As you prepare for each class, help session, or office hour, do not merely go over the same content that the students are learning. Set aside time right before you teach to focus your mind on your goals for that day and to look forward to teaching—to interacting with students, helping them learn the day’s material, and responding to the questions and ideas that they bring to class. Do this every day. Tools for Teaching. Find either something you love to teach or some way you love teaching it if the topic doesn’t excite you. Teasers have two requirements to work effectively. I wondered. Others will struggle on their own and need encouragement to seek help in office hours or help sessions. For more information, contact us. Procedures allow you to set the same expectations for every student—this methodical approach ensures equity and saves you time having to explain yourself. Just as one allocates time to teaching procedures, an equal amount of time should go into building community and getting to know students. Don't risk losing any instructional time by starting class late, even by a few minutes—a few minutes every day adds up. Let’s face it, you can’t have a story if you don’t have a beginning, middle, and end. The students will read your positive energy as: "Today is going to be a good class." Decide what system will make this task easiest for you and teach your students the rules. Students should always feel encouraged to ask for help when they need it. Establishing all course policies, including those pertaining to academic integrity, grading, and attendance, before the class begins will go a long way toward preventing problems. Today we're going to see why some people think Shakespeare is sexier than Madonna. Beginning-of-the-day routines are important for classroom management and some of the most significant procedures you can set. For example, begin with assignments that require them to recall information and define terms, then work up to lengthier assignments and exams that ask them to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate. The thing (story) should have plot and character, beginning, middle and end. Student work is often timestamped upon submission for these platforms so that a teacher knows if work was submitted on time.—t. To ensure fairness for all students, you should make exceptions only when circumstances warrant, and not in order to end a conflict with an individual student. When they develop fluency in isolating sounds, they can start producing words that begin or end with this sound. One way to lose it, in fact, is to bluff by giving an answer of which you are unsure and that students may later find out to be untrue. Develop assignments and exams that will help your students advance their thinking. Teachers should always provide their students with a warm-up task to be completed independently at the start of every school day. Arriving at the classroom early will allow you not only to set up for class but also to talk with students informally. Do not stick to the material itself. A boring or irrelevant teaser is useless. Today we are going to start a unit on Shakespeare. End-of-day routines should be like your beginning-of-day routines in reverse. Include these notes in your lecture notes or lesson plan, so that they will be readily accessible when you are preparing for the next session or teaching the same course again. Prepare answers, as well. For example, if the students in your discussion or recitation section are extremely quiet, break them up into smaller groups to solve a problem or answer a set of questions. • Describing when the students can use this new information.

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