Peel 1 pound (453 g) of onions … Be thanked for this (and for all your work too). , Hi Anna! Unfortunately homemade curry will NOT duplicate the S&B curry. However, we recommend making extra as everyone prefers different consistency for a curry. The flour and butter in the roux make the liquid thicker as you cook/reduce the soup a little bit. No more boxed stuff for us. Hi Mel! Let me know how it goes! I tried to make the curry roux using your recipe to be served with some brown lentils. Do you think coconut oil would work as a sub for butter, or do you have any other suggestions? Hi Suzan! . Those factory made roux has no choice but to include them first, but it’s processed… Hope that helps! Thanks so much. An observation and a question. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. I love all the other recipes on this website, but this one was a hard core miss. To serve with meat, cook the meat first separately, then simmer for 5 to 10 minutes in the sauce before serving over rice or with bread. Hi Darren! xo. Hope that helps? Thank you, Hi Vonny! And in India, curries come in every color and variety under the sun. Two more things: Do you use english curry mix or indian curry mix? Were the cooked lentils dry? Is it possible to store the roux for any length of time, so it could be used in a later time – 1 month, etc.? Having read the reviews, I also opted to add some sugar to mine because I prefer a sweeter curry. I will only need to buy the masala but that’s only 80p in the shop. Hi Lili! First time trying curry. The recipe says to stir the roux (butter and flour) for 20-30 minutes. Mix green curry paste with coconut milk to tamper its spiciness. I keep it simple so that when I make different curry, I’m more flexible with seasonings based on what I use. I’ve checked Korean products….there doesn’t seem to be the same prevalent use of MSG. Hello, my son has food allergy so I can only find salted vegan butter vs unsalted. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Hmmm it will lack some flavor as typical garam masala includes black and white peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, black and green cardamom pods, bay leaf, and caraway. Hope you can find them. Thai peppers are best, but you can use any to you choice – cayenne or red serrano are good substitutes, woody parts removed (or use 1 tablespoon lemongrass paste), 4 small spicy red peppers chopped (Thai peppers are best, but you can use any to you choice – cayenne or red serrano are good substitutes), 1 tablespoon galangal, chopped (or use ginger, or both), 1 stalk lemongrass trimmed, woody parts removed (or use 1 tablespoon lemongrass paste), 1 tablespoon chili powder (or more as desired for spicier). I’ve never made it with rice flour before. Thank you. I’ll try it! Thank you for trying this recipe and leaving a kind feedback! I’m not too sure where (which country) Irina is from – but thank you for sharing your tip! I apologize for my late response (due to the traveling and flu I have). I’ll try it and see how it goes , Hi Clo! Thanks so much for the feedback! , Hi!! Depending on the “low heat”, time may vary, but I do spend 20 minutes on low heat to slowly cook the roux. What do you want to substitute all-purpose flour with? Garam Masala contains a lot of spices, so I like using it (but maybe just me). I am so excited to try this and add it to our meal planning weekly. Hope you enjoy the recipe! Try it again? Simple Chicken Curry recipe requires 4 cups of liquid, and this roux is for 4 cups. they told me they taste a bit like garam masala. You will need about 4 cups to use all the roux. Happy to know that making extra is a good idea for a quick curry! I stirred in about 2 1/2 c water, used an immersion blender to blend it smooth, then whisked in the yogurt. Thank you so much for your recipe and step-by-step instructions! I used to use Japanese S&B curry powder (you can get in Japanese grocery store or Amazon: Curry powder or garam masala is 6 grams for 1 Tbsp and it’s correct. Freeze the curry sauce for up to two months or place it in the fridge to use within three or four days. I didn't add any salt to the sauce, but I served the meal with the salt shaker so everyone could salt to taste. My challenge is finding the right curry powder and Garam masala. Thank you for uploading this recipe. I’m really glad you enjoyed it too. So that means you will need at least double amount. That is not to denigrate your efforts to make Japanese cooking accessible to all. Thanks so much for your recipes! , Hi Nami, your recipe for Japanese Curry Beef says 1 box of curry roux( 200-240 grms). Hi Naomi! It “could” be, if you’re eating more food that contains MSG and used to it. . How would you make a gluten free curry roux? Sorry I don’t have the spice blend recipe. It’s hard to re-create the boxed roux flavor and texture without MSG and all the stuff listed in the ingredient list. Followed the recipe exactly, but it turned out a little soupy anyway.. is there a way to thicken it after its made??? So many different ones. I would love to know if you can or know anyone who can make COCO ICHIBANYA style curry. However, instead of following the recipe of the box, you can adapt and make your own curry just like how I do in Chicken or Beef curry. 3 Tbsp of pebbles are much heavier than butter or flour. . These days, curry has become an international dish that is served up in numerous ways. We LOVE Japanese foods and are actually finding more and more MSG free or MSG not added foods in the Asain markets but prefer to make things from scratch as much as possible. . I’m from India and we don’t have anything specific called curry powder. Thanks for all of your recipes. Hope your favorite food doesn’t include MSG. Thank you! Even-though some store have, but it far from my house. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. I love your site and just tried the roux for the first time, planning to use it in the next days! Didn’t have as much curry taste as I’d prefer. Please send my best regards to your mom too. . We had to add quite a bit of salt. Therefore, it’s impossible to make it just like S&B curry roux. Hi Gary! . We hope you enjoy homemade curry.. I think the box says sugar and caramel.

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