This decision comes after significant consideration and discussion. and other Tribune Publishing newspapers. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan said it's time for President Trump to move on from his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is mulling the matter: “It’s nothing we would have sanctioned, had we seen it,” said Sally Stapleton, Post-Gazette managing editor. They claimed one of their vendors had inserted the design without authorisation. The Courier has replaced “Non Sequitur” with “Macanudo.”. Miller, in a statement Monday through his distributor, Andrews McMeel Syndication, said the profane statement, which was in the second of three panels published Sunday in The New Mexican comics section, was included by mistake. The Tampa Bay Times is still running “Non Sequitur” as of 2/13 with no word about it’s immediate fate. Donald Trump complain about “Non Sequitur”! Although Miller claims he forgot to remove the profane line, in a now-deleted tweet on Sunday he teased a "little Easter egg" in the strip and asked other readers if they could find it. Now I. view Wiley's talent and commentary on a daily basis. February 12 Update – and the hits just keep on coming! The Post-Standard is dropping the comic strip Non Sequitur after the artist’s Sunday strip took a hidden profane shot at President Trump. Because comic strips are handled by outside vendors, Eagle editors do not review the content before publication and must trust the content creators to maintain appropriate standards. While the cartoonist has apologized for including the profanity, The Eagle has decided to end publication of his work. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. That will not happen again. The tweet has subsequently been deleted, though his tweets calling the president things like “a gaslighting projectionist” and more obscene names are still there, demonstrating Miller is not hiding interested in hiding his personal beliefs or relegating them to the bottom right corner of his art. In a statement to The Washinton Post, Miller cited the inclusion of the insult in the comic a mistake. Because comic strips are handled by outside vendors, local editors do not review the content before publication and must trust the content creators to maintain appropriate standards. President-elect Joe Biden's first round of Cabinet picks reflects a cautious approach to the Senate confirmation process, with Biden choosing government veterans with the highest probability of making it through rather than prominent left-wing ideologues who would likely stir more opposition. The paper owes everyone two apologies: first, for publishing the offensive material; and second, for not responding promptly with termination of the strip and a disclaimer of the message it conveyed. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. You have nothing to add and have lowered yourself to sputtering crudities at your opponents. Wiley has done so well for so long because he’s the form’s most brilliant innovator, along with Ann Telnaes. The Butler Eagle dropping Non Sequitur over the F… Yourself Trump hidden message Raising a Reader! Tucked into a bottom corner of the “Non Sequitur” comic that published Sunday (but not in this paper, which runs the panel Mondays through Saturdays) was an offensive remark directed at Donald Trump. The syndicated strip opens with Bear-Vinci holding a picture of a Virtruvian Bear. If you have a subscription, please log in or sign up for an account on our website to continue. You just trust that they’re fine. Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “Lio” in place of “Non Sequitur.”. The Post plans to replace Non Sequitur with one of America’s most popular comic strips – Pickles, drawn by Brian Crane. 'Barbecue is essential': Restaurant owner bucks government indoor dining ban, New Jersey GOP seeks special session to address pandemic relief funds, Predicting a second Trump term, Sidney Powell says 'massive' Georgia lawsuit coming by Thanksgiving eve, Congress's gun-packers grow on Capitol Hill with more GOP wins, Paul Ryan urges Trump to move on from election, 'We're not defenseless': CDC director expects vaccine rollout by mid-December, Trump spy chief seeks SEC scrutiny of Chinese dominance in cryptocurrency, Democrats keep getting caught breaking their own coronavirus rules, Louisiana school superintendents call for loosening COVID-19 quarantine rules, Heisman-winning quarterback fed up with California restrictions: 'Can't wait to move out of this awful place', UK High Court says wife of US official had diplomatic immunity in fatal collision with UK teenager, Trump administration partners with Amazon to eliminate counterfeit products, Blinken emailed with Hunter Biden about meeting to provide 'advice', Biden puts premium on Cabinet choices' ability to be confirmed, early picks show, Rally protests Nashville mayor’s gathering restrictions.

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