My only wish is that I’d done the Cambrdge CELTA so that my qualification would be more widely recognized. However, I don't suggest you try it,unless you are prepared and save up for the fine. is it possible to work in a company in korea with degree. Kac90 to answer that question, yes it is possible to get a job here without a BA. Exciting public & private school teaching opportunities countrywide, from Seoul to Busan. Fortunately impossible to work here without a degree. For people coming to Korea without a degree, and being honest about it, I don’t see the problem. Im just looking to make enough money in order to cover my living expenses and save a little. , lived in South Korea (2000-2004) Answered January 14 Nothing legally as you would need to get a visa that encompasses employment. I'm not telling the kid to buy and sell underaged girls out of a van, i'm letting him know that with very possible consequences (which I laid out in black and white), he/she can utilize their English ability to make a few dollars and experience this country. Though, it should be noted that it goes on to say "Applicants must have a recommendation letter from their faculty professor, have international-student status with a D-2 visa, and have been enrolled for more than six months (one semester) in a higher education institution, i.e. And when he runs away, he is "a bad foreigner". If you think you’re playing the hero by giving this person better advice than the previous commenters, you’re not…you are just making things worse. For information on visas for South Korea, be sure to check out my South Korea visa page. Do the math and ask yourself if you can have the quality of life you expect. In fact, most schools would prefer teachers to keep their “informed opinions that are based upon evidence and respected research” to themselves. You should not fear another man or begrudge him opportunity because you are insecure of your skills. These guys will only find you if someone reports you, simple as that. It is illegal for students who do not meet these criteria to work part-time in Korea.". Gone2Korea is proud to work with education majors, or candidates with valid teaching licenses, who are interested in taking their teaching skills abroad. Nonetheless, its like this....without a degree you are going to find it extremely difiicult but thats not to say its impossible by any means. I actually don't have to worry about rent/a place to stay. If there is not a surplus of teachers here, then why have wages stagnated and stayed the same for multiple years? You’re in good hands. BTW: You left out a pronoun and a coppula in your comment. We can help you with with public school jobs, private school employers and private after-school programs. I knew a guy here who came over to see his gf who worked at a hagwon (she had a BA) and he ended up getting a job (he was a plumber, no BA). By doing this, not only can you demonstrate that you’re already familiar with the Think carefully about the decision though, as you're drastically cutting away at your future opportunities for an offer that isn't going to expire. Basically i was wondering if it was possible to get work even though i do not have a degree. At the end of the article, it says that a student is allowed to work 20 hours part-time during the semester and unlimited hours during the vacation. I don't condone teaching illegally but listen, its no secret that it happens here, and in any other country you visit. This visa allows companies to sponsor foreign workers to work at their companies. Sponsored Links. There's tons of no-degree holders working there, and even though it might not be a cushy cubicle job you still make much more than the minimum wage. That being said, no harm is being done. maybe those esteemed individuals such as yourself chris should take their BA's and do this country a favor and resign immediately. I consider myself qualified because of my TEFL course, but not because of my degree. No one can come close to telling me what I experiencesd in seventeen years of teaching ESL (fifteen of those years in Korea) was my fantasy. But what I just described is par for the course. This is not to say that there are not some wonderful people in ESL in Korea. Lastly, I am eligible for an F-4 Visa. I was specifically wondering about Korean companies. I find this blog interesting, simply because I can't for the life of me understand why a degree is important for language teaching in the first place. But if ppl like haeundae chris get jobs here that's a good thing, because it signifies there is most definitely hope for everyone. We’re here to help you with absolutely everything! A college degree can be helpful, but it is not necessary for people with talent and drive and integrity--to teach ESL, and the rules as they are... are hurting the situation (in some--perhaps many cases)--especially because Koreans still think a degree proves a personality, a well-rounded skill set, and a test of whether a degree reflects intellect and talent--or at least skill and integrity. The guy didn't ask for abuse, and how do you know he didn't leave out the punctuation because this is just a comment string?

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