MEALTIME That is pretty cool. [171] The lead single, "Twenty-Three" (Korean: 스물셋), topped the national music charts upon release with several of the album's tracks also ranking in the top ten. [144] The concert series took place over eight nights from May 22, 2014 to June 1, 2014 at Sogang University's Mary Hall, which had a capacity of 450 people. [254] The song's title derives from the last digit of the Korean age "twenty-eight" of both singers. [18] Prior to her debut, LOEN coined her stage name "IU", deriving it from the phrase "I and You" to symbolize the unifying force of music between people. The explorers come back and see the camper and then start up a conversation with one of the four young men about renting the camper and shoes him their home which is a tent. IU runs out to great them, they are very shy and happy to see her and when they get to the house they are also shy and happy to see Hyori. It is all the fresh seafood by the female divers. He says if they can see her to just let them see her. All the friends look like they wish they had an ulcer also. CUTE MOMENT [161] The series and IU's portrayal of Cindy were met with lukewarm reviews at the premier but both the viewership and critical response improved over the course of the series, peaking at 17.7% viewership for the last episode. They talk about vintage earrings and how to buy them. they wonder if all the chocolate is for IU and she says that it isn’t, it is for Dam-i as well. Hyori tells her to open the window and look at the sky and put her arm out. The mood is so different between the older and younger people. We see Sang-soon about to remove the shrimp and maybe feed Hyori…..but no, he feeds himself, lol. Not sure where they are going though. They said he is sleeping well now. But that was supposed to be a secret. [104] Billboard magazine named IU as one of the hottest musicians under 21 years old in 2012 for her "unique charm and undeniable hits [that] have made her into a bona fide superstar". She goes outside to pick some green leafy veggies (namool) and then goes inside to make Namool bibimbap and she also made dwenjangguk with the dwenjang from the older couple that left and the changirum from the three siblings. They tried to eat some breakfast and cleaned the house. It is Big Bang G-Dragons cafe. [44] IU's collaboration with Sung Si-kyung on "It's You" (Korean: 그대네요) for his album, The First, debuted at number one on the Gaon Digital Chart. What a juxtaposition with IU at the college campus. [103] At the Korean Music Awards, "Good Day" was named Song of the Year and Best Pop Song, while she was named Female Musician of the Year (Netizen Vote). MORE PEOPLE SHOW UP 무대서 댄스 적응하기도 힘들어, "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2010 Week 24", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2010 Week 25", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2010 Week 26", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2010 Week 27", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2010 Week 31", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2010 Week 41", "South Korean Gaon Album Chart 2010 Week 52", "Lyricist gives insight into world of K-pop", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2011 Week 7", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2011 Week 9", "Singer Corinne Bailey Rae's soulful voice wows Koreans", "IU to perform at Bailey Rae's concert in Korea", "케이윌(K.will) '가슴이 뛴다(My heart beating)' MV with 아이유(IU), 이준(Mblaq Joon)", "케이윌(K.will)'입이 떨어지지 않아서(Can't open up my lips) M.V 아이유, 이준, 민우", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2011 Week 24", "아이유, 정규 2집 'Last Fantasy' 1만5000장 한정판...예약 판매", "South Korean Gaon Digital Chart 2011 Week 50", "South Korean Gaon Album Chart 2011 Week 50", "K-Pop Hot 100: IU Hits No. They love mimicking people and they are really bad at it, lol. One of the lines from the song says, "She with her fair face, she is the same as me, but different. The program's producers said of their host selection, "IU has been deeply acknowledged for her musical talents, moving beyond the image of 'Korea's cute younger sister'. [63] Bailey Rae, whom IU described as her role model, said of IU, "It's incredible that her voice is so soulful even though she's young. She also says that she became deaf about two years ago after being sick. The explorers tell them to report to him and the young man jokingly tells Sang-soon that he needs to report to the explorers if they build a tent and not to Sang-soon. IU is great at yoga and can do all the moves. She finds out that all 4 girls don’t have normal names. Snag-soon is all like me too…….They laugh about it a little and Hyori says that they shouldn’t talk about their past. Dun dun dun. FOUR GIRL FRIENDS Haha. Into the kitchen, they go as they start to make hamelpajang. [80] It topped the Gaon Chart as well as the newly established Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart at the time of release.

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