With 120mg of caffeine per stick, Advocare Spark will give you a good energy boost. However, if you constantly feel you need to boost your energy with something like Spark, you might be better off addressing other aspects of your lifestyle. [5], Charles Ragus founded AdvoCare in 1993 as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that distributes dietary supplement products. Personally, I feel Advocare Spark isn’t a significant amino acid supplement. REIZE is the smarter choice if you’re looking for a great energy drink. [8] Before founding AdvoCare, Ragus worked as a regional vice president for Fidelity Union Insurance, and as a multi-level marketing (MLM) distributor for Herbalife. Reading an Advocare Spark review or two is a smart idea before taking the plunge and buying some yourself. Unlike many energy-boosting products, Advocare Spark® is very low in calories, contains only four grams of carbs, and is completely free of sugar. But, remember to always consume energy drinks in moderation to avoid any potential health issues. When I got to the last mouthful or two in the bottom of the glass I could see quite a lot of powder sitting at the bottom of the glass, still undissolved. [44] An arbitration hearing reduced Hardy's suspension after a scientific expert testified that the AdvoCare product was tainted. I’ll cover vitamins and amino acids separately to keep things simple. Is it safe to drink Advocare Spark every day? According to the FTC, AdvoCare rewarded distributors not for selling product but for recruiting other distributors to spend large sums of money pursuing the business opportunity, and nearly all of them lost money after expenses. We take what we need, but the rest goes out with the next flush of the toilet. That’s right, a flavored bottle of water over, say, a NOS or Rockstar Punched Citrus. Although Advocare Spark uses sucralose as a replacement for sugar, you still need to consume sucralose within the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) to avoid developing health issues like: In the case of the caffeine overdose, you won’t need to worry about that if you only drink one to two sachets of Advocare Spark within 24 hours. GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) – Research suggests that GABBA has a calming effect which may seem out of place in an energy drink, but can help reduce anxiety and stress which, in turn, can contribute to improving productivity and mental focus and also improve memory. [4], AdvoCare's contracted celebrity endorsers have included soccer player Carli Lloyd; Major League Baseball pitcher Doug Fister; CrossFit champion Rich Froning; NFL players Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers, Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Wes Welker, and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who was described by ESPN as the face of the company. [48], AdvoCare ceased offering KickStart Spark, targeted to youth age 4–11, after pediatricians had expressed concerns about the product containing 60 mg of caffeine. Within about an hour, you may start to feel the energy-boosting effects begin to wane. [8] Celebrity endorsers are said to be central to "the Bulletproof Shield," a key sales and recruitment technique used by the company: distributors place themselves at the center of a chart illustrating the company's endorsements and members of its scientific and medical advisory board, and deflects questions about the company by replying, "Well, I don't know about (X), but what I do know is" that particular athletes or doctors have endorsed AdvoCare. To get any positive effects from L-tyrosine we need to consume somewhere around 50-70mg for each one pound of body weight. I'm just a real mom, sharing my real life experiences with the world. However, it’s best reserved for occasional use rather than a nutritional mainstay as long-term use could be detrimental to your health while masking the underlying reason for your tiredness.

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