Native Range: Parents from tropical Malaysian, Intermediate. There are over 100 spp., and many thousands of hybrids. June 2020 - Pinguicula long last! The world's widest selection of Carnivorous Plants and Seeds for sale on the web Nepenthes - Tropical Pitcher Plants GENUS: Nepenthes. Easy to grow, beginner plants and rare, unique species. Nepenthes plants and cuttings for sale. The world's widest selection of Carnivorous Plants and Seeds for sale on the web. Nepenthes (Pitcher Plants), Sarracenia (North American Pitcher Plants), Drosera (Sundews), Dionaea (Venus Flytraps), Pinguicula (Butterworts) Carnivorous Plants, Hoya and Orchids For Sale (Canada Only). SEEDS: TROPICAL PITCHER PLANTS (Nepenthes / Monkey Cups) SEEDS: VENUS FLYTRAPS (Dionaea Muscipula) SEEDS: NON-CARNIVOROUS (Stylidium / Sensitive Plant / Dancing Plant) GROW-YOUR-OWN-KITS: Grow carnivorous plants from seed; Soil, moss & supplies GROWING MEDIA: Carnivorous Plant Soil / Moss / Seed starter kits; GROWING MEDIA: Live Sphagnum Moss Carnivorous plants from Borneo Exotics and Wistuba Nursery, Cephalotus, Drosera, Utricularia, Dionaea. Native Exotics is a carnivorous plant nursery located in Trumansburg, New York, USA. Carnivorous Plant Marketplace Welcome to the carnivorous plant marketplace, where you purchase carnivorous plants directly from the wonderful nurseries that grow them! Seeds Carnivorous Plant Seeds Bog Orchid Seeds Bog Plant Seeds Special Orders Ship Plant Potted RUSH Mail Order ... Nepenthes spathulata x gymnamphora Ease to Grow: Easy. About the Nursery. Dormancy: No. Rare, beautiful Nepenthes for sale. Quick look Choose options Nepenthes x St. Gaya from $16.95 . New Plants: VFT - DCXL - The REAL BIG ONE !! We are happy to answer any questions. A genus of tropical vines producing a wide assortment of "urns" hanging from the leaf tips. We maintain a catalog of carnivorous plants for sale including many Nepenthes species and Nepenthes hybrids for sale from both seed and tissue culture.. At Native Exotics we focus on Nepenthes for sale and grow many rare tropical pitcher plants in our own tissue culture laboratory. Roridula gorgonias plants. Medium sized (4-6cms) plants now on sale at Triffid!! Zones: 10-13 (9-... View full details from $19.95 . Low prices, fast shipping, great customer service. July 2020 - Nepenthes x Gaya & 'Bloody Mary' August 2020 - XL Nepenthes Hybrids. What’s even better than that? Also Roridula gorgonias…. Please Note: Due to the number of orders currently awaiting shipping, please expect a 7 -10+ day delay from time of ordering to shipping. Each plant is listed, and will be fulfilled by the nursery that grew it. Latest Triffid Arrivals. Highland and lowland Nepenthes. Nepenthes seeds for sale Nepenthes Mira Seeds Balcony Patio Garden Potted Plants Rare UK STOCK: 2.49 £ | NEPENTHES JAMBAN - CARNIVOROUS PLANT, 10 seeds: 2.23 N. ventricosa x talangensis Clone A -$20.

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