I'll try to keep it short and sweet. The insights gained from CIS have applications in retail, banking, healthcare, and countless other industries. Each were run by their respective schools. Just as an example I undertook a Bechelor of Science in Multi Media Technology. At my alma mater, there is Computer Science, Software Engineering (another degree you might consider), and Information Systems. Here's how I see the following degrees. In my experience companies looking for engineers will toss resumes from MIS types. Because you're in college, you've got to be careful not to focus too much on the degree type. Repeat that a few times. CIS and multiple sclerosis cause the same kind of damage to the coating on the nerves of your brain and spinal cord. These systems address how data is gathered, processed, stored, and used. Oftentimes, you'll find that the most important part of having a degree is not what the degree is in, it's that you have one. You hire a CS guy to improve or develop new technology. We jokingly refer to our school as the "degree factory," but it's basically true. Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by tsimmns92782, Jun 29, 2015. However, what they do learn is a lot of stuff about business processes and the like. Management information system (MIS) refers to a large infrastructure used by a … ECE is a department in the College of Engineering. Memorize what they tell you to memorize and then write it on the little peice of paper in different words and hand it to the professor. For example, at my university [fgcu.edu], our College of Business is by far the best run and most popular college of the several colleges we have. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Security Analysts MIS and CIS degree programs both offer students the education necessary to help businesses leverage data to improve their operations and enhance the employee and customer experience. MIS is a step ahead, and teaches you brief technical systems aspects, along with how you can make the best use of these systems in a business environment according to the various departmental uses. When I sift through resumes, I don't even look at the person's education or even certifications. "computer" classes that a MIS or CIS degree CS vs CIS vs IT - Which Technology Degree is for You? Where I went I had to take 33 hours worth of math. Be careful to check with other people who have gone through a particular CompE program to see if they believe the program was successful or not in bridging the two disciplines and what approach was taken. the MIS types are saying, it seems to me to make I ended up just doing regular audit, and now tax. Try getting a CS degree undergrad and a business oriented degree (not necessarily MBA!) As everyone says here, MIS is more about buisness. MIS majors can pursue interesting, approachable, and vital jobs with their major and be paid handsomely for their efforts. (3) As far as professors go, every CS teacher I've had is a Ph.D. and IS teachers tend to be adjuncts or assistant professors, at least, for the intro classes. Can someone really tell me the difference between these two degrees. for that matter, Eastern European literature or sociology or basketball coaching may be your These professionals determine how to apply technology to the needs of different businesses with numerous unique objectives. In my career I've been fortunate enough to stay in interesting technical work- lots of programming with artificial intelligence, computer vision, and 3D graphics. Summary – MIS vs DSS. This is very important to prove to the business world, because they expect you to wade through more bullshit, this is why they call it work. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer Programmers College is/should be about learning critical thinking. Most of the people that I have seen come out of college with MIS become Systems Analyst First and deal with being the middle person between programmers and users. MIS management: systems analyst, network admin, etc. Whats the difference between these majors? I have been told several times now by recuiting agencies (those that acknowledge my existance, that is) and those that I have interviewed with that I am not employable because I have that degree. All rights reserved. Basic and advanced programming courses in C. Some exposure to object oriented techniques. And CIS graduates can take the career path of being managers. We've got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and college search questions. The professionals behind these technologies have extensive technical and interpersonal skills to design, build, implement, and test complex systems. I went to Purdue and opted for the Electrical Engineering Technology program. However, this usually requires the former taking extra programming courses or the latter taking extra management courses. degree in something other than (or in addition to) CS/MIS/CIS. I would suggest the MIS with Comp sci minor. In the real world, for the most part (rogue managers aside), it doesn't matter. Most MIS professionals have a bachelor’s degree; however, earning a master’s degree can be useful for those who want to work in more advanced positions, perhaps in consulting or supervisory roles. But if you have a logical mindset and enjoy technical problem solving and uncovering the language of computers in detail, then CIS is for you. 650 Maryville University Drive St. Louis, MO 63141. I am not quite sure about the e-business thing though. They focus primarily on building students’ technical skills. I graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering [purdue.edu] department of Purdue University [purdue.edu] in 1999 with a B.S. I remain skeptical of some of the value of this stuff, but, however, the *practical* experience, whilst rather stressful (trying to play a real software engineer when you've still got other subjects to complete imposes nasty workloads), is useful. essentially, you would be taking them for "fun" or personal achievment. You can always do IT Audit.

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