It has filling between two slices of a bread-like crust. How do you think about the answers? What's your favorite song by The Weeknd ? Would this also be the case with ravioli, ect.? Technically speaking, is a pop-tart a sandwich? Poll Would you give your daughter a Kentucky Klondike Bar. What will you do if when you wake up, suddenly you are in someone else's body and with a different gender? It's a pastry. How to download Queen princess of the universe, Preethi/yaavaglu/neenu/dweshisu/nannanu/ista/hrudaya onduvele neeni endigu indaa jeevana, health first insurance michigan mortgage rates, i need help with biology homework top essay writers. As the casing is made of pastry, it is more like a pie. is an online debate akin to Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? FYI, you cannot have one "slice" of a bun..If you slice a bun, you just opened it and it becomes 2 pieces...with a hot dog inside there, you have a sandwich. Because pastry isn't bread. I haven't used it myself, but I f... What cigarette brand do you recommend for a new smoker? Pasta isn't bread. Find answers now! People say that hot dogs are not sandwiches because they are inside one slice of bun, not two slices. Technically speaking, is a pop-tart a sandwich. The internet went crazy, then the police got involved. Use your common sense. Poll: How much do you weigh, and how tall are you? What idea is emphasized by the use of this device? Not really, it is not between two pieces of bread but between two pieces of pastry. You could argue that a poptart is in some way a sandwich, but a much more accurate definition exists with pastry. In only that it is two pieces of a 'breading' with some sort of filling between them. You could argue that a poptart is in some way a sandwich, but a … In the WordPress support forum, there are from time to time questions abut trackbacks. Could this be considered a sandwich? You can sign in to vote the answer. All rights reserved. no, its junk food, quit buying them with food stamps. They are in fact pies. It has filling between two slices of a bread-like crust. Radical Sandwich Anarchists consider pop tars to be sandwiches. Would this also be the case with ravioli, ect.? The structure would be viewed as a revolutionary, since it is a heated cake, and the filling would be viewed as a dissident, since it isn't appetizing. 1 Questions & Answers Place. © 2014. A sandwich requires bread, which is leavened. No. Usually, sandwich is going to require that bread is used to cover/hold the contents in some way. Why are Merit Systems Principles important? Would you partake in felching with your brother? 6 … When was the last time you didn't eat sardines? ? Analyze What rhetorical device does Wollstonecraft use in lines 190–192? Disgusting as it may be, Pop-Tarts didn't turn a blind eye. You'd have to be a big hypocrite to call an ice cream sandwich a sandwich and not call a pop tart a ravioli, because whatever differentiates an ice cream sandwich from a "normal" sandwich-- that is, size and ingredients-- are the exact same things that differentiate ravioli from a good ol' pop tart. Which gum do you like more Fresh gum or Sour gum? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Sub sandwiches are still sub sandwiches, whether they're 3 feet long, or 6 inches long. In the strictest sense, yes. in which people argue over whether or not the pastry product “Pop-Tarts” qualifies as a type of ravioli, generally thought of as a type of pasta. I want to claim my entry in pch's 2,500.000.00 megaprize. A creation consisting of two Pop Tart toaster pastries stacked in between a layer of peanut butter and heated until the peanut butter is warm.

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