Only just came across this tutorial! Thanks, eva, I LOVE SHIBORI ITS JUST PART OF MY LIFE #SHIBORI I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT #SUPPORTSHIBORILOVERS I HEART SHIBORI, I have just discovered your post. diy projects, By now most of us are familiar with shibori, a type of dyeing that’s having its moment in the trend spotlight. It relies on the oxygen to produce the depth of colour. Give the twine a strong tug to tighten. Absolutely must DIY! Going to try this with regular RIT royal blue dye and just leave it in for an hour for a deeper color. Looks like such a great idea! The link only lists ‘reducing agent’ as being included’…do I have to buy soda ash separately..? Whatever is used to bind the fabric will resist the dye, resulting in areas of the cloth that take the distinctive blue dye in patterns created by the resistance, and other areas of the cloth that remain white. If you are interested in Indigo Dye, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. . Brilliant Read!!! We’ve gathered the finest quality ingredients and supplies for you: the beginner to intermediate dyer. Thanks for spelling it out! Outer edges will take on the dye, but inner areas will not – and that’s what creates the pattern. Also what are your tips for keeping unused indigo dye and reactivating it for later use? To start, fold the fabric like an accordion. Happy blogiversary! Especially the Indigo color. publish used to be good. I am a bit sad because I particularly loved the.contrast before. Maybe you could also try to visit my site, just click the name below. So it’s often best to just hold the fabric under the surface of the liquid with your hands). I hope you don’t mind. I like your all the tricks for white cloths. Can’t wait to try this! I levae in Spain but are Colombian originin and cannot understand why I am in that photo as it is oractically impossible to believe I may have a twin somewhere.. After 6-7 wraps around the pipe, scrunch the fabric down. You’ve passed on wonderful tradition, many thanks! Do a Google Image Search on shibori or my favorite, arashi shibori. Be safe :). How much soda ash? Love your blog,I do love how you explain all DiY. -We really like this indigo dyeing kit, which contains everything you need to do a shibori project. To do this you need to reduce it. I could use more tips… Otherwise GREAT article and lovely picture diagrams! If you keep it covered after each use, it should last up to 5 days. Lauren I see many connections between this post and Afrobeatnik! I am hoping for your positive response. Always so fresh. It is mainly used to dye cotton fibre .The pop “cowboy” clothes mostly are made by Shibori is the technique, the type of dye is not a factor. Once the dyed is well mixed, cover for at least an hour. SHIBORI DIY TUTORIAL WAS EXCELLENT., Congratulations on your anniversary! loving ur ideas.thanks for publishing such an informative post. The layers of folded fabric, along with the wood, rubber bands, or whatever binding method you’re using, will prevent the dye from thoroughly soaking the fabric. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site. It’s a Denim Nena Beach Bag(If you want to google to see shape). Now I have a new project thank you! Happy DIY Anniversary! I am gathering spurces for a quick i tro to shibori for my SCA group. Really nice work! Didn’t see it in your descriptions. Thks a lot for yr superb tips.i am doing it for years in India but not I will try this in indigo too.congratulations on completing 4years all d best for yr future.thanks once again. Or is that separate? I’m definitely gonna try your techniques soon. The beautiful rich blues of Indigo dye come from the leaves of the plant. One of the best step by step tie dye instruction guides posted on the web. Shibori you are correct is a Japanese technique of resist dyeing and has very specific designs and techniques that are similar but not like others. Congratulations for this 4 years!! Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province,China, Hi, I wonder if you could help me with some advice as my experiments have not been as successful as your beautiful pieces. I wet my pieces before dyeing. Very nice inspiration. Keep it going. You would think that in 10 minutes, the dye would completely soak through all layers of fabric and dye the whole piece solid blue, but it doesn’t! Whatever we choose to call it, the patterns are beautiful and this site is encouraging to those of us who are new to dyeing of any kind. Thanks Erica for the beautiful experiment and so nice of you for sharing it with us. Hey there, You’ve performed a fantastic job. I tried it myself already twice and love it.

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