Also if any one finds this rude just let me know i will edit it? Plus after using the BLF 348 they run so damn hot! I dati potrebbero variare leggermente in condizioni d’uso reale a causa delle abitudini d’impiego e delle condizioni ambientali. There are two buttons on the side of the flashlight, a power button and a mode selection button, with a row of 3 tiny LEDs in between. After drying off the water, no issues were found during operation and/or charging of the flashlight. The TIP uses metallic paint in a huge variety of colors. I have three different models of Nitecore flash lites. Replies to my comments Nitecore is back to using there “Precision Digital Optics Technology” I have seen this used on a lot of there headlamps its just means its super floody but still provides some throw. Medium output stays steady for a little over 5 hours before it starts to slowly drop, finally falling below 10% after over 7.5 hours. Still not cheap though…. Another thanks for the teardown; mine arrived last week and I couldn’t stand the tint shift of those XP-G3’s, especially as I had some of BSM’s SST-20 95CRI 4000K calling my name from the packet; always easier when you know what to expect. Here is a bonus size comparison picture with other Nitecore flashlights/headlamps. I wonder where all the energy was going with the V1 TIPs? Sporting a max brightness of 720 lumens, twice as bright as their previous model, the TIP2 provides almost too much brightness for such a small flashlight. Only excuse holding me back is the tint (I generally dislike CW), unless you tell me that’s OK too. Low • 1 lumen • 55 hr. What I mean by that is that yes, you can generate that might light, but only for about 15 minutes until the battery straight up dies. I don’t think you can swap the colors, red is on the bottom of both the green and the blue. I think in most use cases, like a darkened room or parking lot, high would only be needed if you wanted to see far off into the darkness. Interestingly enough, there are two negative contacts going to the driver, but these are connected to each other on the MPCB. I don’t see any screws there, Convoy S2+ triple & Solarforce P1D quad Nichia R9080 with copper pills, For sale: Nichia 219B sw45k R9080 & 219C 5000k R9050, too bad a full frame aluminum case like the UC15 would have been nice, [Reviews] Miboxer C4-12, C2-4k+6k, C2, C4 / Astrolux K1, MF01, MF02, S42, K01, TI3A / BLF Q8 / Kalrus G35, XT11GT / Nitefox UT20 / Niwalker BK-FA30S / Sofirn SF36, SP35 / Imalent DM21TW / Wuben I333 / Ravemen PR1200 / CL06 lantern / Xanes headlamp, [Mods] Skilhunt H03 short / Klarus XT11GT, XT12GTS / Zebralight SC50+ / Imalent DM21TW / colorful anodisation, DD+AMC based drivers Anduril or Bistro OTSM 12-24mm, S42, 24-30mm L6, Q8, MF01(S), MT03, TN42, Anduril or Bistro 8A buck driver for 20-30mm, MF01/02/04, TN40/42, Lumintop GT, MT09R, Emisar D1, D1S, D4, D4S, D18, Lumintop FW3A, Fireflies ROT66, Astrolux MF01, Tail boards like S2+. The Nitecore TIP2 (or Nitecore TIP 2) is the second generation & replacement of the previous Nitecore TIP 2017 model, with dual LEDs and magnets. There is no knurling on the light but the less conventional shape and pocket clip attachment enables the light to be sufficiently “grippy”, even with wet hands/gloves. The flashlight is sealed from factory – disassembly is not recommended. I’ve been trying to find excuses to keep from picking one of these up. Although the UI isn't what I would normally want, it works very well for a small light like this. Actually seeing as it is metallic paint you could just paint over the top? What is included in the package?

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