But do not forget to study subjects like Hindi, English etc. Answer for your second comment: there is only one formula that is practice. The root cause for all your problems is the improper understanding of the topics. I will give you the tips in my points below, how to prepare for board exams in the last 3 months. Hello, Sir. than 90% in class 12 from PCM stream 6. Prioritize the questions on your test. I am obliged. what can I do to score good marks in objectives? Just wanted to know from you guys that which reference books will be the best to study and rely on throughout the year. Will evaluation process harm your percentage? Thanks to your tips above, my routine will be on point. Sir, I was a topper in tenth with centum in social science, math and a very high percentile in English. Hello Karan, to increase your memory power, you have to study regularly. You said that ncert books are the best books to score good in class 12th boards. Thinking like this will make you even more positive and you will perform double for sure! Do not worry about the deep details of theses chapters you can get enough by doing this. But you don’t have to worry about your 2 months because you have invested them somewhere so it’s okay whatever you did. Our team is working on, to provide detailed schedule and strategy on how to finish 12th syllabus in 6 Months and then how to prepare for JEE. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. And also solve latest sample papers provided by cbse. Hello Shreoshi, How about making homework your self-study. Sir, Can u help me to make a proper time table for everyday studying which will revise all the topic. This article has been viewed 120,338 times. And also technique to study effectively. All the best!!! Hello Divanshu, Thank you for such positive words and all the very best for your new session of 12th. what should I do sir? 14 Oct 1066 (the Battle of Hastings) can become a locker combination: 14-10-66. 12) Generally, in maths paper, speed matter a lot, solve question step-by-step with speed. if ($.browser.msie && window.XDomainRequest) { Myself parent of Aditya, he very frustrate about his marks in 7th 8th 9th 10th. Give sufficient time to each subject and practice regularly. Thanks, Hello Gamma, pls help me how to complete the whole syllabus? Hello sir, } This was really useful! Hello sir, i scored 10 CGPA in my 10th boards. It’s really hard for me to leave coding.I just wanna know that can I hope for a better future with all this, or should I just leave coding and focus entirely on school stuff. If you have any doubt you can ask here. So please tell when my revision period should start off. I’m trying hard for it,, But lack confidence. To learn easy. All the best! function CorsAjax() { what should i do? This will test a student for Visualizing three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings, visualizing different sides of three-dimensional objects and also analytical reasoning and mental ability. In chemistry i cannot memorize the structures and monomers of different polymers. You should be alert during exam hall about your small conceptual mistakes which deduct your 1 or 2 numbers. I have just entered class 12 . Hello Vansh, you cannot increase your concentration level without effort and dedication. You must study from NCERT book and by this I mean go thoroughly with the chapters and make your own notes too. Thank you. Some experts recommend spending three hours studying for every one hour of class time. Good Luck! You should try to implement the tips that are mentioned in the above article. Hi Himanshu, If you're engaged, you'll pay better attention. All best for the future. 2) I face problem is studying in the morning. You don't. Keep only one thing in your mind that you have to defeat your past at any cost. If you want to learn more about what to do the night before and morning of the exam, keep reading the article! Don’t get dishearten that you are not scoring good marks just keep on doing the hard work and be dedicated towards your studies. And confusion comes with lack of knowledge so you need to understand the fundamental or basic concepts of physics.

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