if you love animals and want to be hands on with care and money is not an issue, be a veterinary nurse. I have a 30-pound Maine coon with a head the size of a small melon who visits me at the clinic. Once it was done, I laid the two dogs side-by-side on the table and covered them with a blanket to the chin. Same goes for dogs, so take time to bring your dog on long walks or to the park. You will get emotional and uncontrollable things will be extremely unfair and you will have to deal with it. For extremely difficult or rarer cases, the option to refer the pet to a specialist is available, but if you want to become one of these doctors, you’ll have to remain in school for even longer than a “regular” vet. “You can’t really speed up that grieving process,” says Hartstein, “but you can comfort them and be sensitive to their needs.” Give your pooch some TLC with extra cuddles and treats while it gets used to the loss. You can find her on Instagram @marissasimonian. Caribbean schools offer an easier entrance, but tuition can be costlier and you have to give up your location and possibly social affairs to do this. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks veterinary medicine as one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Animals are totally vulnerable: they are dependent on us, and it is unforgivable to let them down. One day when I was in veterinary school, one of my professors decided to move his bovine necropsy (autopsy) lab outside on a nice spring day. “Veterinarian(s) must learn to conduct insightful interviews with the owners, observe and read animal body language, and use strong deductive reasoning and rational application of tests to figure out … the best course of action for the animal’s health,” says Jennifer Livesay, a DVM student at Oklahoma State University in an interview. While veterinarians also deal with paperwork and finances, especially if they run their own practice, the bulk of their time is spent interacting with their animal patients and seeking solutions to restore them to health. Dr. Klein adds, “And because the clients all come in pairs, two-legged and four, it’s twice as fulfilling to work with them.”. My job is to be what the client in front of me needs right now. Human nurses are considered more valuable in society, that’s just a fact. We recommend our users to update the browser. Don’t miss these other facts you didn’t know about your pup. As a last-ditch effort, a vet might prescribe a sad dog one of the same depression medications humans would use, such as Prozac or Zoloft. My next patient after that appointment was a new puppy. While examining the puppy, I started to cry and explained to the owner that I had just euthanized a pug friend and was feeling sad. (This is a real abbreviation veterinarians use when we haven’t been able to pinpoint the disease.). Dr. Nielsen says that besides learning about animals and focusing on their needs, veterinarians need to be good at communicating. Who would come back to see a doctor who was crying? I mean, I could have forced myself, but I hear that messes people up pretty badly. To help maintain a balance for herself, Dr. Nielsen spends her downtime doing things that make her happy: training for marathons (she hopes to complete one on every continent) and planning her return to competitive horseback riding. You’re not the only one mourning the loss of a family member or another pet—your dog needs to grieve, too, and might go through a blue period. If that rabbit needs medication every three hours, you’ll need to do your part of the plan we’ve created for him. Dog depression manifests similarly to depression in humans. 4.) Contact, Dog Mode? Change can be tough for animals, and your dog might feel depressed while it gets used to its new environment, says Hartstein. Time to switch from being Doctor Death to Doctor Smiles. I have been in practice for 20 years now and have diagnosed all manner of cancers, orthopedic issues, skin problems and metabolic disorders. His face was twisted into a smile as if someone were standing behind him pulling his skin backwards. My middle school self must not have been very pleasant to be around. I was in Puerto Rico doing research for my senior thesis and I … “A local vet should be an ideal small-business owner, with services and products the community needs,” Dr. Klein says. and euthanasia (way too sad). He sliced into the cow, setting her organs on the grass. Pay for veterinary technicians is very modest, compared to the much higher salaries earned by veterinarians. Dr. Klein says that while the difficult aspects never ease up, having an enduring connection to the community and her clients provides strength. (Personal opinion) buuuut money is always a factor and an RN gets paid way more than an RVT. Not every dog loves throwing a Frisbee or going for walks, so lack of exercise might not be the only telltale sign. Check out these other 19 things your dog really wants from you. And just like any business, a vet’s office can experience ups and downs. I recall one time when I was not successful in making that transition between a euthanasia and a puppy appointment. If your pet is still moping in its bed after the bus drops your kid off, it might be depressed. Here’s what you should know if you’ve always wanted to become a veterinarian. Emotional blackmail. There are some really difficult, challenging, and at times upsetting parts to being a part of this profession. “The great thing about veterinary school is that it prepares you for a variety of careers,” she says. He even incorporated Alison’s name into the name of his practice as a tribute to her spirit in serving the pets and people of Brooklyn.

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