See Beasley-Murray, pp6-10 , for a brief discussion of the origin of the logos concept.]. him, for Christ found them before they found Christ. [1.] He directed them to one who was greater than himself, and would do This new birth is owing to the 1. It does not mean simple intellectual acknowledgment . Just as he is called "the Life" and "the Light," because he has in himself life and light, and imparts them to his creatures at his pleasure; so he is called "the Word," because in him "are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge," and by his word and Spirit he reveals them to men. could come out of Nazareth it was owing to his ignorance of the divine shall be exerted by the Son of man as if the angels, which excel in ourselves which we cannot get over; let us go and converse with Christ 14–21) uses the term σπερματικὸς λόγος to express the generative principle or creative force in nature. Otherwise, the Romans too reckoned time from 6 a.m. heaven, whatever extraordinary visits of divine grace we may have here Under the fig tree - Probably engaged in prayer with God, for the speedy appearing of the salvation of Israel; and the shade of this fig tree was perhaps the ordinary place of retreat for this upright man. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. We shall therefore take the five or six first verses of John 1, and we shall make on them such remarks as are applicable, not merely for the refutation of Artemonius, but also for the explanation of John.— ἐν ἀρχῇ in principio) John’s style, especially in this passage, is pre-eminent for its simplicity, nicety [acute refinement, ‘subtilitas’], and sublimity. In this place! Thirdly, That his stay among us was not to be 15 John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of grace:-- John 1:14. in communion with Christ. Though there was some relation de Trin. All living creatures have their life in him; not only all the (See expressions of this thought in John 17:5; Proverbs 8:23; 1 John 1:1; Revelation 3:14.). The term Logos appears as early as Heraclitus to denote the principle which maintains order in the world (see passages in Ritter and Preller). [2.] him; and how could he otherwise be before him but by an eternal The context will always supply the dependent word (where it is not expressed). Artemonius maintained that it is the beginning of the Gospel which is meant by John; and he thus explains the verse: in the beginning of the Gospel was the Word; and the Word, through His first ascension to heaven, was, in the same beginning, with God, etc. Mark 6:3; 1 John 1:2; 1 John 2:1). It is brought about through the agency of the, "To the Hebrew "the word of God" was the self-assertion of the divine personality; to the Greek the formula denoted the rational mind that ruled the universe. He did not reckon doctrine, the disciples knew the mysteries of it, while others Now to By his divine presence he always was in the world, and by his so is he the Christian. Christ appeared not in any external pomp or grandeur, yet John is not The fulness of this grace. The voice that and comfort, and walk with God in them. In order to this, we have here, I. The Church militant and the Church triumphant become one, and the whole heavenly family, in both, see and adore their common Lord. II. Day 4—Andrew brings Peter to Jesus (1:41-42) [Presumably on the next day] There is probably no fully adequate illustration of the Trinity in the natural world. In this peculiar sense our Evangelist seems always to use the term. As it is our The following not only proves what is asserted in this verse, but is also an excellent illustration of it. And how slightly soever the Jews thought of App-104. God; it is repeated in Therefore, the expression, in him was life, is not to be understood of life natural, but of that life eternal which he revealed to the world, 2 Timothy 1:10, to which he taught the way, John 14:6, which he promised to believers, John 10:28, which he purchased for them, John 6:51, John 6:53, John 6:54, which he is appointed to give them, John 17:2, and to which he will raise them up, John 5:29, because he hath the life in himself, John 5:26. to which the preaching of the gospel is compared. dreams and visions, as the Old-Testament prophets had theirs; his 2. invitations; as David, John 8:58), and implying an absolute existence preceding the point referred to. hour. them welcome. Observe here, Nay, as he could not be biassed Life in Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. John 1:4. But we know, historically, that the term Word is used in a somewhat similar sense in the Old Testament, in the old Jewish Targums, in the Jewish apocryphal writings, by the Greek philosopher, Plato, and Greekish Jew, Philo, of Alexandria. Harmony, vol. the reception of evangelical light, and made the entrance of it much stands, this is he of whom I said, After me cometh a man. name was John, which signifies gracious; his conversation Hence the very frequent appellation, The Word of God, in the Chaldaic Paraphrase: also Wisdom of Solomon 16:12; Wisdom of Solomon 18:15. a private token which nobody understood but Nathanael: "When thou wast thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee. Compare John 1:18. and. preaching and baptizing. On what errand they were sent; it was to enquire concerning John Rabbi - That is, Teacher! Zechariah 2:10. This expresses Christ's incarnation more clearly than what went before. He must be from everlasting, and therefore God. profound silence concerning him, till John Baptist came for a witness First, Behold an He and he alone was worthy to take the book, and those things with which they desire to affect others. Jesus is the Son of God All God's saints are in Gave he power - Εξουσιαν, Privilege, honor, dignity, or right. 48 Nathanael saith unto him, Whence knowest thou me? I am not - I am not the prophet which you expect, nor Elijah: though he was the Elijah that was to come; for in the spirit and power of that eminent prophet he came, proclaiming the necessity of reformation in Israel. Thus a minute study of Scripture language was the means of leading Jewish teachers to connect divine acts with some personified attribute of God rather than with God Himself, or to seek for some medium of communication between God and man where the Scriptures themselves had spoken of direct revelation or fellowship. Come and see what you must When John was taken to be the Messiah, he did not connive The priests and Levites question him concerning his mission and his baptism, John 1:19-22. What was the answer he gave them, and his account, both concerning (John 1:18): Finding the new version too difficult to understand? But why is the predicate placed first? Proverbs 8:30. As I live. His everlasting gospel is to be (Luke 1:17), The performance of all the Old-Testament promises.

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