Scissors. Store-bought versions of the trend can be appealing, but a more authentic and personal take … 2. Pair your ripped jeans with a beaded bag or an all-white ensemble to really stand out. Some styles feature frayed knees and pockets, while jeans with a torn hem create a classic carefree look. How to Distress & Rip Jeans. Directions. Watch the video from Levi's® to learn more. Another way is to cut the jeans in parallel lines. Pumice stone/sandpaper. Follow these easy steps from Levi's® to learn the art of distressing—whether you prefer a little or a lot. Run them through a gentle wash cycle in your washing machine to clean them up before wearing them. See more ideas about Jeans diy, Diy ripped jeans, Diy fashion. How to rip your jeans. Spread the jean on a flat surface. Despite being a trend since the 80s, ripped jeans are experiencing a resurgence among the fashion crowd and are a favourite when it comes to dressing in denim. Decide on what type of cut you want (decent, ratchet etc.) Measure out the area you want to rip… 3. If you want to learn more about sewing this is a 5 part series where I teach you the most basic clothing alterations coming from a professional seamstress. Run your jeans through the washing machine. Jun 1, 2018 - Explore Aisha Alkandari's board "How to rip your jeans" on Pinterest. You’ll Need; Light wash jeans. So you see ripping your jeans is really-really simple if you know how to work on it. Ideally, look for a pair of blue jeans that are a good mixture of blue and white on the inside—if they’re mainly white, then your rips may look stringy rather than frayed. Then with the help of tweezers pull out the threads that are vertical. Shop Men's Jeans. A ruler. Ripped jeans are a fashion trend that continues to resurface year after year. Before we jump into this tutorial. It’s best to rip jeans that are not too stretchy or have elastane in them, as the fibres tend to be more delicate and can fall apart, leaving you with a big hole. After you rip your jeggings, there will be a lot of loose tufts of fabric collected on the jeans where you ripped them. So get started. Choosing the perfect pair of jeans is notoriously difficult, but when you have to decide on the style of rips and tears you want too, the task becomes a little harder. Hope you enjoyed this post on 3 ways to rip your old jeans. Before you know it, you have your own pair of ripped jeans. Yes you can rip your jeans, and they’ll still look nice. Want to give your jeans a worn-in look in a matter of minutes? This isn’t just for jeans if you ripped your favorite dress pants or made a hole in your dress give this tutorial a try. 1.

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