Yet, like Hannah, she surrendered him to God to be used for his purposes. But other times, we encounter fear at the thought of our children moving into areas that seem risky-whether geographically or figuratively. We must remember that our timeline may not match theirs and our expectations for how their growth unfolds may differ. And if people in our congregations don’t grow spiritually, that’s a tragedy, too. It’s there already, inside them: we don’t need to force it, we simply need to water it and give it space to grow. It is one we’ve gotten right in certain seasons, and in others we’ve wandered around lost. - Thanksgiving Devotional - Nov. 24. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thank you for your support. While this does include tithing, tell them different ways they can give to God by serving Him. Fold hands together in front of you as if praying. By teaching our children God’s story and how they fit into it, we, as parents, set them on the path toward spiritual growth. It is something their parents do, apart from them. Last year, we discovered that one of Mister’s friends was also a Christian (but quiet about it! Where can your child best find them? Her writing can be found on various sites around the web. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. However, it is by growing in their personal relationship with God that a child’s life will be obviously changed for the better. Truthfully, realizing the value of being part of the body begins young. Here are 4 steps to help your child meet spiritual goals. With my twins (5), we’re reading the Jesus Storybook Bible, one chapter a night, and getting near the end now. Another way children can grow closer to and obey God is by giving. Children need opportunities to catch the vision of the global church. There are also some gorgeous stickers to use when prayers are answered! exhausted parents can boost their spiritual life this coming year, Diary of a Disciple: Peter and Paul’s Story, New Year’s Resolutions for Exhausted Parents, ‘For those whose Child Walked Away from their Faith’. During that hour each week, the moms each choose one of their children as the focus and the whole group prays for the requests. No! Don’t assume children know how to pray. [1] The 7 Laws of the Teacher. Not only have my children interacted with these individuals in the church setting but also outside of it. Mention that as they read the Bible, they can also work on memorizing different verses throughout the Bible. He found a disciple there by the name of Timothy, son of a devout Jewish mother and Greek father. These hand motions are one simple and effective way to accomplish this. Here are ten suggestions – please don’t do all of them! Paul writes, “For this reason, since the day we heard it, we have not ceased praying for you and asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding” (Colossians 1:9). Used by permission. Required fields are marked *. Always expecting them to fall into ours is unrealistic, especially when it comes to the thinking and pondering they are starting to do about their faith. However, we can be thankful for the blessing of investing in those lives gifted to us. So do what you’d like to see them do. Today's topic is encouraging spiritual growth in your child. Each page is undated (huzzah! If a child cannot go to a church, ask the parent if you may invite the child to ride to church with you, or ask if they can go to a weekday Bible program for kids. We must remember that our timeline may not match theirs and our expectations for how their growth unfolds may differ. As children grow, they yearn for purpose. A child has just accepted Jesus as their Savior—this is fantastic news! Whilst there’s a danger in putting someone too young in too responsible a position, there is so much good that comes from allowing small amounts of (overseen) service from a young age. And prayer underpins it all. That process will spur them to take ownership for their own faith walk. You won’t regret it – and neither will your kids! Open praying hands and face palms upward, keeping them together, to symbolize holding a book. As parents, we long to shape our children into the people God created them to be. Move hands out and away from your body as if giving something to someone. This opportunity give moms the opportunity to share their burdens, know their children are covered in prayer. He does not need our money or time, but it is wonderful to get to do good in His name, because we love Him., When Do You Thank God? I use affiliate links in some blog posts. © 2019, All rights reserved. If a child cannot go to a church, ask the parent if you may invite the child to ride to church with you, or ask if they can go to a weekday Bible program for kids. Many churches focus on getting people in the doors and maybe making a salvation decision. Sometimes. I’m not so good at encouraging our kids to pray – so often our prayer time is at bedtime, and I’m rather over-keen to get downstairs for a bit of P&Q, so I tend to rush through a very formulaic prayer myself, rather than spend time inviting God to speak to us, and listening properly to what my children want to pray for.

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