I prefer to use the ‘grease and flour’ way nowadays. Learn how your comment data is processed. A cake tin; Baking paper (also known as greaseproof paper or parchment paper) Butter, oil or margarine; A pair of scissors; Baking Paper to Line the Tin. The flour should coat the pan evenly. Once the tin is completely lined with a thin layer of flour, I turn the tin around. And once my cakes are baked, I run a jam knife through the sides of the cake to loosen any parts of the cake that is attached to the cake tin. Again, I make sure the entire inside of the cake tin is well covered and there are no spots or corners left ungreased. That was time consuming. To grease and line a tin: Take a square of baking paper or a piece of paper used to wrap butter and a knob of butter about 1-2 teaspoons. Cut out a butter paper to the size of the base plate. There are many different ways in which people line their cake tins, and I have 3 main methods which I use interchangeably; the 'grease' method, the 'grease and flour' method and the 'grease proof paper' method.Personally, I use the 'grease and flour' method most of the time as it is the easiest and the least time consuming. Lining a cheesecake tin: Draw around the base of the tin with a pencil on a sheet of greaseproof paper. How to Line a Cake Tin – Easy Techniques to line both round and square cake tins. How to Line, Grease and Dust a Loose Bottomed Cake Pan. Place the tin on top of the paper and draw around the outside. How to Grease & Line a Circular Cake Tin Make sure you grease and line your cake tin to prevent the cake from sticking to the side whilst baking, making it difficult to remove from the tin. And tap it against the kitchen sick or my counter top to remove any excess flour. To safe time, I have a number of these lining parchment paper cut outs ready before hand. To do this, I simply tap the cake tin with my hands. Your email address will not be published. This ensures that the cake doesn’t stick to the sides or bottom of the cake tin and you get a whole cake when the procedure is done properly. I know how to grease the tin but how do you line it and with what?? Your email address will not be published. I then cut it out following the second outline made. Cut rectangular strips of baking paper long enough to go all the way around the inside. I just brush my cake tins with margarine (hydrogenated palm oil) or shortening and pour my cake batter in. Make sure it is a very thin layer. Place the plate inside the ring and apply butter to the entire tin evenly. I picked up this technique from a couple of cake decorating classes I have attended and have been using it since. I place the parchment lining paper into my cake tin and fold the top as shown. Use a pastry brush and brush a small amount of butter or oil around the sides of the tin. Cut inside this line slightly so that it fits neatly into the base of the tin. As you put the side lining in, the cuts should help ease the fit. Cut them so they're wider than the tin depth. When lining the tin line up the crease line with where the base joins the side of the tin. After that, I drop about 1 tablespoon of flour into the cake tin. Method: Using a square of baking paper or paper towel, grease the cake pan with the butter. I have 3 main ways which I use interchangeably; the ‘grease’ method, the ‘grease and flour’ method and the ‘grease proof paper’ method. And after each baking session, if I have to reuse the same cake tin for another cake, all I have to do is place another piece of parchment into the cake tin, grease it lightly and pour my batter in! You can do this with a tape measure or you can simply hold the roll of paper up and pull the paper around the outside of the tin (as if you were going to clumsily wrap the outside). Take the long piece of greaseproof paper and angle it into the cake tin… So I make sure you don’t compromise on the amount. 1) melt about 1 tablespoon of butter and using a pastry brush, coat the inside of the cake tin. Grease the tin’s base and sides with a little butter on greaseproof paper. Flour will stick to the grease adding an extra layer of protection between pan and cake. This is my most preferred  method now. This is the only way my mom uses she bakes cakes. Coating a greased cake pan with a thin dusting of flour creates a barrier between the grease and the cake batter, which prevents the grease from melting and disappearing into the batter as the cake bakes, allowing it to do its job in the end, after the cake is baked. Cut out the shape of the tin along the line. Make sure you grease and line your cake tin to prevent the cake from sticking to the side whilst baking, making it difficult to remove from the tin. If you're using a non-stick tin, line the base with baking/greaseproof paper is about all you need to do. Greasing and dusting a cake pan is very important in baking. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Rub the butter around the sides and base of the tin making sure you get a very thin layer over the surfaces. Twinmum+2 At this stage, the paper on the sides of the cake tin will be overlapping and it is best to let it overlap where the snips were made earlier. Pin. Cut the circle out and place it in the base of the tin. To measure the cake tin base, sit the tin on the paper and use a pencil to draw around it. Personally, I use ‘grease and flour’ most of the time. Add a tbs of flour to the tin and gently tap it so that the flour sticks to the butter. Rockwiz Started Monday at 10:53 AM, © 2020 Nine Digital Pty Ltd Shake it around until the flour is coating the inside of the tin, tipping out the excess. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My DH and sons are doing back burps on the floor. Next, measure the circumference of the tin. bjfmum, May 31, 2008 in Recipes & Cooking Tips. By I normally bake all my cakes on Wednesdays. Use a pastry brush and brush a small amount of butter or oil around the sides of the tin. Knowing how to line a cake tin is a very basic step in cake baking. I do this while turning the tin around so that the flour gets distributed evenly. For a 7 or 8 inch round cake tin, I cut them about 4 to 5 inches apart.

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