Yield benefits, Models show that increased water and nitrogen use efficiencies and other characteristics would support yield increases of 30% to 50% based on comparative studies between rice and maize, 2nd generation biofuels – even more sustainable as does not compete with food or feed use – No till cropping for greater residue collection for cellulosic biomass (fronds, trunks etc) Dedicated energy crops (jathropha, switch grass, algae). I remember a teacher once said that man in an attempt to make life comfortable for himself has caused more harm to the environment and other organisms it shares the environment with. Methods such as genetic recombination, and marker aided selection possesses a lot of advantages compared to conventional breeding techniques. Application of Biotechnology in Agriculture involves scientific techniques such as Genetically Modified Organisms, Bt Cotton, Pest Resistant Plants. This is because some biotech crops have been engineered to withstand such hostile environment. and similar is in the case of agriculture as well. As the world population continues to grow, much more effort and innovation will be urgently needed in order to sustainably increase agricultural production, improve the global supply chain, decrease food losses and waste, and ensure that all who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition have access to nutritious food. This is why sustainable agriculture becomes more important in our time, particularly now that climate change is having a devastating impact on our environment. various developments in the favor of human life. What Are The Benefits Of An Accountability Partner? Defamation Bill must stand the test of time! There are several merits of this technology in the agricultural sector. IT INVOLVES A CLOSE COLLABORATION FROM SPECIALISTS IN MANY FIELDS:MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ,COMPUTING AND ECONOMICS. Sustainable agriculture basically is a type of agriculture that focuses on producing long-term crops and livestock while having minimal effects on the environment. This reduces crop loss due to pests or drought. Over the years, scientists have warned against the excessive use of pesticides and weedicides. Your email address will not be published. For example, “Golden rice” which consist of carbohydrate along with vitamin A is the gift from biotechnology to provide vitamin A in rice for the children…, result of the rapid growth in the world’s population. However, biotech crops are able to survive environments where non-biotech crops are unable to survive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. C4 plants would have the pores in the leaves (cranz anatomy) partially closed during the hottest part of the day. Increased nitrogen use efficiency Increased nitrogen use efficiency. Decrease in pesticide use through insect resistant biotech crops, Herbicide tolerant Biotech Crops such as genetically modified soybean, estimated an additional saving of 13.1 BN kg CO2 in cases where the use of herbicide-tolerant varieties had facilitated the use of min-till or nontill systems, No calculation for effective engineered microbes. Biotechnology in agriculture is the use of scientific techniques to improve plants and animals in terms of quality and quantity. This modern transport technology has been of great help to the farmers in getting fertilizers and other necessary farm products easily transported to their farms. Importance of Biotechnology in Agriculture Biotechnology plays a significant role in the agricultural sector nowadays. DNA is the key to biotechnology and based on its understanding scientists have developed solutions to increase agricultural productivity. The reason why many farmers apply fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides is that many non-GMO crops are susceptible to diseases and pests as well as they are unable to grow well due to the adverse effects of climate change. The noted absence of a continuum between academic, government, industry, and public sectors. Enhance environmental quality and the natural resource base upon which the agriculture economy depends, Make the most efficient use of non-renewable resources and on farm resources and integrate where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls, Sustain the economic viability of farm operation, Enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.” Sustainable biotechnology. PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY. Apomixis an asexual technology of plant reproduction that can provide economic incentives to replant harvested seeds; Micro-propagation and plant tissue culture technology (e.g., to generate disease-free plantlets of vegetatively propagated staple crops, such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, taro, bananas and other plantation crops); Improved technologies for generating biomass-derived energy, Generation of higher nutrient levels (e.g., pro-vitamin A, iron, essential amino acids) in nutrient-deficient staple crops, such as rice. Also, it cuts down the costs significantly. 6 Tips to Transform the Process of Video Editing Using Artificial Intelligence, The Most Popular Content Categories In YouTube And Here’s Why You Should Know About It. Science Codex reveals that “On average, GM technology adoption has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%, increased crop yields by 22%, and increased farmer profits by 68%.”, A Daily Graphic’s publication of July 30, 2016 headlined: “Embrace biotech to boost agric production — Prof. Alhassan” quoted the now Senior Advisor to the Public Biosafety System (PBS), Professor Walter Sandow Alhassan, of having noted that the introduction of biotechnology would automatically help reduce the use of agro inputs such as residuals and fertilisers which research had shown were key cancer-causing agents in humans. It helps in modifying plants, animals, and microorganisms and improves their agricultural productivity. The modern storage facilities are helpful to store the surplus production so that they do not decay and can be transported later when the demand arises. Sometimes the farmers even mix essential nutrients and fertilizers in these water sprinklers which not only irrigates the crops but also supplies the essential nutrients which improve the growth of the crops at the same time.

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