Can't Miss: [3 Ways] How to Split Video into Frames, Parts, etc. Want to export smaller video files without losing the quality? If you wish to reduce the file size, you can manually select the resolution, bit rate, and quality as you see fit. Yet, which video codec is the best for you to compress 1080p HD or 4K/8K UHD videos while keeping the original quality? Click "Import Media Files Here" to load the video you wish to compress into the media library. The tool supports all popular video formats. See how you can save up to 60%. It is possible to reduce video size online without having to download any additional software. Lastly, tap on the ‘Compress‘ button to start the video reducing process. Split, cut, crop or trim a large video to multiple video files within few simple clicks. The program can support more than 500 formats, including popular ones like 3GP, MKV, WMV, AVI, and MP4. To ensure that your video files remain safe, VideoSmaller deletes the videos automatically after a few hours. Then pay attention to the parameter adjustment zone, where you can freely tweak video dimensions, quality, frame rate, etc. All the processed files come out with a watermark. 2K 1440p: 20Mbps for standard frame rate; 30Mbps for high frame rate. If you want to reduce video size online, you will have to change any parameters like the frame rate, video codec, video bitrate, video resolution, or even have to cut down some unwanted parts. You can also choose the video resolution and quality of the video manually. So, if you want to make the video size smaller, you can lower the video's parameters, like resolution, frame rate and bit rate, reach the goal. How do you reduce video size online with the help of Wondershare UniConverter? - The most important factor of a video is the bitrate that determines how much information is transmitted every second and it is measured in Mbps. with 98% quality reserved (High Quality Engine) at 5-8X faster speed than Handbrake. The tool can reduce the size of formats like MKV, FLV, MP4, etc. An Internet connection is needed to use the program. You can compress and convert videos in more than 1,000 different formats without losing out the quality. Of course, there is also a downside in HEVC. Contact Our Support Team to Get Quick Solution >. The tool support local as well as online videos. In the first place, let's try compressing your video without losing quality using VLC and Handbrake. Any Video Converter is a very popular tool available for Mac and Windows systems that will help you reduce video size online. Here Are the Best Fixes, How to Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive Free and Easily, How to Move Photos from iCloud to Google photos? From the test data, it's clear to see that HEVC (H265) does an amazing job in video compression with 55% compression ratio to reduce H264 size from 1.22GB to 565MB while keeping the untouched quality. So, please check the video quality before saving the changes permanently. Apart from playing different types of media files, QuickTime also doubles up as a decent video editing software. This best URL to MP4 converter program can be downloaded for your computer browser without having to download any software or go through a registration process. – Find Out the Best Solution, How to Solve iPhone WiFi Not Working Issue With Ease, How to Resolve iPhone Keeps Turning On And Off. Switch the bitrate encoding to “VBR, 2 pass.” Set the target and maximum bitrates to 2 and 5. You can reduce video size online by changing the parameters of the file. what are the best software in different categories. Want to export smaller video files without losing the quality? You cannot upload videos larger than 500-MB. The software can be used for multiple platforms. 2K 1440p: 16Mbps for standard frame rate; 24Mbps for high frame rate. That is time consuming in HEVC video encoding using Handbrake (Intel QSV hardware decoding enabled), which might discourage lots of users from using Handbrake to compress H264 to H265. This tool is packed with a lot of features (more than 1,000) and can easily reduce the size of a video without losing out on quality. With it, you're not only allowed to trim, split or cut video, change video format, parameters as you like, but also enabled to edit the video and make it looks awesome. If you are using After Effects, go to Composition > Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue. Tap "Start Encode" button and this free video compressor will begin to compress MP4 (H264) to H265 (x265) video at Intel QSV hardware accelerated speed (enable it from "Preferences"). The tool can be used to process, compress, and convert multiple videos at once, To download YouTube playlists and videos, you can do so by simply pasting the URLs. And to use Handbrake for video compression with minimal quality loss, you're highly advised to use the first method: remove unnecessary redundant data.

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