(ammunition items dragged from the Compendium will have this option automatically checked off). An example is if the character is under the influence of the Bless spell and can roll a 1d4 in addition to the result of their saving throws. You can click on the NPC's Name to roll for Initiative or you can roll from the die icon labeled INIT that is listed to the right of the Armor Class and Hit Points section of the NPC sheet, towards the top.
Using this option you can make the character always roll damage with every attack. Spell Save DC Mod: The Spell Save DC is normally a field you can't edit from the Spell page and is set by the character's class and level. The Companion Script is part of the One-Click Community API Installation options. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update. They also help us understand how our site is being used. These entries operate the same way as Traits. Measurement tools that let GMs and players calculate distances, attack ranges, and spell area-of-effects ensure your brilliant or foolish tactics are mechanically sound. Let go of the tile and a new character journal will be created named after the NPC from the Compendium entry. It is recommended that you make a copy of your campaign first before attempting a sheet transition. They also help us understand how our site is being used. You can also choose to receive a Roll20 newsletter with tips and tricks included. They are placed here so that, if needed they can be modified as well. Even then, the benefits far outweigh that drawback. It's a Trap! spellcasting_ability Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.

On Social Media: Roll20® is a Registered Trademark of The Orr Group, LLC.

Please review the TOS and Privacy Policy. Update your cookie preferences here. lvl7_slots_total, lvl7_slots_expended insight_bonus Traits are pieces of information about an NPC that isn't covered by the NPC options section. Depending on your sheet settings, the damage will not roll automatically unless you click on the name of the attack from the roll template in the chat tab. The Character Name persists over all pages of the sheet and is tied to the name you give to the journal entry. Since much of these effects are transient and are likely to be used, given away, or sold to the highest bidder at the earliest opportunity, this may be preferable place to keep this list of items rather than adding them to the itemized Compendium Compatible Equipment section (if you have that version enabled). listed in light grey italicized font. How to GM and save a D&D 5e game on Roll20. The Roll20 team is proud to bring you this Official D&D 5th Edition character sheet. When adding items to the Compendium Compatible version of this block, you have the Name field, a Source-field where you can choose between (Racial, Class, Feat, Background, or Other) , a Source Type-text field to describe the type, and then the multilined Description-textbox. Don’t know where to start? Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update. Each skill can be rolled by clicking on the skill name. An example is if the character is under the influence of the Guidance spell and can roll a 1d4 in addition to the result of their skill check. The section on the Core Page is a good place for commonly utilized features of a character or briefly jotting down an abbreviated list. That’s where remote role-playing applications like Roll20 come in. When locked down, a w(chat bubble)-icon appears when you mouse over the feature/trait. You can configure a custom AC calculation using the y Settings Page under the Attribute Tracking section. If Damage is applied, this result is rolled and listed next with its Damage Type. You can edit any spell at any time, by hovering your mouse over the entry to make a y icon appear on the left. Underneath the AC Check and Attack Name is the Damage roll result for the attack. Dice color can be changed by merely clicking the small colored square in your VTT nameplate and choosing a new color. repeating_traits_$#_description, wtype (whisper type, can have one of these values:), npc_name Each skill also lists the core attribute, that is used in the roll calculations, next to it in parenthesis. All rights reserved. You have the choice of "Always Roll Advantage" (the default setting), "Advantage Toggle", "Query Advantage", or "Never Roll Advantage". spell_dc_mod (spell save DC mod), npc_name_flag (show/hide npc name in rolls, value is either {{name=@{npc_name}}} or 0). Dragging from the i Compendium works for the Equipment and Spell fields of the PC Sheet. This will add a new sections to the Stat Block for you to add Reactions to. A searchable art library and compendium filled with images suitable for creating maps, tokens, and even portraits for your players to enjoy.
Auto-Equip: Every item dragged to the sheet is automatically equipped in the Equipment Section. The Resource field is a numeral that you dial up or down or input directly. Add Ac +1 to add an armor class bonus. When you mouse over this number, the strength Attribute Score will revert back to what its unmodified total so you can refer back to it. These entries will operate identically to how Spells are added and handled on the PC Sheet with the one noted exception that there is only a single column of spell entries. On Social Media: Roll20® is a Registered Trademark of The Orr Group, LLC. survival_bonus, Proficiency Bonus: pb Once found, click and drag on the Compendium item's name so that it creates a little named tile that follows along with your mouse. If the spell IS an attack you can change the "Output" selector from "Spellcard" to "Attack", this will show some additional input fields to fill out the attack information about the spell. Once enabled from the NPC Options section, a new heading labeled "Reactions" and its relevant section is added to the stat block that allows you to add Reactions. Most importantly, the NPC checkbox at the top, which will change the sheet to be the NPC version which is shaped to more easily track an NPC's information. people vanishing in the middle of the night , strange creatures stalking the thuroughfairs , and worse yet a grim fog that besets the towns when the moon is high in the sky. A genuinely expansive suite of built-in chat and communication features including pinging map locations, an HD shadow box to examine tokens at high resolution and share them with players, integrated audio/video powered by WebRTC and compatible with Google Hangouts and other third-party VOIP services, text chat with reviewable archive, whispers and emotes, tab auto-complete function for long PC names, GM-specific chat commands, dice rolling commands, and more. Global Saving Throw Modifier: If you have an affect that would modify all saving throws, this option makes it easier to adjust your Save modifiers than having to go in and change each one individually. Intimidated? For spells that don't check for AC and instead require a Saving Throws to mitigate or negate the spell's effect, the SPELL DC is listed first. If you have a PRO account, you can install the API script by going to your game's Campaign Page and clicking on the Settings button, and then choosing API Scripts. Toggle adds a set of buttons at the top of the sheet to manually switch your advantage options between rolls. stealth_bonus Once you've added a value to the corresponding skill or ability save, they will appear. Inventory: With this option allows you to either have your Equipment block be "Compendium Compatible" or "Simple".

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