"Man had originally," so speaks their decree, "praised and called 'good' altruistic acts from the standpoint of those on whom they were conferred, that is, those to whom they were useful; subsequently the origin of this praise was forgotten, and altruistic acts, simply because, as a sheer matter of habit, they were praised as good, came also to be felt as good—as though they contained in themselves some intrinsic goodness." Has not Israel really obtained the final goal of its sublime revenge, by the tortuous paths of this "Redeemer," for all that he might pose as Israel's adversary and Israel's destroyer? The utility of altruistic conduct has presumably been the origin of its being praised, and this origin has become forgotten:—But in what conceivable way is this forgetting possible! It is at least certain that sub hoc signo Israel, with its revenge and transvaluation of all values, has up to the present always triumphed again over all other ideals, over all more aristocratic ideals. It is in these cases, for instance, that "clean" and "unclean" confront each other for the first time as badges of class distinction; here again there develops a "good" and a "bad," in a sense which has ceased to be merely social. x���r�ʖ.�� )D4=@�ŀ����p���_��� ��0�CQ"k�˧�s�����'j��ߠW&�?�%nI���W�$��r�~�2������D�%J�(Q�D�%J�(Q�D�%J�(Q�D�%J�(Q�D�%J��K��.Q�D�%J�(Q�D�%J�(Q�D�%J������(Q�D�O��U�D�%J�(Q�D�/���D�%J�(Q�D�%J�(Q�D�%~8�G�%J�(Q�D�%J�(��j��u���{ B���o�:���^�_��Z�P��W[���;F���C�NZY����{y�@�$�/ �Z�(;į�W�%!~M�u1.p��Pxxx��������s�X�l���_�c��P��B�z�6�ˍ~3{�хڒ�4U�|�2�q��^���D�{�,��B��2�e[lj������6� The paper and binding are a good quality. (The same is true substantially of the whole of Europe: in point of fact, the subject race has finally again obtained the upper hand, in complexion and the shortness of the skull, and perhaps in the intellectual and social qualities. The pathos of nobility and distance, as I have said, the chronic and despotic esprit de corps and fundamental instinct of a higher dominant race coming into association with a meaner race, an "under race," this is the origin of the antithesis of good and bad. Digitized from a copy owned by Stanford University University Libraries. 2009-07-14T09:23:47-07:00 The Works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Volume X, Edited by Alexander Tille. It was out of this pathos of distance that they first arrogated the right to create values for their own profit, and to coin the names of such values: what had they to do with utility? On the contrary, it is on the occasion of the decay of aristocratic values, that the antitheses between "egoistic" and "altruistic" presses more and more heavily on the human conscience—it is, to use my own language, the herd instinct which finds in this antithesis an expression in many ways. endstream endobj 7 0 obj <> endobj 699 0 obj [/Indexed/DeviceRGB 255( \n \n\r\r\r %!#\(\r"*$*'&-0$\(!$+'&,+$4\)*44&>3*=6\)5,3:*5843<5*,-#J54c.\(KJ;qI75,@;-F34A1;A<4J;>stream Is it an instinct for human disparagement somewhat sinister, vulgar, and malignant, or perhaps incomprehensible even to itself? I believe that I can explain the Latin bonus as the "warrior": my hypothesis is that I am right in deriving bonus from an older duonus (compare bellum = duellum = duen-lum, in which the word duonus appears to me to be contained). There is from the outset a certain diseased taint in such sacerdotal aristocracies, and in the habits which prevail in such societies—habits which, averse as they are to action, constitute a compound of introspection and explosive emotionalism, as a result of which there appears that introspective morbidity and neurasthenia, which adheres almost inevitably to all priests at all times: with regard, however, to the remedy which they themselves have invented for this disease—the philosopher has no option but to state, that it has proved itself in its effects a hundred times more dangerous than the disease, from which it should have been the deliverer. Their weakness causes their hate to expand into a monstrous and sinister shape, a shape which is most crafty and most poisonous. This utility has rather been experienced every day at all times, and is consequently a feature that obtains a new and regular emphasis with every fresh day; it follows that, so far from vanishing from the consciousness, so far indeed from being forgotten, it must necessarily become impressed on the consciousness with ever-increasing distinctness.

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