When you meditate regularly, your problems seem to become smaller. Virtual resources help plug the gap: Garderet regularly conducts sessions over Skype, and Antiglio runs an online course comprising guided video and audio exercises. But they don’t work. She describes sophrology as life-changing, and says it can result in having more control over reactions to daily ups and downs. Demand for learning how to develop a strong mindset is growing, but with people all over the world observing social distancing, opportunities to learn well-being techniques face-to-face are scarce. A 2019 trend report from the Global Wellness Institute called “Meditation goes Plural” suggested that sophrology could appeal to people who find sitting in silence to ‘empty’ their minds difficult. How would you do it? Learn how your comment data is processed. Meditation will help reduce stress, learn to think with more clarity and increase your ability to be empathetic and compassionate. You can use it to change your beliefs, your thoughts, and your emotions. Aude Garderet, a French-born practitioner of psychotherapy and hypnotherapist, is one of the few sophrologists practising in Hong Kong. Many of the most successful, and often spiritual people, meditate to tap into their superconscious. “Naturally, we know how to go deep inside and find peace,” she says. Now it’s even being backed by extensive studies at Harvard. It’s also hard to be creative when you are staring at a screen all day. Read about 4 of the many life changing benefits of meditation. Returning to our guidelines above, we know that we need to determine the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that will lead us to success, and then do the corresponding meditations. Now, this is the tricky part because if you don’t know the different techniques, you won’t know how they affect you. All our lives we’ve been taught how to eat healthy, exercise, and other tricks for our body -- but barely any tips for our mind. That sounds complicated. Do you want health? Start a mindful practice today to take advantage of all the benefits of meditation. “We used to have it through prayers – or meditation for some people – so it’s just a very natural thing; it’s very easy. Hi Brad. Meditation will also help you stay focused and not become distracted. Widely taught in European schools, hospitals and corporate settings, it is helping to prevent burnout, manage stress, overcome difficulty sleeping and alleviate anxiety. So what is it? You can’t just click your fingers like that and achieve your goals. The benefits of Meditation continues to expand as more studies are conducted, and more advocates come to light. Meditating was beneficial to all those people. 3 Simple Steps To Starting A Guided Meditation Practice, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (Inspirational Speeches Album), Heart and Soul (Inspirational Music Album by Fearless Soul), Life Is What You Make It – Inspirational Speeches Album by Fearless Soul, Miracles In Moments – Motivational Speeches Album, You Matter – Motivational Speeches Album by Fearless Soul, Don’t Compare Your Life Journey To Another (Must Watch Motivational Video), This Song Will Make You FEARLESS! But what if you constantly struggle to switch off? I tend to overthink and stress about things too much, and I would like to change that. “Mindfulness is the part where, in sophrology, we tap into our sensations, and we feel what is within.”. What I really want you to take away from this article is this: There is no one all-powerful meditation that will give you an amazing life. Meditation is one of the most common habits that successful people share. That clears your mind and gives you plenty of room to think about personal growth and development. So what meditations would make us creative, productive and confident? For confidence, we could use various methods such as mantras and perhaps visualization. Colombian-born neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo founded sophrology, “the study of consciousness in harmony”, at the University of Madrid in 1960, after trips through India, Tibet and other parts of China to learn the foundations of yoga, meditation and Buddhism. For creativity, we can use chakra meditations (focusing on the second chakra, “Svadhisthana”). If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment. By determining the personal qualities we need, we can then find the correct meditations for our situation. Intuition is said to be your inner voice or your subconscious mind guiding you to do something. It’s called “sophrology”, and it has been around for decades. Hey, thanks for the advice!! First of all, decide what you want to get out of life and meditation. Sessions often involve identifying areas of physical tension, as well as using breathing techniques, gentle movements such as raising and lowering the arms and tensing and relaxing the body, and visualisation, to achieve a state of relaxation and well-being. “Practitioners agree that it’s a powerful way to reach calm and self-awareness for those who may struggle with meditation,” the report declares. The mindset change is probably another big part of how meditation changed my life. The group sessions, which have seen participants tune in from Mexico to Dubai, focus on specific issues such as feeling calm, boosting productivity or encouraging healthy sleep. you get it. There are thousands of different meditation techniques, and each of them has different benefits. Better yet, sophrology can be efficient: Antiglio claims that beginners who practise daily will start to feel a shift after a few weeks. Now determine the type of meditation that will give you those characteristics. The result: 8 simple meditations to change 8 common, troublesome mind-sets in just 10 minutes. One question….I am looking for a meditation to help ease ADD/behavioral addiction. Well, there is a meditation method for that, too. The more you can control your mind the more you will be able to figure out problems faster. I hope this clarifies things. “Sophrology is a modern form of meditation,” explains Swiss sophrologist Dominique Antiglio, founder of the London clinic BeSophro, and author of the book. However, you have to understand the art and science of the practice if you are going to use it successfully. If you can learn how to control your mind you have the ability to create inner peace. Some cultivate happiness, some help you lose weight, and some make you more productive. Thank you! Done over time, you will have much less stress in your life. Maybe you want to achieve success in your career, and you’re hoping to use meditation to help with that. However, I think you will find it easy once you look at a few examples. She has also been offering regular free live sessions on Instagram since the coronavirus pandemic brought lockdown into effect in the UK. Again, it’s about determining the qualities you need as an individual and then using the meditations that will give you those qualities. How can we be inside, so that we’re as peaceful as possible with whatever happens outside? Michael loves to write about self-improvement, motivation, and teach people how to create a successful future. This article was first published in South China Morning Post. Find more of his work at inspireyoursuccess.com. Your email address will not be published. As I said, meditation has the power to make you appreciate the good stuff and forget all about the bad. If you take a look online, you will find tons of publications and videos on Youtube that promise to change your life with meditation. Yes, it is possible to use meditation to change your life. As a meditation teacher, I have seen meditation change the lives of many people; some of them wanted successful careers, others to get in shape, and some to find love. How Do You Know If You're Doing The Right Thing? So you enter a world where you’re responsible for your own life and the path is free in front of you.”. The life-changing meditation that frees you of things holding you back. If you truly want to change your life with meditation, you need to understand the real nature of meditation. Copyright Fearless Soul & Fearless Motivation, Miracles In Moments – Motivational Speeches by Fearless Soul, You Matter – Inspirational Speeches by Fearless Soul, Life Is What You Make It (Inspiring Speeches Album), Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life (Album), Guided Meditations For Abundance, Health, Wealth & Happiness, Meditation is one of the most common habits. Only then can you truly understand how you, as an individual, can use the thousands of different meditation techniques to create the type of success you want in your life. Caycedo used it initially to treat patients with depression, and war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The key is to determine the personal characteristics you need to achieve your ambitions and then use meditations that create those characteristics. Meditation is a very diverse topic. Probably confidence, productivity, and creativity (these will vary based on your career, but this is one example). “Of course you always have problems, like we all do, but there’s an empowerment,” she says. Yoga Led Yoga Practice with Sharath Add meditation as part of your daily morning routine so you never miss a day as there are some many benefits of meditation.

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