1010TIRES.COM has over 19847 independent kumho tire reviews and ratings from real customers like you, with an average rating of 3.8. If you’ve recently lost a tire or failed an inspection due to a lack of tread, Kumho tires are a cheap fix that won’t have to think too much about. I am sold on these new generation Kumho tires. In Kumho Tire, however, the Court seems to retreat from Daubert's objectivist stance. Puncture in one. Great ride for tires on a one ton truck!! For half the price these A/T tires are nearly as quiet as my highway tires and feel fantastic. Around the whole of the UK we have an extensive network of Kumho Approved Dealers who are experts when it comes to Kumho tyres and this is where we can help you best, at our dealers. The Kumho’s most popular and best-selling tire, Road Venture AT51, is an all-season, all-terrain light truck tire designed for SUVs, jeeps and pickup trucks. Kumho tires incorporate a lot of great qualities, but what makes them stand out the most is the price, quality, and warranty. Will. Campaign Number: 13T004000 Date Manufactured: Apr 10, 2013 Vehicles Affected: 11922 Size: 285/70R17. In our lab tests, Tire models like the Solus TA11 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. Find the best-rated winter tires and read reviews to determine which winter tires are best for your vehicle. Combining excellent traction on both rugged terrains and highways with all weather ride, this model delivers solid, predictable traction in all terrains and all seasons, including snow. Recent Kumho Recalls. Again. Kumho. Kumho tires can save you money, and additional trips back to the shop. Money was a little tight after getting a new to me 2011 4Runner with mostly worn tires so I read the Kumho reviews and was impressed. Kumho tires is a good example of all-season tires, but its treadwear is not good as other expensive tires like Nitto Terra Grappler G2 (Check out the review here). Kumho is pretty good at estimating their tire wear. Fantastic Tires at a reasonable price. Their highway tires went on my Expedition and older 4Runner always. Mostly better in the usage of typical city driving. Look no further as we have a process in place to help you as fast as possible. Survived a Manitoba winter! The Kumho Solus TA11 is part of the Tire test program at Consumer Reports. Kumho Tires are Better in Durability. Now replacing 4 Kumho tires on my wife's van, TA11, that have about half the tread left at 28,000 miles, but won't get enough traction on dry pavement, much less wet or snowy, to pull a wet string out of a hen's rear! PROBLEMS WITH KUMHO TYRES. Kumho gave me warranty on one tire. Vehicle: 2011 Ram 3500 4 Dr Crew Cab Pickup, 6 Ft Bed SLT SRW (265/70R17 121 R 8x17) with 16090 KM of Tire Wear Unknown Kumho Solus Kh25 Tires Recall 13T004000. Never. Learned my lesson the hard way. Purchase.

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