I was dropped on the high... Hey, friends. This is a guide about cleaning grease off a deep fryer. I did wind up manually cleaning my oven, but because there was grease in the nooks and crannies of the oven that no tool or cleaner could reach, everything I baked in the oven had a detectable flavor of a grease fire. Rinse the frying basket, and reinsert it into the appliance. This paste is also useful to remove any oil splatters and build-up on the exterior of the fryer. Just ensure you wash it well after. As a commercial kitchen operation, scheduling routine deep fryer cleanings will save you money in the long-term by cutting overall energy consumption. Of course, the fire was out in five minutes, but not before soot blackened everything in the oven, and smoke filled the air in my kitchen. Offbeat Home & Life isn't as active as it used to be -- these days you can find me over at Find Your Afterglow. Keep the oil at a safe temperature and never leave your deep fryer unattended. As such, individuals are advised to spray WD-40 on these surfaces to loosen and dissolve this sticky oil grime before wiping them off with any type of cleaning agent. You will need these items to clean your deep fryer. Choose an oil with a high smoke point such as peanut, canola, or safflower. Regular steel will wool will imbed itself microscopically in the pot or pan and start corrosion, particularly if it is aluminum. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), deep fryers cause 21% of restaurant fires and this is typically attributed to lack of cleaning or proper maintenance. Worked like a charm. Follow these directions to thoroughly clean your deep fryer. A deep fryer boil out involves thoroughly cleaning and boiling out the deep fryer to clean the inside, baskets and utensils. Can anyone tell me how to remove the grease and clean it up. Whether the appliance is in a home or a business, appliance cleaning is a very important part of effective appliance care. I was told to spray it with Engine Shampoo or Engine Degreaser, let it stand for an hour, and wash it, but the fumes are heavy. The deep fryer basket is one of the easiest parts to clean as it can be easily removed. They never come off; you just spread them out by scrubbing, covering whatever utensil you're using in the process. Turn the deep fryer on until the water boils. I fought the good fight with old, caked-on oil/grease in my deep fryer for years (ugh!). interesting. Cleaning grease fryer can sometimes be a real annoyance because some oily stains simply won’t be removed no matter how hard you try. I run a pizza restaurant, and we have a couple of self-contained fryers (Autofry–worst product ever invented except when your landlord disallows open frying because of upstairs apartments). Check for gas leaks monthly by spraying the gas-conducting hoses with a soap-based cleaning solution and looking for bubbles. Copyright © Mr. Appliance, All rights reserved. Rinse the deep fryer thoroughly with clean water, and wipe it dry with paper towels or cloth towels. This is a good cleaning regimen for when you change out your oil. This process should be done every few fryer oil changes, or at least once per month. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think it was a base, so you could neutralize it with an acid like vinegar. I have seen some of the ideas here but I don't think I would dare put the element in water, as electric and water don't mix. How to Remove Water-Based Paint from Appliances, How to Remove Scratches from Glass Stove Tops. Keep track of how many times you reuse the oil and change it as needed. © 2011-2019 Halo Restoration Services, LLC. Clean your deep fryer as needed. Use a fryer cleaning rod to clean any remaining debris out of the drain line. I was sure the stuff was oil based and lo a comparatively painless wipe with vegetable oil got the bulk off, then another wipe with warm soapy water. Our technicians will. Regularly performing this process ensures that cross-contamination does not occur and increases the lifespan of the commercial fryer. Absolutely the easiest way to clean a deep fryer or peanut oil fryer is to put in a large tub or laundry tub. Your problem was that you needed a bad boy, a drug addict, an alcoholic of sorts... Wonder what angry man forum this was linked to that caused this brigade? I use it for burn marks on the stove, cookie sheets, etc. If you use your deep fryer frequently, changing the oil and cleaning it every few days will help prevent a buildup of grime that can be much harder to remove. I use Easy Off Grill cleaner on my fryer lid (I have a commercial size for frying fish and chicken), Try using fresh oil on the dried on oil.! Now that I know how easy it can be I'll be cleaning my fryer a lot more often! How do I clean my fryer? Sprinkle in baking soda, pour on some vinegar and let bubble. Hey, I'm Ariel Meadow Stallings, the Seattle-based author of books like Offbeat Bride and From Shitshow To Afterglow. For cleaning off globs of grease, all you really need is steel wool, dish soap, and elbow grease. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact Halo for a complete commercial kitchen cleaning consultation. Also, if you have a fire and open the oven door right after you see the last of the flames die off, you could cause a conflagration, as the temperature could still be high enough to ignite given enough oxygen, of which you just supplied an unlimited amount by opening the door. If you won’t be reusing it, it should be disposed off properly and efficiently. Steps: How to Clean a Deep Fryer Correctly. Freshly deep fried chicken sure does taste heavenly. Fill with water to the oil level and add a bit of dish soap. Make sure your food is dry before placing it in the fryer. We also recommend taking steps to reduce the amount of foreign objects like food or water in the oil, which causes taste issues in fried food and reduces oil quality. When grease stains on the outer and inner surfaces of a deep fryer are ignored for a long period of time, they become very sticky and difficult to clean using ordinary soap and water. However, use caution when placing these strong chemicals into the fryer and rinse thoroughly to ensure that no chemicals transfer to the cooking oil when it is refilled. Be careful not to burn yourself or scrape too hard. All rights reserved. It’s advisable to use a scouring sponge or a brush to remove the grease. I purchased a used deep fryer, the deep fryer itself was really clean, and in excellent condition, but the basket had really bad caked on grease, and what i thought was rust! Pre-soaking grease in a 1:1 ratio of hot water and white vinegar will give you an advantage toward an easier clean. Just a quick scrubbing with a scouring pad and the use of the bristle end of a baby bottle brush and the basket looked almost like brand new! But cleaning out the deep fat fryer is a chore that seems to take forever – fret not! Follow these directions to thoroughly clean your deep fryer. Cellulose thinners and a pan scrub. The key is scaling back but... Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips, tricks, recipes and more, sent twice a week. Instead use stainless steel or copper wool. I have done this, It works AWESOME on TRUE grease. 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