A 30-year KidMin veteran, her insight and influence have shaped the Awana curriculum at all levels. Awana Blog, Free Resource, Leaders, Parents. 12. (Even if you use an iPad or your smart phone to look up Scripture during church—the children need to see an actual Bible while you’re teaching, even though kids are tech-savvy and you could show them that you can find the verses on the Internet.). By around 16 months, your little one will probably be a scribbling pro, creating a gallery's worth of drawings for the refrigerator. 8. Let your child know that you enjoy attending church, reading your Bible and praying. “God won’t like it if you make noise, if you run in the aisle, if you laugh too loudly.” You’re setting your child up to not like God. Prayer is a 24/7 communication with the Lord, of course, but pray at specific times with your young child. Each week you can start the lesson by telling them whether you’ll be teaching from the Old or New Testament and have them find it. Explain the general idea of God, the creation of the world, and the difference between good and evil. When teaching a child a verse, look it up and show them where it is in the Bible. Introduce the bible to preschoolers by teaching them a song about the Bible. Be brief. Talk about God daily in the home or while running errands, showing your children all the marvelous things God has created. Linda is also a frequent speaker, writer, and workshop leader on issues relating to all aspects of children’s ministry. Introduce the Bible to children by telling the children that God “talks” to us in the Bible. They learn about the Bible from you—the adult. When teaching a verse, write it out on a piece of poster board and then add a colorful picture that illustrates it. Prayer is a 24/7 communication with … God loves us so much, He allowed His Son Jesus Christ to die so that we might live. Go on a Bible Treasure Hunt. Even though they can’t read the Bible, they are learning that the words are from the Bible. Write the verse on poster board and include a picture that illustrates the verse. Then read Psalm 119:72 together. Shop early and avoid delays! Teach them Genesis 1:1 and show them how to find it in the Bible. Start by getting yourself a good Children’s Bible – one with lots of colorful pictures. Instead say, “We need to be quiet in the service so we can hear what’s happening up front and other people can hear, too. Remind your children often, I love you so much, and God loves you, too. Introduce the Bible to preschoolers by explaining that the Bible is God’s message to us and that’s why it is so important. Use bedtime to pray with your little ones, and in the morning lead them in thanking God for another day. 9. Focus on the Family offers a number of resources of this kind, including The Illustrated Children’s Bible and The Story for Children. Even though you might not be teaching directly from the Bible (reading the words), always keep it open to the passage you’re teaching from and in sight of the children so they see it. So if you want your kids to understand God, introduce them to Jesus. Our first step is to introduce them to the reality that God is our Father and Christ is our older Brother. You can allow him to look at books or color. Privacy Policy. Usually before you eat and before bedtime are good choices. 15 Ways to Introduce the Bible to Preschoolers, Study Shows How ‘COVID-19 World’ Impacts Bible Engagement…and It’s Not Good, Why This Denomination May Soon ‘be on life support’, Christian Recording Artist Calls Out Non-Mask Wearers After Aunt Dies From COVID-19, Pastor John MacArthur: ‘America Is in a Moral Free-Fall’, Katy Perry Returned to Her Church Roots Performing Hymn ‘As The Deer’ at AMAs. 2. 7 Ways to Engage Kids Who Are Easily Distracted, Attention Grabber Ideas: 3 Ways To FASCINATE Kids, How to Make Mother’s Day Special Even During Quarantine, GRACE: How to Protect Children from Abuse During the Crisis, 20 Powerful Mother’s Day Sermons and Worship Resources, Leading a Child to Christ: Questions, Tips and Pointers to Do It Right, 24 Ways To Expand Your Children’s Ministry Budget, 37 Free Bible-Based Sunday School Lessons for Kids. references. God made sure everything we need to know is in His Word. that he is not allowed to look at any other time, but church.) With online shopping at an all-time high, delivery times are expected to be longer than usual this holiday. Don’t blame God for your own rules. (Don’t make church negotiable – make it be something your family does as regularly as eating or going to the dentist. 6. God sees everything we do (even if Mom and Dad do not). Introduce the Bible to preschoolers by teaching them the books of the Bible through song or repetition. Take your child to an excellent Sunday School, sign him up for Bible camp, AWANA, or a kids’ Bible study (Community Bible Study has a wonderful kids program during the mornings while the moms also have a Bible Study. Instead emphasize that this is God’s Word and needs to be treated in a special way. © 2019 churchleaders.com, All rights reserved. *Say a phrase  (that you want your child to learn) or short verse over and over. God gives us rules or laws, and we must always obey. *Talk about God making the flowers, the bugs, the puppy, the kitten, dad, mom, grandparents, etc. 15. *Read a preschool devotional book to your child before he goes to sleep or at some other specified time during the day. *Talk about God’s love with your child. →, Awana Celebrates 70 Years of Raising Disciples, Focuses New Curriculum on the Church of 2050, 15 Game Ideas for Home and Social Distancing, Simple Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Kids, 17 Free Resources to Use in Your New Year, New Start of Awana, Christmas Shopping Just Got Easier With Products From the Awana Store, how to disciple a child during the pandemic, how to offer Awana Clubs during a pandemic, questions to consider when planning your children's ministry. Church is something your family does – no debate. 14. *Play fun, children’s songs that teach Bible truths. Yes, the child needs to be quiet in the service. A lot of newer songs have also been written. Begin teaching them that there is an Old Testament and New Testament and help them find where the Old Testament stops and the New Testament begins. You might be surprised how quickly a small child begins to join you in saying “amen.”. They both love our children. For instance, write “I will trust and not be afraid—Isaiah 12:2” on the poster board. 5. “Borrow” one of their Bibles to teach your lesson. God loves you. This way the explanation of God ends on a high note and allows the kids to indulge their playful side while learning about a serious subject. Many preschoolers have learned to recite the books before they could read, but do this in a fun way. 7. Not only do they love it when their Bible is chosen, but you are also teaching them that all Bibles are the same and it doesn’t matter which one you use to teach. Use tools such as the Beginner’s Bible App to introduce the Bible. How Do You Teach a Child With Attention Issues? Put a pile of books on the floor (favorite kid books and a Bible) and ask the kids which one of the books is different from the rest. Children receive clues to find the treasure: a Bible. Teach the children a song about God that you feel is suitable for their age group.

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