Mizuki Shida. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the terracehouse community. Congrats to her and I hope her social interaction ability has improved now that she's settled down & bringing up a new life to the world because watching her was very painful to see. Just go in knowing it's temporary and try to not take yourself so seriously. I'm sure she would look worse if we saw that. misaki even cried on that show where they showed how much of a hoarder she was. Therefore I think she didn't always get along with those that were more aloof or slightly more immature in nature (i.e. I’m just in love with her. in the end, with another big smile. I think you hit the nail on the description. Anyway, there are sociopaths who walk among us, and many are successful and well liked. In the privacy of your home or phone, maybe you Google “what terrace house members up to” or dig through Reddit. We find out after the series ends that Mizuki is, literally, a hoarder who lives in her own filth. I love how much she likes cleanliness. Natsumi's married and pregnant! She kind of made everyone against her no? It's kind of weird to talk about and it's probably just me, but I feel like she always forces a smile on her face, and sometimes, she "lets the mask slip" and looks at people in a really cold / dark / scornful way and then covers it up immediately with a forced smile right after. I wish she’d shared more in the build up but that’s up to her. But other times she just felt like a bully, especially when she'd say something rude and then act like she had no idea she was being rude, with a big smile on her face. I mean, after 10 episodes of chill I was starting to get bored, but then Natsumi was brought on and I was like YAAAASSSS. Guilty lol. My theory is that she didn't get along with anyone in the house because they were disgusting. The vibe changed, but I don't necessarily think it was for the worse. Minori and the girls were against her. I felt bad for her at times, she definitely seemed out of her element and I do genuinely think she was just having trouble connecting to the other room mates, and maybe other people in general. She definitely had a stronger personality than the rest of the cast but definitely not in a way that I think was particularly bad. Yes she was outspoken and admirable for that, but she also seemed manipulative and malicious to other people. She needs someone that can take her jabbing and give it back just as good. (25 July). I think for a grown woman to go into a house intent on making a group of strangers to bend to her will is a bit ridiculous. Was I so insensitive?" Was literally just reading something on CasualUK about Love Island and other Reality TV no longer being a social experiment, and then saw this about Natsumi. its interesting and most likely wouldnt be 'dangerous' but interesting. You think Natsumi did something wrong -> You hold a house meeting and no matter how much everyone tries to explain their side, unless you just say "Fine, Natsumi, we were wrong and you're right", you get the "We all have to live together, we can't be fake, so we need to keep talking about this and sort it out" speech. But when she faces problems, she does not think the circumstances. Can you also imagine it the other way? Relationship drama can only hold one's attention for so long. I don't know...for me, she's one of those "I feel bad for you, but also all your problems are your own fault" cases. It's really strange and a bit off-putting? I can imagine the rough transition into living in a chill household with several others who maybe didn't prioritize those same things. Press J to jump to the feed. so do I. she wasn't pushy about it either like Shion imo. Arman is the shit. Instead, she acts independently and is blunt to confront it. It wasn't intended. On a superficial level, I thought Natsumi was very pretty, with an appealing voice and great style/fashion.

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