Add a glob of peanut butter to one crustless slice, and a glob of jam or jelly to the other slice. My kids LOVE Uncrustables sandwiches — and I have to admit I do appreciate the convenience of them. Place cutter on top of sandwich and press down firmly (make sure crust is completely cut away). Get yourself a Sandwich Sealer. Stack two pieces of bread and press the outer round down to cut rounds. So I set out to figure out how to make homemade Uncrustables … Remove crust while cutter … Place sandwiches in a sealed bag (make sure to get … Place the two crustless slices together and then grab a small plastic cutting board and press each edge of the sandwich together. Using the cutter, press it into the center of each sandwich and remove the outer crust. Lay out two pieces of bread. Seal the sandwiches by pressing down along the edges with a fork, all the way around. If the bread is at all dry, warm it briefly. Place both pieces of bread … Put the round back around the bread, then press down with the smaller insert to crimp the edges. Press the sandwich cutter in the center of the bread firmly. Spread jam on top of peanut butter on both pieces of bread, or place small rounded dollup of jam in the center of one piece. Place the peanut butter only slice on top of the peanut butter and jelly slice (peanut butter side down). To freeze, lay the uncrustables out on a large baking sheet & place in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Apply jelly to the middle of one slice. Spread the PB&J on the bread, but not all the way to edge. Trim off the crusts (thus the term "crustless"). How to Make DIY Uncrustable Freezer Sandwiches Spread the peanut butter and jelly on the bread. Here’s a look at how to make these kids sandwiches using this handy tool. Mix them together with just enough olive oil to coat and some spices to taste (we like Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and salt). You can serve them as is – or you can put the into the freezer for easy lunches. How to Make Uncrustables with a Sandwich Sealer. Homemade Uncrustables Sandwiches. Spread the peanut butter onto 4 slices of bread, keeping the peanut butter in the center. Chop the bread crusts into little cubes. Spread peanut butter or other nut butter onto one side of both pieces of bread. Top each jelly centered piece of bread with a peanut butter covered one. Add your fillings. Place onto a baking sheet and repeat with remaining sandwiches Transfer to a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees F until golden brown, about 15 – 18 minutes. Spread the jelly in the center of the remaining 4 slices and assemble the sandwiches. But at around $3.19 for a box of four, I definitely do not appreciate the price….

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