A visit to our gallery of selected projects might offer ideas and inspiration. With more than 35 years of experience designing miniature golf courses, Adventure Golf & Sports has the expertise you need for your project. We offer unique prefabricated Micro-Golf® courses and one-of-a-kind Adventure Golf courses. Our experience has taught us a lot over the years and we use that knowledge to design and build challenging, fun and exciting courses to play. We offer two styles of miniature golf courses: Adventure Courses and Landscape Courses. Rich, Tom, and their crew of young builders made this mini- golf course from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a stable wood composite material. Nearly every hole has multiple elevations that give the players a variety of ways to play every hole. Outdoor Course: But there still exist a few timeless attractions. Our expert team of designers create amazing Adventure and Mini Golf course design concepts, 3d visuals, and technical drawings. All rights reserved. A mini golf course where all the holes play … There is nothing more frustrating to a child or a mom than constantly not being able to putt out the ball before hitting the course stroke limit per hole (usually 6). Mini golf course designs are not done overnight. Examples of timeless mini golf themes include: Themes that reflect the heritage of a locale or region can be very effective; as can the themes that transport the customer to a new environment. This allows beginner putters to make the ball in an easier cup rather than always picking up the ball in frustration. 6,500 sq. Adventure Golf Greenspan are specialists in the design and build of adventure and Mini Golf courses and have built small Crazy Golf and large themed Adventure Golf courses for many visitor attractions around the UK. We have more than 35 years of experience guiding our clients in making the most prudent business decisions related to each project’s needs – It’s what has made us a global leader in creative designs for miniature golf. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. While each hole has a white cup, around half of the holes have a 5″ red PENALTY CUP on the harder holes. All you need is to send us the Cad files or drawings with exact measures of your terrain. This is where Amusement Construction really sets themselves apart. Is creating a memorable experience important to your business? Design only: If you have construction skills, this option can save you money. Some of the options available with adventure-style courses include: To provide you with maximum flexibility, at Adventure Golf & Sports, we offer three different options for designing and building your miniature golf course: If you’re thinking about building a miniature golf course, give us a call. miniature golf course development and operations, Choosing a Course Theme: Things to Consider, Our 5 Step Process: How We Bring Your Mini Golf Course to Life. Miniature golf course design and construction has been a stable of our company since 1960. view, Is it time for a remodel? From our affordable 9 hole Micro-Golf® courses to large-scale 36 hole adventure golf facilities, COST can meet your design/build needs. If you answered yes to most of these questions, perhaps a themed mini golf is the route you should take. This way you can fully visualise your completed golf course before we’ve even started the build. New and exciting miniature golf course design is always a part of each new course. Draw them out on paper or a whiteboard. Our project management & construction team ensure that your project is expertly built from start to finish, and delivered within the timescale agreed. Building mini golf holes and walkways is not the same as … Miniature Golf Course Design & Construction. I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry. May 5, 2016 - Explore Curtis Marolf's board "Miniature Golf Hole Idea" on Pinterest. Design only: If you have construction skills, this option can save you money. Make quality more important than quantity; it gives you a first-class foundation to build upon. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Today, inexpensive sound systems and triggering devices bring added impact and magnify the imagery for many themed mini golf courses. Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction. We work closely with you on your design brief to come up with fully themed courses. Not only do we provide these distinctive courses, we also have a variety of approaches to fit most budgets and … We specialize in the design and construction of beautiful mini golf courses that are interesting and fun to play. We work closely with you on your design brief to come up with fully themed courses. © 2020 Adventure Golf & Sports. A course where each hole has its own unique putting challenge, with just the right amount of contouring and break. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Our design team will meet to discuss the project and determine the best routing, features, theme elements for your course and discuss how we can get the “WOW” factor in your course design. COST is an industry leader in design and construction of the most interesting, visually appealing, and profitable miniature golf courses. Thu, May 16, 2019 at 4:51PM Few entertainment options have stood the test of time. It uses three cups instead of just the standard 4″ white cup. Latest news ft. We will make a recommendation for the best location for your course and then show the area on your drawings. These days, there always seems to be something newer and more exciting to capture our attention. 22,000 sq. There still remains some flexibility to help save money by doing certain items by owner locally such as landscaping and lighting, for example. No cookie cutter designs here! 201 Portage Avenue # 1869 A decision about themes should also consider market issues such as are you a tourist or a local market, who is the customer you want to attract, the quality of the competition, and your available budget. ft. average size for 18 holes. COST is an industry leader in design and construction of the most interesting, visually appealing, and profitable miniature golf courses. Building mini golf holes and walkways is not the same as sidewalks, patios, roads, etc. We will mobilize our experienced, friendly crew to your site. If it is fun to play, the course will grow over the years. read more. ft. to 30,000 sq. Unit #155 Looking forward to working together in the future. Once we determine the exact area on your land or in your building for your miniature golf course, then the fun begins. Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction. ft. To avoid this, we’ve developed the Championship Style Miniature Golf Course. By popular demand now we can design a unique minigolf or putt-putt course especially for your terrain and requirements and submit to you the blueprints and AutoCAD files, so you can start construction of your profitable miniature golf course, saving on architectural fees. That depends upon the message that you want to send to your customer. (square footage of building will vary due to facility size) Mini golf is part science and part art and therefore many of our clients prefer the oversight of an experienced supervisor. 2,500 sq. THEME AND SPECIALTY CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, Using the latest in AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, and other cutting-edge technology, COST's design team can develop projects from …, COST has a complete model shop that fabricates scale models for nearly all the projects we undertake. ...Also, wanted to let you know that the crew was awesome. COST offers in-house miniature golf consulting, design, modeling, fabrication, and construction. There’s no limit to the creative possibilities for adventure-style courses. Castle Golf is a premier designer and builder custom miniature golf courses, both indoor and outdoor. Parking & Ticket Building: This can be for any desired time period. Would creating a BRAND identity be useful in your marketing program? Figure out what you can use around the house to simulate similar obstacles. Miniature golf course design and construction has been a stable of our company since 1960.

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