After a preliminary milling, sticker the stock while you work on the rest of the project to help it acclimate to the shop environment. Use the best that can be obtained; whether it’s solid or plywood. I finished these drawers with a very light coat of sprayed-on satin lacquer, rubbed out and waxed. Features of a First-class Drawer Optimal drawer heights are based on placing a half-pin at the top and bottom of the drawer front. For more on all things dovetails (by both hand and power), read our collection of articles on the topic (just $3.99). What are dual-motion hybrid actuators and where do they excel? Both sides of the jig are used (there will be more about this in Part 2). With several light, careful strokes, the drawers were planed to a tight fit. I use a Woodhaven 7600 jig (see Sources). Assembling and fitting the drawer before installing the drawer bottom allows precise placement of stops glued to the lower rail. In this article, I’ll explain and illustrate how I built a pair of drawers for a small writing desk. Part two will be about using a dovetail router jig, and assembling dovetailed drawers. The drawer fits perfectly! I teach quite a bit and this wall cabinet is probably one of my favorite things to teach. Then she installs the stop pins and applies wax to keep the parts moving smoothly. Browse our collection of hundreds of quality plans including Shaker furniture, Arts and Crafts pieces, beds, diy plans, chairs, workbenches, tool storage, and more. I am looking for some info on techniques to construct - i.e. To make the dovetail smaller, gradually adjust the fence back from the bit. I make my drawer sides, fronts, and backs 1/2″ thick. ” narrower than the opening and leave them about 1″ longer than necessary in case you need to re-cut the dovetails. I forego having a half-pin at the bottom if I’m using undermount drawer slides (see the photo Undermount drawer slides below). I am building a bookcase with base cab that will have inset drawers. Take it easy; making and fitting a drawer will take time and may test your patience. No matter what type of drawers you build, there are several essentials to good drawer making: Good design. Finally, adjust the base and arm to position the router bit where you want the cut, then tighten the wing nut. Thin drawer sides might not be thick enough to support the drawer bottom, which is commonly held in place with a groove cut into the sides. Now the opening can be adjusted more precisely. here are just a few things my partner at Philadelphia Furniture Workshops, Alan Turner, and I don’t see eye-to-eye on. Drawer faces are attached with screws. If the saw drifts a little, that’s OK – as long as the kerf is narrow, clean and straight. For the drawer fronts select clean, well-behaved material – something mild and easy to plane. I'm sure this happens to you too. This eliminates all concentricity issues related to a misaligned router base. Basic skills on machines and with hand tools will produce crisp, clean work. Drawers bestow even the finest hand-crafted furniture with a utilitarian character by arranging, storing and providing access to objects. Forum Responses We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. – Simple Woodworking Projects. WTWH Media LLC and its licensors. But with the drawer resting on the frame, there was no reveal/gap along the bottom. I was rifling through my desk drawer trying to find a key, when the drawer spilled for the third time that…. you can make the tail the same width as the thickness of the stock you cut it in. UNLIMITED membership - Get access to it all. Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking USB, From the Editor: Publishing during a pandemic, Save 56% off the magazine newsstand price. I’ll show you what I have learned over my many years of making dovetail drawers. Attach them to the drawer fronts with low profile washer head screws through 5/16″ dia. Issue #174. If the joint is loose, raise the bit. Detailed information about the school’s classes is available online at Then, as you approach your drawer-making, take the boards down to their finished thickness. I suggest making the width of your drawers 1/8″ narrower than the drawer opening in your cabinet.

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