Pour éviter les réactions, nous ne recommandons pas de le mélanger avec le produit d'une autre marque. I am now very keen to find a genuine natural alternative if anyone has any recommendations? Droit d'auteur © 2020 LuckyVitamin LLC. I wasted $18.10. Possibly - but I definitely have noticed more hair loss lately, and an extreme amount when I last colored my roots with naturtint. Pour contrer la tonicité, choisissez dans cette ligne (le meilleur mélange avec N ton). Years off my life, extreme suffering. I used this product twice and it was devastating to my mental, physical, financial and emotional well being over the past 2 years. I am so depressed. We all want to look our best, but our health is more important. Picote les yeux. Le châtaignier naturel 4N est la couleur préférée par choix du client. Maybe it doesn't ruin everyone's hair, but it did mine (made it very dry and dead) and I had been using L'Oreal for years before that, not often, maybe a few times a year. i've just used Naturtint and my skin has reacted so badly! I absolutely loved the color and got many complements on it even when it was time to do my roots (my natural color is darkest blonde). I was considering Naturetint product recently. Maximum Care: Ammonia and Gluten Free: no ammonia; no parabens; no silicones; no paraffin; no mineral oils; no heavy metals; no artificial fragrances; no SLS; no formaldehyde derivatives; gluten free. For all media/press enquiries, please contact Carolyn Bointon at carolyn@naturesdream.co.uk. It is very strange because there's barely any odor with this product and it is fairly light coverage, in my opinion. I recently picked up a box of Naturtint - I hadn't used it in maybe a year and I'm regretting not doing more research before trying it. 4-Chloro Resorcinol is usually used at concentrations of less than 1% and hair dyes that include it usually carry a sensitivity warning. I find myself wanting to read the articles but give up because of that bar. Before using Naturtint, I tried pretty much every other brand. And the chemicals that do this job are ammonia or its substitute, ethanolamine. Cela peut provoquer une décoloration. Hope it ddint affect my kidneys. Pour vous assurer que Naturtint convient, effectuez les tests de brin et de sensibilité avant utilisation. I used to donate my hair for cancer patients and have not been able to in the last 2 years!!!! Veuillez vous assurer que vous avez saisi une donnée valide. Découvrez la coloration naturelle Naturtint, la première coloration 100%permanente SANS AMMONIAQUES et SANS PARABENES avec des ingrédients végétaux actifs. They didn't have Naturtint in my shade (8N) so I bought Tints of Nature. Consultez un professionnel de la santé à propos de vos symptômes d'allergie. It should be against the law to make false claims by advertising to everyday people just trying to do something healthier. But that's not the reason I've decided to stop. The only thing I could think of that has changed is switching to Naturtint! I am now hunting for something that is 100% non chemical. No longer using this product. Their hair color does contain PPD, but a very low percentage compared to the legal amount allowed. Like many dark hair dyes, Naturtint  uses p-Phenylenediamine. Ce test est particulièrement utile si vous êtes un nouveau Naturtint ou si vous changez sensiblement de couleur. My hair is not frizzy at all either. 4 . Laissez le mélange de test sur la peau pendant au moins 48 heures sans laver, couvrir ou toucher la zone de test.7 . Baobab Proteins – the Baobab tree is known in its native country as the “Tree of Life” – in the Multi-Care Mask it helps to rebuild hair’s natural keratin and protects hair from heat, UV and pollution. My hair is still breaking off now and today, I noticed that it has broken off where then regrowth is which has confirmed my thoughts about this nasty and so-called nasty hair dye.

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