Find out more about our NSS Strategy 2019 to 2024. The amount you are entitled to is based on your estimated net monthly Pensionable Earnings (usually shown on your monthly payment schedule). As these payments are made to the company, and then paid to the individual via the company, they are likely to be classed as company income and taxed accordingly. Maternity leave payments. It works out your Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and NHS Occupational Maternity Pay and provides a monthly net pay amount after deducting your tax, pension contributions and student loan. To get free NHS dental treatment, you must have: a MATB1 certificate issued by your midwife or GP ; a valid prescription maternity exemption certificate (MatEx) Applying for a maternity exemption certificate. The NHS maternity pay is paid directly to the “contractor” (the person who is a party to the GDS / PDS contact) and should be passed on to the dentist concerned in full; And, the maternity allowance is claimed via the Jobcentre and is paid directly into your own bank account. You are eligible to submit this form once you are 26 weeks pregnant, so it’s usually beneficial to submit your form early to ensure there won’t be any delays in your payments. I'm a bit confused about the maternity leave payments. Find out more about how the General Dental Practice Allowance, or GDPA, aims to retain dentists in NHS general dental services, and how you can make a claim. Promoting the value of the NHS Pension Scheme. Whichever is the lower figure will apply, so the maximum you can receive as maternity allowance will be £148.98 according to the current rates. Although your maternity allowance payments will be deducted from your contractual maternity payments, you could still receive a significant amount. Long term sickness payments are made to dentists for up to 22 weeks, at a maximum of £349 per week. As many dentists work on a self-employed basis, it can be difficult to determine what maternity rights you have and what you’re entitled to. View all the latest news, blogs and features from the BMA. I have a client who is a limited company and the director and the only dentist in the practice is pregnant. If you're entitled to free NHS treatment and the treatment you receive is a mixture of NHS and private, you will still have to pay for the private treatment. Maternity, paternity and adoption leave and your pension. Again, the exact set up of the business will determine whether the individual is responsible for organising this or if a practice manager or owner should manage these payments. This is confirmed on the NHS Employers website. For all other non-emergency enquiries normal opening times apply. Hi any NHS band 5 (£24214) staff able to advise me an average of mat pay over 12 months? We cover the basics of the effects that leave can have on your pension, including what contributions you and your employer make and if your leave is pensionable. Find out more about the financial allowance designed to reward dentists who carry out general dental services in remote areas of Scotland. It will be included with the other NHS income on the monthly schedules and hence will be taxed as income of the company. NHS Dentists can operate in a number of different ways, and the way your business is set up will determine whether you’re eligible for additional help. If you are a company director and are eligible to receive statutory maternity pay, for example, tax and national insurance will be deducted from your payments. Obviously, you must stop claiming the allowance once you return to work. Currently, maternity allowance is limited to £148.98 per week or 90% of your usual income. I work with the NHS and I have applied to have my payments spread over the 9 months. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you’re unsure what you’re entitled to or how to manage a worker’s maternity leave, it may be beneficial to seek help and advice from a reputable tax advisor, a qualified financial advisor or HMRC themselves. Currently, contractual maternity payments are capped at £1,660 per week for Dental Performers who do not carry out orthodontic treatments. The maternity provisions of the NHS are complex. However, the exact nature of the company structure could affect the taxable nature of these payments so it’s advisable to check your tax liability with HMRC. If you’re applying for reimbursement of travel and/or subsistence for approved Section 63 courses, or if your claim relates to adding a foundation dentist to your contract, send your form to your area team. Doctors and dentists View our cookie policy. Specialty and associate staff doctors' pay scales, Transitioning to the 2015 NHS pension scheme, Returning to the NHS or starting a new role, Refugees, overseas visitors and vulnerable migrants, Mental health of doctors and medical students. If you’re eligible to claim contractual maternity pay, the amount you will receive will depend on your pensionable earnings.

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