The second part would be mission-specific suppressors, and Super Vel has developed two models. The original company was formed in 1963 by Lee Jurras, a pioneer in the development of light, copper-jacketed, hollow-point ammunition propelled at very high velocities. The Navy classified the new load as the Mk 144 Mod 0. It’s very unobtrusive, robust and easy to use. The ammunition also had to be waterproof. – Everyone needs Moore ammo! I was fortunate to spend an informal range day with Brad Gilpin, the president of the Hush Puppy Project. Out of my Nighthawk Custom Carry’s 3.8-inch barrel, the load averaged 1,456 fps. So Hopkins partnered with gunsmith Claudio Salassa from Briley Manufacturing, and the solution was to install the SLD on the left side of the frame. When placed in the up position, the SLD interfaces with a cutout in the slide, locking it in place. The Mid-Level Model also comes with a TangoDown / Vickers Tactical trigger and a Ghost 3.5 lb. Hard Charger or Why Even Bother. The Glock SLD, while not as low profile as the M&P9 version, does not interfere with most holsters or change the manual of arms. Hush Puppy Project offers a Mid-Level Model of the Glock 19 (Gen 5) that comes with a stainless steel Briley match barrel for increased accuracy. This prevents the slide from reciprocating, eliminating the mechanical sound of the gun's self-loading cycle. The sound reduction with both models can be dramatically improved with the addition of an ablative. However, we ran 20 rounds through one set of wipes before the sound signature became unacceptable in an urban setting. The Model 2 is a small, wipe-only suppressor designed to balance size and sound reduction. Such operations required SEALs to utilize a number of non-standard specialized weapons, including the Stoner 63A light machine gun, the MAC-10 submachine gun, the XM177E2 carbine and the Carl Gustaf Model 54 (also known as the Swedish K). There is a misconception that the SLD must contain the recoil of the slide and withstand the chamber pressure. This allows users to send a module back to the Hush Puppy Project to be reconditioned with new wipes. The most viable solution was to use current .38/.357 projectiles. It’s fitting that a special operations project developed in the 1960s has been resurrected, and could end up back in the hands of our SEALs in the near future. The canister was installed at the front of the suppressor body. However, after producing such quality subsonic ammunition, Hopkins really wanted to resurrect the Hush Puppy as a viable pistol for this century. Navy SEALs and the Hush Puppy System Such operations required SEALs to utilize a number of non-standard specialized weapons, including the Stoner 63A light machine gun, the MAC-10 submachine gun, the XM177E2 carbine and the Carl Gustaf Model 54 (also known as the Swedish K). Hush Puppy History Contact More Model 2 The Model 2 silencer is a modular silencer utilizing wipes. As mentioned earlier, what makes the Hush Puppy unique compared to other suppressed pistols is the slide-lock feature, which eliminates all of the noise created by the slide cycling and the gas escaping from the ejection port. The Hush Puppy Project calls this “tunable technology,” whereby the length, weight and sound signature can be tuned by the user. The requirement was for a velocity of 965 fps at 15 feet with a maximum deviation of 25 fps. The Model 39 was lighter than the 1911, had a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) operating system and was chambered in the ubiquitous 9mm cartridge. The Model 2's main module contains six wipes, two per slot with a short expansion chamber in between the slots. Included is a threaded cap to attach the silencer to a firearm. is a modular silencer utilizing wipes. The Navy used the Mk 22s into the 1980s, but they were reaching the end of their service life. The barrel is threaded to accept a silencer… I shot the Model 1 in all three configurations along with the little Model 2. The “system” has already attracted the attention of several special operations units, both in the U.S. and internationally. Bullet Expansion: Velocity Is The Deciding Factor, SB Tactical TF1913 Side Folding Triangle AK Brace Now Shipping, Springfield Armory Ronin 1911 Pistol in 10mm, Reviewing Silencer Shop’s Custom Brethren Armament BAP9 MP5, Silencer Shop Authority: Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse Review, RECALL ALERT: Smith & Wesson Issues M&P Shield Pistol Recall, Lancer Announces Laugo Export Approved, Alien Pistols Inbound. The post Hush Puppy: The Vietnam-Era Navy SEAL Silencer System Is Back appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. The M&P9 M2.0 features upgraded sights and a threaded barrel. This article is from the 2020 Stealth issue of Tactical Life magazine. When manipulating the SLD on the Glocks, I noticed that the edges on the SLD were sharper than I would have liked. But Hopkins has changed this with the development of the SLD-equipped pistols, hybrid and modular suppressors, and mission-specific ammunition. In 2015, Cameron Hopkins was operating a small ammunition company based in Las Vegas when he came up with the concept of bringing Super Vel back to the market. Hush Puppy Project – Silencer The Model 1 is a modular silencer that achieves a unique hybrid design consisting of monocore and wipe sections. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. The third module mounts to the second module but holds 12 wipes. At the time, there were no heavy 9mm-caliber bullets on the market. The auxiliary module may be added to the main module without any wipes, increasing the sound reduction simply from the additional gas volume with the two extra expansion chambers of the auxiliary module. It comes with two modules, the main module and the auxiliary module. The design allowed for an expansion chamber just in front of the muzzle of the weapon. The Hush Puppy pistols, when combined with the Model 1 or Model 2 suppressors, have changed the dynamic of the suppressor industry. While SEALs didn’t like the magazine-disconnect safety, the Model 39 offered a lightweight package in their favored cartridge. Hopkins’ first goal was to duplicate the original loads. Given the popularity of the G19 with special forces across the globe, this was a very logical choice, and the company has also developed SLDs for the G26, G43 and G48. The Model 2 consists of two modules: main module (left) and auxiliary module (right). connector. Eventually, all the pistols were retired from service. Again, according to information provided by Kevin Dockery, in 1966 the Naval Surface Ordnance Center began working on the development of a suppressed pistol for the teams. The Glock 19 Gen5 features a number of upgrades, including a Briley threaded, match-grade barrel, suppressor-height sights and a TangoDown Vickers trigger. Hush Puppy Pistols The distinguishing feature of our Hush Puppy® pistols is the incorporation of our (patent pending) Slide Lock Device. The SLD produced a noticeable reduction in the sound signature, both at the shooter’s ear and downrange. The final part of the project was to develop a subsonic load that would be reliable in the Model 39. After some negotiations with Lee Jurras, he acquired the rights to the Super Vel brand. Hush Puppy Project offers a Mid-Level Model of the Glock 19 (Gen 5) that comes with a stainless steel Briley match barrel for increased accuracy. Hush Puppy® Project silencers reduce the sound of a gunshot through a marriage of technology from both monocore-style and wipe-style silencer designs. Like other special operations units, the SEALs also used non-standard pistols, including the Browning Hi-Power as well as the Smith & Wesson Models 15 and 39. Super Vel already produced a 147-grain Hush Puppy subsonic load. For digital editions, visit Amazon. After the M&P9, the most logical platform for the Hush Puppy Project was the Glock family. It comes with two modules, the main module and the auxiliary module. However, even when using metering equipment, results can vary due to altitude and environmental conditions. Initially produced by Super Vel of Shelbyville, Ind., the load had a distinctive green tip. During the Vietnam War, the Naval Special Warfare community was tasked with clandestine operations, raids and long-range reconnaissance missions. For many years, there has been very little innovation in the suppressor market. For civilians, the rechargeable wipe module solves the need to send the entire suppressor back for reconditioning. The second sound source is the sonic boom, or “crack,” of a bullet exceeding the speed of sound, which is eliminated with subsonic ammunition. Super Vel was the grandfather of all modern personal-defense ammunition. When it’s pushed downward, an internal plunger locks into the existing recess in the frame located to the left of the ejector. Thank you for taking time to look at the Hush Puppy® Project’s silencers!Yes, we said silencers.We know that many in the industry refer to such a device as a “suppressor,” but if silencer was good enough for Hiram Maxim— who patented the world’s first silencer and the world’s first automobile muffler— then it’s good enough for us.

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