It essentially has 4 landmarks that exist in Yharnambut with different variations: 1. It's highly advisable that you equip as much frenzy resistance as you can, if you haven't already, because it's time to face the source of that orange light once and for all. Watch Queue Queue. I WALKED up behind the third one slowly, it STILL TURNED! They should separate, allowing you to lure them out one at a time. Many parts of the Ward have been replaced with smooth rock faces, and is full of even stronger versions of normal enemies. Watch Queue Queue Once they're gone, continue up the stairs, being careful of the third Shadow waiting to throw fireballs at you from above. From there, you can find your way back to the shortcut back to the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp and return to where you fought Micolash to continue on. Any lamps that you light in this area will throw you back to the Hunter’s Dream. Once they're both down, pick up the Tampering Damp Blood Gem(5) next to the second, then head into the building at the end of the bridge. Bloodborne™ Hunters Nightmare First lamp Shortcut - YouTube Lamps: Lamps serve as mean to transport back into dream world, Hunter's Dream. Head along it, and continue past the doorway to your left to find a chest with an Inflicted Organ in it. Lady Maria is the very next boss if you open that door. The corridor to your left only leads back to the start of the bridge, so steel your nerves and get ready to go through the door and face your worst nightmares... BOSS FIGHT: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. He is easily parried so bait his attacks and do massive damage. Lamps in Bloodborne are checkpoints that allow for the Hunter to respawn there upon death. It seems as though they are guarding the second Chief Attendant of this area. Stay clear of the huge axe, dodge the chain and make sure to time your parries just right. In the next room, head to the left before going down to find a chest containing 2x Yellow Backbones. You'll find the lamp tucked behind a ruined wall. Go there, and you can just quickly pass by everyone by going forward instead of the route we went since we opened the short cut. Once she is down, carefully move forward and grab the Madman's Knowledge on the body to the left, behind a cage. Wait. "This lamp now transports you back to the Hunter's Dream. Remember the cathedral we passed where monsters were fighting which would normally be the Grand Cathedral? In this balcony area, you should find another set of stairs leading down into a flooded passage. Killing it will reward you with Living String, a ritual material necessary for the Great Pthumeru Ithyll Chalice Ritual, but leaving will not have any punishments. At the top of the rise the area opens up and splits into two side paths; ahead of you is a large castle. Remember the cathedral we passed where monsters were fighting which would normally be the Grand Cathedral? To the right you'll spot some truly bizarre enemies - crows with the heads of dogs, and dogs with the heads crows; when fighting them it's best to remember that the head determines the attack, while the body determines the movement. There are four spiders in here. need help a this part, im at the first lantern and get get trough that part, Tempering blood gemstone(5) was not there, instead there was an Arcane damp blood gem(5), Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, The Brain of Mensis produces a passive effect, causing the player to generate, Left from the main lamp, you will run into three separate, A slightly easier method is to simply run to the right first, where you can draw the two. Back in the room you encountered Mergo's Attendants for the first time, take the big opening straight ahead of the stairs. Once she is down, sneak up on the stationary one and kill her as you did the first one. Kill her to prevent her from spawning invaders, and pick up the Kin Coldblood(10). Let me know, password is above. You'll find the lamp  tucked behind a ruined wall. Once you've killed it, carry on to the middle of the bridge and make sure to look to your right as you near the building at the end to spot a Kin Coldblood (11). There are several more Attendants blocking your path. Once you're ready, head through the big door, enter the lift, and get ready to fight the final boss of Nightmare of Mensis. Follow it, and you'll find a Scurrying Beast holding 3x Blood Stone Chunks (along with a spectacular view of the full moon). You'll see curious little armoured enemies wandering around, down the stairs; these are Mergo's Attendants which unlike almost every enemy you've faced in this game, are largely ambivalent towards you. I wonder if insight or armor affects their behavior. Roll into it (don't go too early, or you'll splatter yourself on the ground below) and you'll find yourself in a secret passage. Hop inside the buttoned cage, and drop down below to activate another shortcut to the 2nd lamp from earlier. Then there's this place. NOTE: The Boars' charge attack deals massive damage to all characters in its path, and can be used strategically to dispatch other enemies. 1 Description 2 Connections 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery The Nightmare Church is a small church that appears to serve as a checkpoint to the boss fight that lies ahead of the area. These are different to the Nightmare Apostles that you encountered earlier in the level, in that they have an AOE attack they can use if you don't kill them quickly enough, and they have human heads. Complicating things even further is the Large Nightmare Apostle in the center of the room, whose attacks have a tremendous range. Opposite the body you'll find a small hole in the wall which will take you back to the bridge where you fought the hunter, way back at the start of the level. If you got the Blood Rock you'll be in the right place, in the area where you first encountered the Mergo's Attendants. Fortunately, however, it can't get through either of the two doors leading out of the room, and if you head back the way you came, the normal ones might get stuck trying to follow you as well. Take note of the windows on the left - if you remain in the open a light will shine from within the castle causing you to build up Frenzy and dealing damage. Go there, and you can just quickly pass by everyone by going forward instead of the route we went since we opened the short cut. They also spew out two Parasite Larvae upon dying, though this can be countered by killing them with fire or a visceral attack. If ur having trouble read the guide were the bell maidens are first make a b line to them and cut the pvp out :) and wen u die thay wont respawn and you can enjoy the lvl without interuption, Nightmare of bull**** is more like it. The narrow path to the left leads to a body with a pair of Blood Stone Chunks on it, the lower path leads to a dead end, and the path up the stairs takes you where you want to go next.

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