Start pressing the sausage stuffer and the sausage will come out. What I like to do is combine 1 part of pork shoulder and 1 part of pork belly together. I’m definitely bookmarking this post! Learn how to make Chinese sausages at home with two types of flavors, spicy mala sausages and sweet Chinese sausage (lop Cheung). ( Log Out /  The final product looks a little bit darker than the ones you buy from the store, that is because I used the nature red yeast powder for color instead of food coloring. Lap-Cheong made at home!! – Pour the sauce into the meat. , Wow, wow, wow! I had a uncle who use to make Italian sausage on the roof of his house in Brooklyn in the Summer time. OMG, those sausages look fantastic! . I am all for added umami flavour and I am always so impressed by your dried meats posts. . Keep doing it until you reach the end. We are not using ground meat making sausage so the pinch and twist method won’t work here. Fresh Homemade Chinese Sausage: Ready to Hung to Air Dry Cured. Make sure you don’t have sharp nails or else you might cut the casing by accident. May I know where to get the lap cheong (probably the shop name or address?). (, This simple Steamed Lap Cheong recipe is actually based on the friendly advice of our favorite wet market seller of preserved meats. In a large bowl … Thank you so much for sharing…. Homemade Lap Cheong or Lap Chong Dried Chinese Sausage Recipe. what cant you make. wuihhhhh…ngilerrrrrr omm…duh seandainya mas dedy main-main ke lombok. These sausages look amazing!! Required fields are marked *. Actually visually Chinese sausages look like many good European sausages (and moreover, they are smoked! Chinese sausage is one of my husbands favourite guilty treats. You want to do this evenly. Method. It doesn’t affect the taste at all. This looks great, not something I would be brave enough to attempt myself! Oh, I can’t believe it. I eat a few slices… So good! But don’t really bother about it, infact a single portion of spinach or celery contain more nitrosamines than you can imagine.How to made sausage without fancy  sausage maker is another question, eversince i din’t really want to investing pretty much $$$ for it, which mean i have to do is manually. Clean hand fingers or even chopstick is much more effective and fungtional for plug the sausage stuffing, just made sure you’re wearing a sterile gloves and sterilized chopstick otherwise it’s gonna be a mess. Do not skip the alcohol because it has many purposes in this recipe. ?點這裡免費訂閱肥丁 YouTube 頻道 1. Steamed Lap Cheong Rice, or 蒸臘腸飯, is the perfect cold weather comfort two-in-one dish! It is so indescribably good – I think it’s the lovely sweetness. Love eating them but lazy to make. – Cut all the pork into thick strips first. looks like very delicious, yummy! We are on Pinterest & Facebook. Hi dedy, wow…. It’s also a great pantry meal for when you’ve run out of food (#quarantinecooking). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Waw!! Chinese sausages are our favorite New Year food and it is always satisfying to have some in the kitchen cabinet. Keep doing it until you reach the end. Thumbs up! Your made your own Chinese lap cheong? I’d love to try making them for him one day…. There are many types of sausages across China. – You can use pork belly, pork shoulder, pork butt. Follow our social accounts using the buttons below: BestRecipeFinder is a selection of the best recipes you can find on the internet. This stall is also where we also get the main ingredients for our. Love them in stir-fried noodles. Eversince i start making charcuterie or dry aging meat, i was curious about homemade air dry curing sausage. For unnecessary photography, i’m using spoon to plug the stuffing. Homemade Chinese Sausage Cantonese Lap Cheong Recipe [广式腊肠] -Cooking admin October 1, 2018 Recipes Leave a comment 379 Views Cantonese sausage is very popular in the southern Chinese provinces such as Guangdong, Fujian, and Hong Kong. Powered by. Grind the fat in food … But, a word of warning, don't expect friendly food advice right away. So how much are you selling for? You can easily cook them along with a pot of rice or use them in fried rice. The best fat for dry curing is solid back fat because the soft fat like in the soft tissues is really easily rancid and turn into off smells and flavour. They look appetizing! What a great post Dedy! – The reason I don’t use ground pork is that it does make a big difference. wow! I’m fascinated because I grew up enjoying Chinese sausage in clay pot rice, etc. You don’t want to use completely lean meat because the sausage will dry out as the day goes by. Lap cheong is eaten hot or cold but always cooked in a wok. To keep the homemade lap cheong in fridge or freezer. Wow! Thanks for sharing and you have a great week ahead . These sausages look as perfect as from a good butcher’s! I have filled sausages once…what an experience. Also, the store-bought sausage contains much more fat. (Optional: cook some vegetables while … Dedy, all of your posts are amazing to me, but this one is just superb. So impressive! Halo, bisa tlg dijelaskan dalam bahasa Indonesia bagian ” bakteri botulinum” nya..mengenai bahaya2nya, soalnya takut salah nangkep kalo bhs Inggris..xP , trus apakah ada metode lain selain air dry. I really salute you for making these sausages. – Take one casing. So then i using my old school meat mincer knive and properly clean wood cutting board to diced the pork meat and a regular knive to diced the back fat. Also, you want to use the alcohol that doesn’t have that much flavor so it doesn’t affect the final taste. Stir-fried Gai Lan with Fish Cake and Lap Cheong Ang Sarap. Chinese sausage or lap cheong or la chang usually traditionally hung unpackaged in the  street market or wet markets in China town market anywhere nearby your place. Nice umami with distict anise smells comes out of it and the taste just perfect for my licking; fatty, savoury and sweet. Such an ‘old world’ talent that not too many people practice these days! This shop only sells dried meats and seafoods and always provides excellent stuff!

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