Cirsium wrightii - Wright's marsh thistle: a 2012 population assessment. Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico Rare Plants Home Page. The globe artichoke has long arching deeply lobed glaucous green leaves and a large edible flower bud. New Mexico Rare Plants. I think I've seen a few of these around Hubbard County. The body length of apterae is 1.8-2.4 mm. Lower and basal leaves are up to 12 inches long and 4 inches wide, mostly crowded on the lower stem, becoming much smaller and widely spaced as they ascend the stem. This is a large blackish aphid. Questions and/or comments to the Bugwood Webmaster We fully acknowledge these authors as the source for the (summarized) taxonomic information we have presented. For assistance on the terms used for aphid morphology we suggest the figure provided by Blackman & Eastop (2006). Blue Hole Cienega Nature Preserve, Santa Rosa, NM. It is found across Europe to the Middle East and much of Asia. Any area which is poorly drained, with wet soils is ideal. Marsh thistle looks vaguely like its stouter relative spear thistle (C. vulgare), although the latter’s leaf blades are much spinier. The young of Uroleucon aphids are quite distinctive as they are usually reddish-brown. Known extant populations are widely disjunct. 2012. The body length of wingless viviparae on the primary host is 1.9-2.5 mm. Pick an image for a larger view. The clearest difference is in the capitula: spear thistle’s are solitary while marsh thistle’s have several together. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that identifications are correct, we cannot absolutely warranty their accuracy. Common names are from state and federal lists. Marsh thistles are enormous flattened plants that prefer… marshes! Abdominal hairs are placed on pigmented scleroites. Marsh plume thistle, European marsh thistle, European swamp thistle, Eurasian marsh thistle, cirse ou chardon des marais, Carduus palustris Linnaeus, Cnicus palustris (L.) Willd. Desert springs and cienegas are susceptible to drying-up, or being diverted. Uroleucon jaceae (Large knapweed aphid) Thistles will produce a variety of different coloured flowers – mostly purple to mauve and even yellow. Stamens 5. Identification Leaves: First-year rosettes are spiny, long, deeply lobed and hairy on … We have so far only found it in Britain on its primary host (oleaster). © Copyright: Images: Jouko Lehmuskallio. Flower: Single flower-like 1–1.5 cm capitula surrounded by involucral bracts. Common name: Marsh Thistle Latin name: Cirsium palustre Family: Daisy (Asteraceae) Flowers: July to September Date: 28 June Location: Braunton Burrows, Devon … Stems are erect, single, unbranched except in the flower clusters, ridged, densely to moderately hairy. and borage (Boraginaceae). Map of native plant purveyors in the upper midwest. Sivinski, R.C. See Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Introduction of insects as biological control for weedy thistles may pose a grave hazard for non-weedy thistle species. These have typical thistle-type flowers, but the leaves are not usually prickly. Sivinski, R.C. Hover over the pictures for more information. Marsh thistle’s intermittently winged stems can also bring to mind genus Carduus thistles: the flying construction of Carduus achenes is comprised of a bunch of unbranched hairs while genus Cirsium plants have more complex, branched, feather-like hairs. The siphunculi are cylindrical or tapering. The type location for this species is, "Around springs near San Bernardino, on the borders of New Mexico and Sonora, Oct." This appears to be a location in Cochise County, Arizona, but this taxon has not been relocated in that county. Fruits & seeds: Small, hard and elongated with a tuft of feathery bristles at the top. In any case, the spiny stem indicates a non-native thistle and it's best to eradicate it, no matter what species it is. First thistle to Flower In the Summers The marsh thistle is the first thistle to flower in the summer. The flowers of the creeping thistle are small and purple and at the tips of the stems. Aphis fabae has a cosmopolitan distribution. Luis Encinas Johnson, Col. Centro Hermosillo, Sonora, México. – marsh thistle Subordinate Taxa. Over 100 species of aphids feed on the more than 2500 species of thistles worldwide, mainly in temperate Europe and Asia. While it was rumored to be here somewhere in Cook (and possibly Houston) County, we reported the first confirmed population in the state, found along the Gunflint Trail a few miles north of Grand Marais. Marsh thistle looks somewhat like spear thistle at an initial glance, but without the large spines and leaf lobes, and usually with a thin, red, leaf margin. Marsh Thistle is a new addition to Minnesota's growing non-native invasive species list. Well, now it's here. Cabbage Thistle, A crescent shaped sclerite is present in front of each siphunculus. Leaves: First-year rosettes are spiny, long, deeply lobed and hairy on the underside. Available at:, For distribution maps and more information, visit Natural Heritage New Mexico. Marsh thistle suffers greatly in its youth from the harsh conditions and only a small proportion of them ever flower. Wet, alkaline soils in spring seeps and marshy edges of streams and ponds; 1,130-2,600 m (3,450-8,500 ft). It's generally tall (to 7+ feet) with a single stem, unbranched except near the top, with long, nearly leafless ascending branches and the short-stalked flower heads densely clustered at branch tips. It can be differentiated from Aphis fabae cirsiiacanthoidis by the length of hairs on the antenna and hind femur. Foliar spray with clopyralid or aminopyralid. Biological: Field trials are ongoing in Canada using the Rhinocyllus conicus weevil. Here we show the commonest species found on thistles in Britain from those genera. Population trend monitoring. Unpublished report by the EMNRD-Forestry Division for the USFWS, Region 2. Thanks for your understanding. Prepared for the Native Plant Society of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Plantae Wrightianae 2:101. The leaves are decurrent and spinous and the flower heads are clustered. 1996. Mechanical: Hand-pull or dig rosettes. Except where otherwise specified, all text and images on this page are copyright InfluentialPoints under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License on condition that a link is provided to, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Another subspecies of the black bean aphid (Aphis fabae solanellae ), now sometimes given specific status, is also found on thistle.

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