Place the filters back into the unit, pushing them in. The E7 error code indicates that the stacking switch is not working properly or that the SideKick™ is not properly installed under an LG Front Load Washer or Dryer. The UE error code indicates an unbalanced load. For more information, visit our Detergent and Additives Usage article. Your privacy is important. If an unbalance load is detected, the washer will attempt to adjust the load by adding more water and repeating the rinse cycle. The most common questions you’ll ask with this error code are “How do I get my LG washer to drain?” and “How do I clear the OE error on my LG washer?”. Verify that there are no clogs on the drain hose. Washing machine tub cleaners can also be used. Check the seam between the drum and the pulsator to see if items such as a coin, zipper, or paper clip is stuck there. Unplug the unit untill the repair service is completed. An error code on the display of the washer can usually be resolved by performing a few simple troubleshooting steps. The IE error code indicates a problem with the water supply. Large single items such as sheets, blankets, or comforters can cause the UE error due to uneven spread across the surface of the drum. If the FE error code persists, the unit will require a repair service. Put the drain tube back on the plug, pushing it all the way in to prevent leaks. When the child lock feature is active, the control panel will be disabled and settings cannot be adjusted. A t CL error means it is high time to run the tub clean cycle. cst-sms-popup-message-result-successfully. to If our chat bot can’t help you will be transferred to a live agent during the hours below: Customer Service1-888-542-2623(8am-8pm EST)1-888-542-2623(8am-8pm EST), B2B Support Line1-855-286-2456(8am-8pm EST)1-855-286-2456(8am-8pm EST), Business Solution1-888-824-6211(8am-5pm EST)1-888-824-6211(8am-5pm EST). Place items in the drum completely, so that the sleeves and the corners of fabric will not be trapped between the door, glass and gasket. The message will continue to display until the clothes are removed, or the START/PAUSE button is pressed. Once the washer is drained, restart the washing cycle process. Our new AI powered chat bot service is here to help 24/7 365 days a year. Press and hold the child lock button for 3 seconds. We recommend that you reduce the amount of detergent used, and do not add more than the manufacturer's recommended quantity of detergent. The washer cannot push the water any higher. When customer calls in expressing concerns about error code appearing on panel display…. Overall, how satisfied were you with the usefulness of this information? Pinterest Dilute 1/4 of bleach in 1 quart of water. Sanmi is a Home Appliance expert and author of this help library article. This is LG Electronics' official homepage. If too many suds are detected during spinning, the washing machine stops to help prevent leaking. Your privacy is important. Please visit our Request a Repair page. Pour the diluted bleach into the empty tub. The PF error code indicates a power failure. All Rights Reserved, Styler, Washer & Dryers, Washing Machines. The OE code signifies that your LG washer is unable to drain the water out during wash cycle. In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. 3. Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Georgia, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, U.A.E, Yemen, Copyright © 2009-2020 LG Electronics. Twitter Share Mixed fabric loads (such as jeans and t-shirts) can cause unbalanced rotation of the drum. But if the keys are unresponsive and child lock is not engaged, a repair service may be required to resolve the issue. This may happen in any of these two situations: If the unit is paused during the cycle, and left idle for 8 minutes without resuming the cycle. Check for clothing and other obstructions preventing the lid from closing. Cd is not an error code, but an indicator that the drying cycle is completed, it actually means "cool down" when displayed on the multi display. The unit will require a repair service. If the dL error code persists, the unit will require a repair service, please visit our Request a Repair page. The information was not presented clearly. The cool down feature periodically tumbles, re-arranges and fluffs the load to avoid wrinkles formation up to 4 hours. The PE error code indicates that the water level sensor is malfunctional. Press the POWER button, then press the SPIN SPEED button without selecting a cycle to drain the load. Share your thoughts about the experience. The unit will require a repair service. With the power disabled, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds.. Plug the washer … The dE2 error code indicates that the drawer is closed, but not locked. If the load is too small, additional time will need to be added to help solve the unbalanced load. LG washing machine UE error is quite common and it is likely that you have come across this error. Some LG washing machine codes indicate a problem that you usually cannot fix yourself. The phone number you add will not be used for any other purpose. (GMT -05:00, United States of America local time) 1-3. For example: when washing jeans and t-shirts, jeans could be on one side of the drum and t-shirts on the other. Check that the SideKick™ is properly lined up to the front load washer. Some possible causes of the OE error code are: Drain hose is clogged, kinked, or pinched. Recommended solution: Do not add more than the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent. If too many suds are detected during spinning, the washing machine will stop to help prevent leaking. But because the unit is so small, the amount used should be less than for traditional washers. Empty the tub, insert bleach into the detergent dispenser, and select the tub clean cycle. The information did not resolve my issue. Reduce the amount of detergent used until there is no more sudsing. To properly experience our website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE12 or greater). You can choose whether to manage these or allow them all. Turn off the water to the unit, perform a drain only or spin only cycle to drain out any excess water, then unplug the unit until repair service is completed. On small loads, even distribution does not happen as easy as on normal loads. Find helpful information about your LG product, Facebook Share Completely close the water supply tap. The E7 error code indicates that the stacking switch is not working properly or that the SideKick™ is not properly installed under an LG Front Load Washer or Dryer. This adds about two hours to the cycle time. Unplug the unit until the repair service is complete. There are possible causes that could lead to the display of this code, such as: Plug unit back in, and try to start the cycle again. The dE2 error code indicates that the washer door is closed, but not locking. EMAIL. Child Lock is usually turned on and off by pressing either the PRE-WASH or TUB CLEAN key for 3 seconds. Please visit our Request a Repair page. D3 error code displays as a result of coupling part that is malfunctional. This code can be triggered by a clogged drain pump filter or a drain hose that’s kinked. If you're using Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, you will need to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). To skip the tub clean cycle, turn the cycle selector knob, or push option buttons to select desired cycle. If the dE2 error code persists, close the water taps, and unplug the washer. But if the unit powers on, but none of the buttons respond, the unit may require a repair service.

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