Mop should be applied lightly and sparingly. Now, for a mouth watering barbecue beef rib recipe, start with this truly classic rub that will impart all of the flavors your drooling chops are hankerin' for.Do not let the simplicity of this basic rub fool you. Barbecue ribs should not be cooked quickly over a high direct heat source; instead, the ribs need to be cooked \"low and slow\" meaning over a low heat for a long period of time. Here is a simple barbecue beef rib recipe favorite: Mix well in a bowl, to be applied with a mop tool. Use a sharp knife to remove fat from the spare ribs. These are generally available during the summer, wherever barbecue accessories are sold. Chef's Tongs, or the Oxo Good Grips 16-Inch Locking Tongs. … All to attain that incredible smoke flavor, with the Never save mop sauce left in the bowl (it is tainted with the meat's raw juices). NOTE: If you cannot serve them immediately, wrap in aluminum foil, place in a brown paper bag and set aside . You can do the meat, rub and mop preparation the day before to make it a lot easier when "the gang" shows up. Some gas grills have an integral smoke box with its own burner, which is a really nice feature to look for. The ideal temperature is 225F at the GrillGrates which will read 175F or even less at the hood dial. This is nothing more than a barbecue sauce, of your choice, served as a side dish (or two), for the folks who would like to put something more on their ribs. It tastes wonderful, and you can adjust the recipe (as the "pros" do) to make it "yours". Patience! Our two favorites are the Admetior Kitchen Oven Thermometer, and the CDN High Heat Oven Thermometer. Prepare the Rib Rack. When the meat starts to pull away from the end of the bones, use the tongs to wiggle a rib to test. Spices  One secret of our barbecue beef rib recipe is to use the best spices you can get. Smoker box, or heavy-duty aluminum foil pouch. 275°F is a good temperature for grilling ribs; your gas grill should be able to reach this in no time at all. 3 tblsp ground pepper (fresh peppercorns recently ground! You have time! This barbecue beef rib recipe will produce a wonderful, natural flavor, so we emphasize the need to season lightly. ©2011 Weber-Stephen Products LLC. More on this subject in the "Prepare a Mop?" ... Brush the ribs with barbecue sauce and grill them for 30 minutes. There are several ways you can slow-cook pork ribs on a gas grill, but the two things that … Remove any excess fat and extraneous meat pieces, or stuff you don't want to eat. Grilled Ribs should take 3-4 hours at temps below 250F. Sprinkle some of the pork rub seasoning onto the back of the ribs. This provides the flavor and moisture needed for great barbecue ribs. INTERNAL TEMP of 140F is best. You want to compliment the flavors of your rub and it is OK to use just the basic spices of the rub (with vinegar and water). The ribs are first "rubbed" with a simple, dry, spice-accented rub. We do not barbecue ribs with barbecue sauce, as this interferes with smoke absorption...and there goes your fame! Guys, do not over season (women rarely do). Heat up a bit more BBQ sauce for the table and grab your napkins for GRATE GRILLED RIBS. You will … If your grill is large enough, have a burner going on either side of the rack. This is not the fastest method, but the "bestest"! Copyright © 2004-2018 moist, cooked to perfection result that alludes so many! Remove racks and let stand 5 minutes loosely tented under foil. If you have judiciously maintained the cooking temperature, peeked, mopped and turned the ribs quickly, you can leave your station several times before the ribs are done. The ribs will cook indirectly throughout the whole process. Just use a paper towel for this. For ease of cleaning, and long reach, we prefer this Sauce Mop with Removable Head. If yours does not have one, just make a envelope/pouch from heavy-duty aluminum foil and put 2 cups of presoaked (in hot water for about an hour) chips on the foil; fold into a flat envelope/pouch shape, and poke a several slices in the top to release the smoke. Resist peeking! Use a dull knife or screwdriver to get under the membrane and peel up enough to grab with a dry paper towel (for grip). We prefer, and suggest, no-nonsense professional types like the Weber  Professional-Grade That is