious devotion to Bolas and teaming up with the Gatewatch (likely helping to protect them, given his second ability). CARD IMAGE GALLERY. The Hour of Devastation is told from the perspective of Bolas and the Gatewatch. Sign up for the Hipsters Newsletter for weekly updates. Three gods have fallen since the Gate to the Afterlife opened to reveal unimaginable horrors. While the Scorpion God hunts down each god one by one, the Locust God unleashes a deadly swarm, devouring the magical Hekma barrier protecting Naktamun. Hipsters is proudly sponsored by: ... On the other hand, he might be mono-white because we will at last see him undergo a change in Hour of Devastation—his eyes are open now, and he sees the God-Pharaoh’s deception. My theory about Bolas killing the world spirit would also make a potential return to Amonkhet a difficult proposition because it would take away a lot of what makes it what it is. It is revealed that Bolas came to Amonkhet once before, where he defeated the eight original gods and killed all of the plane's adults, leaving only infants to be educated according to his plan. Wouldn’t it be something if, say, he seemed to die during the final showdown with Bolas, but our heroes notice a conspicuous lack of a body, which leads to a certain someone scouring the multiverse for him? Below, the beautiful card illustration from Simon Dominic provides a sneak peak at what we can anticipate. No more mummies. The eponymous plane has an ancient Egyptian theme, and features concepts like mummies and embalming. Nissa is next, strangled by her own corrupted elementals and forced to flee. I chose to highlight [casthaven]Nissa’s Encouragement[/casthaven] in particular for its art: growing a small flower in the sand is something you do when you have time. Not a shocking conclusion by any means, but credit where credit is due, Wizards has done a good job of getting me scared. It’s that wonderful quarterly season where we get to preview the new set! Hour of DevastationloremtgmtghouSpoilersstoryvorthos, telling Liliana that Bolas was on Amonkhet. 8 min to read . Tezzeret telling Liliana that Bolas was on Amonkhet could certainly be a sign that, whatever Tezzeret did with the [casthaven]Planar Bridge[/casthaven], it was aimed at Amonkhet, which is why he thought (incorrectly, as it turned out) that Bolas was there. So the real question is, how do we go from the Gatewatch getting beaten up, the gods getting killed, and the plane getting overrun with the Eternal, to rebuilding society? Hey, Samut’s a planeswalker! Paired with R&D's caution in printing cards that will be too powerful for Standard, few of these cards then  see play in other formats, especially Modern. Jace is the first to fall. Hour of Devastation has the Magic cards and story back in very familiar terrain for the game: a world is getting wrecked, and maybe some clever strategies can save it. No gods and trials. So, I might be missing the mark here, but this is the most logical way I can think of for the people of Amonkhet to survive without the gods and the Hekma. These Eternals obliterate the defenders of the city once released, and the citizens of Amonkhet flee into the desert. Kefnet nearly destroyed Nissa. Act of Heroism. The five planeswalkers of the Gatewatch stay and attempt to defeat Bolas, but each is defeated in turn. ~ Happy Tuesday MTG peeps, Two ravens had perched upon our shoulder and whispered in our ear that Wizards of the Coast may be giving thou... ~ More to add on to the previous Planechase post . The new arrangement and planning of R&D for Large/Large/Large/Core happened two years prior to Rivals but due to how far in advance sets are planned, it won't be evident until Ixalan is finished.

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