Connecting to your router’s Wi-Fi network. Then, contact an authorized service center. Manually clear your browser’s cache (for example, open your browser and choose Internet Options > General > Browsing history > Delete.) Avoid magnetic fields. 3. Thus, the descriptions herein may not exactly match the product or its accessories which you purchase. – Restart the router. Kun kytket Yölliset päivitykset (Auto update) laitteen asetuksista päälle,varmistat että kaikki saatavilla olevat päivitykset asentuvat laitteellesi itsekseen yöaikaan. – If your power adapter has been exposed to water, other liquids, or excessive moisture, take it to an authorized service center for inspection. These substances may cause damage to parts or present a fire hazard. –Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Takuutodistuksen löydät OmaElisasta. ALL CONTENTS OF THIS MANUAL ARE PROVIDED “AS IS”. a. I’ve also tried another Huawei b525 router as I’ve two exactly the same and both unlocked. – The device and its accessories are not intended for use by children. The te 1. – Follow rules and regulations set forth by hospitals and health care facilities. Network status indicator c. Wi-Fi®/WPS indicator d. LAN/WAN indicator e. Signal strength indicator f. Power input g. LAN/WAN port h. External antenna sockets i. USB port j. Landline phone port k. Reset button l. micro-SIM card slot m. WPS button n. […] Do not use your device if using the device is prohibited. – Before connecting and disconnecting cables, stop using the device and disconnect it from the power supply. j. Landline phone port – The device should be installed and operated with a minimum distance of 20 cm between the radiator and your body. Klikkaa apu tästä! The following indicators will turn on when the router has successfully connected to a network. Network status indicator Do not enclose or cover your device with towels or other objects. Power indicator b. 4. Make sure you have a working micro-SIM card and ensure that it is inserted properly. Kun päivitys on valmis, reitittimesi käynnistyy uudelleen. ​Salasana on oletuksena admin tai reitittimen langattoman verkon (WLAN/ WiFi) salasana. These environments may interfere with proper function and may lead to fire or explosion. Features Balong 5000 multi-mode chipset, dual-band Wi-Fi antenna, up to 2.3 Gbps of wireless download speeds. Press and hold the WPS button on the router for two to five seconds to set up a 2.4 GHz WPS connection, or press and hold the WPS button on the router for more than five seconds to set up a 5 GHz WPS connection. 1. It is the responsibility of the user to dispose of the equipment using a designated collection point or service for separate recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries according to local laws. Product Overview a. Hi I am trying to configure usb on router for external hard drive. Säästä vaivaa ja kilauta Elisan Omaguru-asiantuntijalle. – Keep the device in a place with good reception. Using your device in these environments increases the risk of explosion or fire. -Turn off the router and unplug the power adapter before installing any external antennas. Paikallishallinnan kirjautumisosoitteen ja salasanan löydät myös laitteen pohjasta tuotetarrasta. Kun salasana on vaihdettu, yhteys reitittimen Wi-Fi-verkkoon täytyy muodostaa uudelleen. Päivitys vie yhteensä aikaa noin 5-10 minuuttia. You can install external antennas to improve signal reception. The crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol on your product, battery, literature or packaging reminds you that all electronic products and batteries must be taken to separate waste collection points at the end of their working lives; they must not be disposed of in the normal waste stream with household garbage. To reduce the risk of accidents, do not use your wireless device while driving. Reduction of hazardous substances How do i do this . Accessing the Internet through an Ethernet port Ensure that your computer is connected to the router through an  thernet cable or Wi-Fi. For the product information displayed on the manufacturers’ freely accessible websites required by (EU) No 801/2013, please visit Cleaning and maintenance More information can be found in the help section of the web-based management page. Answer machine is turned off, although tried with it on also? Or visit: Huawei 5G CPE Pro About us, founded in 2002, is one of the biggest Global Network Hardware Supplier. – Do not place magnetic stripe cards, such as credit cards and phone cards, near the device for extended periods of time. Kirjautuminen paikallishallintaan tapahtuu osoitteessa Salasana on oletuksena admin tai â€‹reitittimen langattoman verkon (WLAN/ WiFi) salasana. Suosittelemme, että otat Yölliset päivitykset käyttöön, jotta laitteen päivittäminen käy mahdollisimman helposti. HUAWEI 5G CPE PRO 2 (01) PDF MANUAL. Klikkaa auki kohta Päivitykset (Updates). Frequency Bands and Power Resetoiminen on suositeltavaa tehdä myös aina ohjelmistopäivitysten jälkeen, jos laitteen toimivuudessa esiintyy ongelmia. – Do not place the device over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area in a motor vehicle. Keep away from children. Päivityksen asentaminen vie noin 5-10 minuuttia. under sharing there is samba sharing and dlna. Kun Wi-Fi-merkkivalo palaa tasaisesti, Wi-Fi on käytössä. If the problem persists, please contact your network service provider. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL HUAWEI BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR LOSS OF PROFITS, BUSINESS, REVENUE, DATA, GOODWILL SAVINGS OR ANTICIPATED SAVINGS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH LOSSES ARE FORSEEABLE OR NOT. 1. If it is damaged, take it to an authorized service center for inspection. Restrictions in the 5 GHz band: EXCEPT AS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAWS, NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE MADE IN RELATION TO THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY OR CONTENTS OF THIS MANUAL. Statement Katso tarkempi ohje miten yhdistät langattomaan verkkoon >. 4. Etkö löytänyt etsimääsi ohjetta? Teräväkärkistä kynää voi myös käyttää, mutta huomaa, että monesti kynänkärki on liian lyhyt ja/tai paksu eikä se tällöin mahdu painamaan reset-painiketta reset-aukossa pohjaan asti, jolloin laite ei resetoidu. – Wireless devices may interfere with the airplane’s flight system. – Refer to the help section on the web-based management page. The landline phone connected can call out but does not receive any calls. FCC Regulatory Compliance 4. 3. – Do not allow children or pets to bite or suck the device or accessories. m. WPS button Päivitys ei vaadi sinulta toimenpiteitä. Why is the  indicator red after I have finished configuring the router? This section contains important information about the operation of your device. – Unplug the power adapter from electrical outlets and the device when not in use. According to Article 10 (10) of Directive 2014/53/EU, the packaging shows that this radio equipment will be subject to some restrictions when placed on the market in Belgium (BE), Bulgaria (BG), the Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Germany (DE), Estonia (EE), Ireland (IE), Greece (EL), Spain (ES), France (FR), Croatia (HR), Italy (IT), Cyprus (CY), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Hungary (HU), Malta (MT), Netherlands (NL), Austria (AT), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Slovenia (SI), Slovakia (SK), Finland (FI), Sweden (SE), the United Kingdom (UK), Turkey (TR), Norway (NO), Switzerland (CH), Iceland (IS), and Liechtenstein (LI).

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