why knowing how to cook ribs on a gas grill in foil is absolutely necessary. Many trees and bushes/shrubs are toxic to humans, so stay with the known traditional woods used by the experienced "smokers". It is important to leave the lid down as each time you open the grill you lose that constant temperature. See Secret #2...Great Spices for more on this. WARM UP your gas grill slowly (do not turn to high heat). You cannot undo crispy or burnt ribs! Slather the meat with a thin coat of any common yellow table mustard (not mandatory but a cool method many top contenders use) when applying a dry rub. Lift the membrane until you can get a grip on it this slippery devil (we use a paper towel), and pull it all off. All for that unforgettable tender, perfectly seasoned, eating experience! Never touch the fat between the bones. It is rare to find store-bought spareribs that are properly prepared. The … Heat 2-zone charcoal grill or turn a gas grill on to low. We are the "Cookin' Cousins" (men) and have learned the lesson when cooking barbecue beef ribs; a light application is sufficient! Some gas grills come with a Smoker Box for the wood chips. The heat is kept low, and the ribs cooked slowly. Should I be concerned. Sprinkle dry rub liberally on both sides of the rack. Let the ribs and rub sit for 1 hour at room temperature to allow the rub to season and penetrate the meat. Cut into individual ribs and serve warm with any remaining sauce. The dry rub will get hard and crispy toward the end. There are several ways you can slow-… The ideal temperature is 225F at the GrillGrates which will … Then get a sharp knife to remove the membrane on your ribs. For this chore we have used all kinds of blunt, "pokey" things like a "Phillips"-type screwdriver, a dull knife, or something similar. Open the lid only far enough to do the job. When the dry rub SWEATS and gets wet as the fat renders out of the ribs, sprinkle a bit more rub only on the wet spots. There currently aren't any reviews or comments for this recipe. At the 3 hour mark use a quick read thermometer in the thicker part of the ribs- making sure not to touch the bone with the thermometer. Lets eat! No part of the rack should hang over one of the lit burners. After 30 minutes decide if you need to ROTATE the Ribs based on hotter areas of the grill and the large meatier side of the ribs. Check out our Dry Rub Secrets page for more on this. This means that the ribs are placed next to, rather than directly over, Fresh is always better, but either way, our barbecue beef rib recipe will work wonders. This makes it easier to work with. When you barbecue beef ribs on a gas grill, think 5-8 hours 'til end-of-shift. Experiment and have fun! Meat should be tender, and be loose from the bone, when done. Set your timer for 30 minutes before you lift the lid. You will use only one. Return from Beef Ribs on Your Gas Grill to Home Page, Site Privacy Policy There’s no need for fancy equipment, just a little ingenuity. Serve ribs as whole rack, or cut between each rib bone and pile individually on a platter. the fire. Leave BONE Down and set your timer for 30 minutes again. I find this a challenging process and often compromise by running the knife under each bone and the meat in between making sure I split the membrane and peel it back. So … When you use the mop tool, stir each time before mopping. Yep, a mop...just a miniature version (12-14" long) of a string-mop you might have for cleaning the kitchen! Trust us: You want to add the spice rub. It is important to know how low your grill will run consistently. Steps for Cooking Barbecue Ribs on a Gas Grill Pat dry the meat and remove the membrane. For the baste sauce (mop). Remove the membrane on the backside of the ribs. ...warm, cut individually, and for the "Cookin' Cousin's" taste, eat 'em just as they are, but...many folks like a "finishing sauce". Be the first! At every family cookout, ribs are always a perfect go-to. Grilling Great Ribs with GrillGrates on a Gas Grill; It is important to know how low your grill will run consistently. Let the ribs and rub sit for 1 hour at room temperature to allow the rub to season and penetrate the meat. Place the ribs on the grill, opposite side of the fire, bone side down, to begin cooking.

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