Actinomycetes (Nocardia and Monospora) and Molds (Mucor and Aspergillus) increase the fertility of the soil by decomposing its organic matter. Prevention of microbial contamination of drugs, injectable, eye drops, nasal solutions, and inhalation products are also another important discoveries of microbiology. Thus the science of microbiology aims to gain and expand our fundamental understanding of microorganisms by studying their morphology, metabolism, physiology, reproduction and genetics. Microbiology: ‘The Correct handling of Micro-organisms’ Microbiology also provides us with clean water. It helps to find out the natural pesticides. These products include acetaldehyde, acetic acid, acetoacetic acid, butanol, ethanol, fructose, galactose, glycerol, lactic acid, mannitol, mannose, pyruvic acid, sorbose, succinic acid. Growth medium, Bacteria, Microbiology 1193  Words | Microorganisms help in decomposing toxic compounds in agricultural soil preventing toxic accumulation in the soil. Through the knowledge of microbiology, the nurses and other health professionals in healthcare can learn, how infections spread and how to carefully cure or surgery an open wound without infecting it. Forgot password?Submit your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Microbiology is a subject dealing with microbes and related concepts. Microbiology applied in everyday life; in food production, biodegradation, commercial-product production, biotechnology and genetic engineering. demonstrated the growth of bacteria when placed in liquid nutrient broth culture, the number of species present had increased in growth. Environmental Microbiology is the study of microorganisms that lives in air, soil, water. Premium Jawetz, Melnick and Adelberg: Medical. It is important to consider that various microorganisms and a great number of analyses are often required. 2. Insulin is used for the treatment of diabetic patients. It helps them find and identify the symptoms of an infection and type of infection at its early stage. (1) They help in ripening several types of food. The Importance of Market Research in the Healthcare Industry References 1. (ii) Experiment 2 illustrated the growth of bacteria when placed on different surfaces of solid agar plates which included: nutrient agar, CLED agar and MacConkey agar; the number of species present also had increased in growth... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. 3  Pages. Insulin was derived from the β cell of pancreases. Briefly describe what the organization is and what it does (Appleton and Lange: Norwalk, CT) 1991. Also used for the analysis of waste bio-treatment. Apart from this, bacteria are used to synthesize the commercial valuable products like hydroxybutyric acid which is used in the manufacture of disposable diapers and plastics. Thus it helps in increasing the fertility of the soil. Without microbiology, scientists would not have the ability to see the inner structure of a cell and learn how bacteria, viruses and protists develop, grow and infect other cells. Education India, Colleges, Universities, Courses, Exams, Schools. It is important for prospective microbiologists to have laboratory experience before entering the workforce. Importance of Microbiology| in Nursing Agriculture Pharmacy Differential media contain a component that allow an observable change when a specific chemical reaction takes place. Importance of Microbiology in Agriculture: 10. The knowledge of microbiology teaches them to keep the instruments aseptic and contaminant-free. 3 December 2012 Tortora, Case and Funke: Microbiology: An Introduction, Fourth Edition. An example of microbiology’s usage in the food industry is nisin; it is an antibacterial agent used in cheese, meats and beverages to extend shelf life by suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria. Aerobic bacteria also ferment solid components of the sewage. In this system, Nitrosomonas spp oxidize ammonium to nitrite and Nitrobacter spp oxidize nitrite to nitrate. 3  Pages. How to choose a good school for your child? Microorganisms include bacteria, archaea, viruses, protozoa, microscopic fungi and yeasts, and microscopic algae. Lactic acid bacteria help in producing yogurt cheese, hot sauce, pickles, fermented sausages, and kimchi. It is a technology for carrying out immunofluorescence studies that may be applied to find specific cells in complex biological systems.

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